Marketing as a strategic business partner: mixing theory, research and #data

Jen Stirrup

Marketing is viewed as a key strategic participant in achieving the goals of businesses, both large and small. After all, the Internet can break a business very quickly! So, organizations need a cohesive strategy which aligns all methods of communication to ensure consistency (Porter, 2001). For example, over at Data Relish, we mix mature Business Intelligence technologies with new and upcoming technology, Artificial Intelligence is enjoying rapid growth (Xiong, 2019).

Data Science, Past & Future

Domino Data Lab

why data governance, in the context of machine learning is no longer a “dry topic” and how the WSJ’s “global reckoning on data governance” is potentially connected to “premiums on leveraging data science teams for novel business cases”. I can point to the year 2001.

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 8

Domino Data Lab

For definitions, let’s start with a standard textbook/encyclopedia definition: “Data governance encompasses the people, processes, and information technology required to create a consistent and proper handling of an organization’s data across the business enterprise. ”. Surely there must have been standards committees busy on the problem somewhere? Note that data warehouse (DW) and business intelligence (BI) practices both emerged circa 1990.