Eurovision Data: Should Scandinavia Trust the Swedes?


To celebrate 50 years of Eurovision in 2005, European televoters cast their ballots for the best Eurovision song of all time —and Waterloo took the prize. Data Visualization GoFigureMy grandfather was a man of few words.

More datasets for teaching data science: The expanded dslabs package

Simply Statistics

They are used in improved problem sets and new projects within the HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate Program , which teaches beginning R programming, data visualization, data wrangling, statistics, and machine learning for students with no prior coding background. Introduction.

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Handling Multiple Action Filters in Tableau

Perficient Data & Analytics

It allows higher level of visualization interactivity. The existing set is updated with the values in that set based on User’s action in the visuals.

Data Science, Past & Future

Domino Data Lab

He also really informed a lot of the early thinking about data visualization. It involved a lot of work with applied math, some depth in statistics and visualization, and also a lot of communication skills. Paco Nathan presented, “Data Science, Past & Future” , at Rev.

Digital Marketing And Analytics: Two Ladders For Magnificent Success

Occam's Razor

Or Ford (it is amazing that in 2013, for such an expensive product, it looks so… 2005). Go buy a simple A/B testing tool ( Visual Website Optimizer , Optimizely ), go crazy optimizing every little thing to take money from the people who want to give it to you!

11 Digital Marketing “Crimes Against Humanity”

Occam's Razor

" I'd postulated this rule in 2005, it is even more true in 2011. Dan Grainger] "There's surely a tilting point between having an SEO optimised site that delivers visually and having one that simply stuffs keyword optimised text and links everywhere.

Fitting Bayesian structural time series with the bsts R package

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

There are also plotting functions that you can use to visualize the regression coefficients. 2005). by STEVEN L. SCOTT Time series data are everywhere, but time series modeling is a fairly specialized area within statistics and data science.

Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools: Quantitative, Qualitative, Life Saving!

Occam's Razor

First presented at an eMetrics summit in 2005 the 10/90 rule was borne out of my observations of why most companies fail miserably at web analytics. What is the first thing you want when you think about web analytics? Tools! Of course tools. What to do, where to start, what's cool.

Stuff Harvard People Like

Edwin Chen

Visualization 0.492. Data Visualization 0.301. Freakonomics (2005 Book) 0.307. What types of students go to which schools? There are, of course, the classic stereotypes: MIT has the hacker engineers. Stanford has the laid-back, social folks. Harvard has the prestigious leaders of the world. Berkeley has the activist hippies. Caltech has the hardcore science nerds. But how well do these perceptions match reality?