Big Data Analytics-A Key Differentiator In Driving Digital Transformation


Many companies today leverage the power of technology to boost their business revenues. Big data analytics acts as the major catalyst in driving digital transformation. the words of Gartner, data and analytics are the key accelerants of an organization’s digitization and transformation efforts. Modern big data analytics help businesses making analytical processes faster and more efficient, offering a competitive advantage to businesses.

Big Data Analytics To Use for your Business in 2020


Big data technologies and how to use them are hot topics in the business world. With organizations struggling to gain a competitive edge by any means possible, finding the value hidden in big data resources can be the key to an enterprise’s success. Big Data


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Why Big Data is Crucial for Agricultural Growth


Big data in agriculture can be described as a combination of farming technology and analytics for faster and more effective information collection and processing to assist farmers with making the right decisions. Big Data News

Big Data Technology Is Crucial To Your Educational Pursuits

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Technology was more readily available than ever, but big data was not a thing yet. Students were not using big data to assist with their learning goals. Today, big data is vital to the learning process. I still remember my college days.

Big Data Technology Beneficially Disrupts the Flooring Profession

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Big data has had a significant impact on businesses in many different industries. Some professions have not received a lot of publicity for their increased reliance on big data, but they are still discovering its usefulness.

Getting into Big Data Career: An Overview


Big data is all about what organizations do with the massive amount of data collected on a day-to-day basis. The data gets collected at a faster rate in varied forms and large volumes. These data are further used to make decisions for human benefit and profit.

Top 10 Big Data CRM Tools To Increase Business Sales

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Big data technology is incredibly important in modern business. One of the most important applications of big data is with building relationships with customers. It is one of the powerful big data integration tools which marketing professionals use.

Teaching Big Data Analytics During Lockdown

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Those teaching others about big data analytics, whether in schools or seminars, have been forced to rethink how they manage lessons. With everything going online, teaching big data analytics during lockdown means making the most of digital learning solutions.

How Big Data Impacts The Finance And Banking Industries

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Nowadays, terms like ‘Data Analytics,’ ‘Data Visualization,’ and ‘Big Data’ have become quite popular. In this modern age, each business entity is driven by data. Data analytics are now very crucial whenever there is a decision-making process involved.

Big Data has Permanently Changed the State of Securities Trading

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The financial analytics market was worth an estimated $6.7 Big data technology keeps reshaping the business landscape and companies have started realizing the importance of using data and analytics in their decision-making processes.

Technology Driven Insurance Data Analytics


The nature of the Insurance industry being data-centric, insurers abide by the policy of keeping data as a treasure for their respective growth. Big Data Technical

Transforming Big Data to Competitive Intelligence for Achieving Competitive Advantage


Organizations strive to gain a competitive edge in their industry by several means like strongly orienting their leadership strategy, empowering their branding strategies, and importantly nurturing technology-based competitive strategy. Big Data Artificial Intelligence

9 Formidable Big Data Analytics Tools for 2019


Typically big data is reckoned by its size, but experts also give credit to information technologies that are assisting analysts in analyzing huge clusters of unstructured data to make sense of data trends, patterns, and anomalies. Big Data is a crucial asset for Business Intelligence (BI) for industries ranging from manufacturing to banking, professional services to entertainment, including the federal government. Big Data

Big Data Partnerships Drive Growth in the Global Remittance Market

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Big data has a number of important roles in businesses around the world. Savvy companies need to appreciate all of the advantages big data provides. Remittance is one of the most important areas where big data can utilized.

Big Data Will Become Central to Healthcare Following The Pandemic

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Big data analytics has already had a transformative influence across a wide range of sectors, and it’s perhaps no more prevalent than in the world of healthcare. Big data analytics has enabled doctors to access a holistic view of a patient’s health history.

Fleet Management and Big Data: Points to Consider

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According to a forecast by IDC and Seagate Technology, the global data sphere will grow more than fivefold in the next seven years. The total amount of new data will increase to 175 zettabytes by 2025 , up from 33 zettabytes in 2018.

Big Data Analytics Has Potential to Massively Disrupt the Stock Market

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Big data is changing the nature of the financial industry in countless ways. The market for data analytics in the banking industry alone is expected to be worth $5.4 However, the impact of big data on the stock market is likely to be even greater.

Top 5 Big Data Trends Influencing Education in 2021

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Technologies change the way we teach and learn. Big data is one of the most important technological advances that is shaping the education sector in the 21st Century. New big data tools help to reimagine and improve our strategies. Big Data Analytics.

Big Data Platforms Assist with Spreading Health and Safety Awareness

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We have talked extensively about the multitude of benefits that big data provides to companies in every sector. While most of our discussions focus around the financial benefits of data technology to these organizations, there are some more holistic advantages as well.

Predictive Tourism: The Merger Of Big Data In Travel Industry

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Data science has shifted the existing ether bringing in new marvelous opportunities to many industries. Travel industry may not be the first to inculcate emerging technology for its benefit, but it sure is benefiting from it now.

Big Data Becomes Pivotal to the Construction Industry

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There’s a reason for that, as the industry has been hesitant to adopt new technologies for decades. That’s starting to change, though, and construction firms everywhere are embracing innovations like big data. Construction’s new interest in technology comes from necessity.

How Big Data Is Transforming Environmental Sustainability


Big data is the driving force behind the information revolution. Given the utility of big data, environmentalists have started to integrate these technologies to inform their initiatives. The capacity of analytics to enhance decision-making is appealing to many different types of organizations, beyond businesses. Big data has a diverse variety of applications elsewhere. Here's how big data has transformed environmental sustainability.

How Big Data Has Become Integral to Commercial Fleet Success

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Big data is at the heart of the digital revolution. Intrinsically, it can process information on a large scale, utilizing automation and smart analytics tools. Basing fleet management operations on data is not new, and in some ways, it’s always been a part of the industry.

Connecting Big Data, IOT & AI for Health Purpose


There has been a huge noise for technologies such as Big Data, IoT & AI. These technologies have played an important role in the healthcare industry today. These technologies, starting from the healthcare system to digital health leaders, provide solution patterns from the gathered data. billion in 2022.The Zion Market Research shows that the global big data analytics in the healthcare market is expected.

IoT 159

Deciphering Value Points Of Salesforce Einstein Analytics With Big Data

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We have written extensively about the benefits of big data in marketing. Louis Columbus wrote a great article in Forbes about 10 ways big data is changing the marketing sector. Salesforce recently created a new product called Einstein Analytics.

Core technologies and tools for AI, big data, and cloud computing

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Highlights and use cases from companies that are building the technologies needed to sustain their use of analytics and machine learning. In a forthcoming survey, “Evolving Data Infrastructure,” we found strong interest in machine learning (ML) among respondents across geographic regions. In this post, I’ll describe some of the core technologies and tools companies are beginning to evaluate and build. Temporal data and time-series analytics.

What is Big Data Analytics?

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Companies use big data analytics to uncover new and exciting insights in large and varied datasets. It helps them forecast market trends, identify hidden correlations between data flows, and understand their customers’ preferences in fine detail. These analytical insights help teams make quick, informed decisions and build satisfying products. But big data requires special infrastructure and a respect for the data science process.

Big Data Trends That Are Disrupting Management Maintenance

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Big data is leading to some major breakthroughs in the modern workplace. One study from NewVantage found that 97% of respondents said that their company was investing heavily in big data and AI. Asset data collection. Data has become a crucial organizational asset.

How to Avoid the 10 Big Data Analytics Blunders


Leading organizations are leveraging an analytics-driven approach—fueled and informed by data—to achieve marketplace advantages and create entirely new business models. If your organization isn’t planning to become cloud-exclusive, you could be backing losing technology.

5 Reasons Why Big Data Is Essential for Successful Marketing

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The technological advancements have left no excuse for brands to justify the lack of customer data collection. This data, in return, enables them to carve out specialized marketing campaigns targeting the right audience. It is this data that has revolutionized marketing.

Big Data and the Use of Satellite Imagery

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The scope of satellite big data applications has dramatically increased lately. Spatial data helps almost in any niche of human activities. In particular, big data agriculture enables farmers to inspect their fields remotely, detect and respond to critical issues on time.

Big Data is Pivotal to the Future of Education

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Businesses have been using big data for years. Analyzing large data sets, they get invaluable insights and uncover patterns and trends in their area of interest. Yet, the concept of big data has evolved. 5 Ways to Use Big Data in Education.

How Big Data Analytics Improves Reputation Risk Management In Banking Sector


We will explore the role of Big Data Analytics in catering a support mechanism to the industry. I will also share hypothetical scenarios for the audience and the potential of this advanced technology in harnessing the best practices. Big Data

When Big Data Meets Big Law – the Role of Data in Legal Services

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Many industries are starting to realize the true benefits they can get from analyzing and visualizing the many amounts of data is designed today. More and more conventional industries are starting to look into this direction: big data. Big data benefits for law firms.

Big Data Helps Solar Energy Become Major Cost Saver for Businesses

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Many people don’t realize the countless benefits that big data has provided for the solar energy sector. A growing number of solar energy companies are using new advances in data analytics and machine learning to increase the value of their products.

Technology and Big Data are Bringing in a New Wave of Financial Advising


The financial advisors themselves may be using tech to analyze big data, but the investor can work with a human instead of relying on an app or a bot. Advisors use big data and analytics to predict changes in the market, as well as to learn about their clients and discover their needs. Big Data

Startups And Big Data: Why Leaders Are Not Always Keen

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In recent years, the term Big Data has become the talk of the town, or should we say, the planet. All these are taken into careful consideration and big decisions are made based on the calculations, with high hopes of success. Doing it on your own also comes down to big costs.

Three Surprising Ways Big Data is Helping Our World


But how are we using that data? Big data is a phrase for technology that collects and analyzes huge amounts of data, on any topic that can be measured — like health, business, or transit. The technology sifts through this data to uncover new patterns and optimize in ways that weren't possible before. Big data approaches are flexible and applicable to just about every field. Data-Driven Health and Wellness. Big Data

4 Gaming Applications Predicated On Fascinating Big Data Technology

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Big data is changing the future of gaming. Dataiku’s Pierre Gutierrez presented a compelling analysis of the role of data analytics in gaming in his piece A Flood Of Gaming Analytics Data With No End In Sight. Some of the ways that data analytics has changed the gaming industry are not noticeable to the average gamer. They don’t directly see the impact, but data is changing the gaming experience in many ways.

How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales


Big data has already revolutionized several businesses across the globe. Big data technologies have been helping marketing and sales professionals better define products and services and managing sales network. According to Forbes, the impact of big data has been about 48% on the new age customer analytics, 21% on operational analytics, 12% on compliance/fraud, 10% on new product/service innovation, 10% on enterprise data.

Critical Components of Big Data Architecture for a Translation Company

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Big data technology has been instrumental in helping organizations translate between different languages. We covered the benefits of using machine learning and other big data tools in translations in the past. Using a Translation Company with Your Big Data Strategy.

18 Examples Of Big Data Analytics In Healthcare That Can Save People

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Big data has changed the way we manage, analyze, and leverage data across industries. One of the most notable areas where data analytics is making big changes is healthcare. But first, let’s examine the core concept of big data healthcare analytics.

Big Data Creates Numerous New Perks in the Gig Economy

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Big data has played a huge role in the evolution of employment models. Big data has made the gig economy stronger than ever and helped many people find new employment. Big data has made it easier to identify new opportunities in the gig economy.