Is A Big Data A Blessing Or A Curse To The Old Internet?

Smart Data Collective

It’s unlikely that we will ever lose access to major sitcoms or albums by popular artists, but shows with one short season on a smaller broadcast station or indie albums produced through minuscule labels always run the risk of being lost to time. Websites that visualize YouTube’s traffic help bring a sense of perspective to what is an almost impossible task.

How to vote for secure and stable cryptocurrency infrastructure


Disclaimer: There will be two waiting periods now: First, it may take a moment for Square Cash to broadcast your transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain. Your friendly guide for voting in the ongoing election to secure the future of ICON’s on-chain governance.

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Amazon Connect Streams API Changelog #1: Through May 2018

Perficient Data & Analytics

The mute and unmute functions broadcast MUTE events upstream, i.e. to any other listening components, with a mute flag of true to mute, false to unmute. For a visual of this interaction see the Architecture diagram at [link]. Amazon Connect Streams API (Streams) allows developers to create custom agent experiences for Amazon Connect. Since my introductory posts back in late 2017 there have been several changes to Streams, some from the community, some directly from Amazon.

An Incredible Analytics Experience: 5 Years of Occam’s Razor

Occam's Razor

and that Occam's Razor would not be like every other blog – a broadcast. Apologies for the ugly visual, Feedburner is an unfortunately neglected product. A simple way to visualize all that data, and identify trends, is to create a tag cloud.

Social Media Analytics: Twitter: Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics

Occam's Razor

Are you broadcasting or participating in conversation? Content Visualization with Stream Graphs: Stream graphs can be very good at visualizing data, content specifically. its visualization of highly associative words with the word you are querying and.

Information Transmission in a Social Network: Dissecting the Spread of a Quora Post

Edwin Chen

tl;dr See this movie visualization for a case study on how a post propagates through Quora. Here’s a visualization I made of upvotes on my answer across time (click here for a larger view). How does information spread through a network?