Introduction To The Basic Business Intelligence Concepts


“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore, management consultant, and author. This concept is known as business intelligence. Introduction To Business Intelligence Concepts. You can predict your business future.

Common Business Intelligence Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs


Data analytics isn’t just for the Big Guys anymore; it’s accessible to ventures, organizations, and businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors. The power of data analytics and business intelligence is universal. Entrepreneurs And Business Intelligence Challenges.

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Why Aren’t Any Business Intelligence Apps Using Graph Data

Perficient Data & Analytics

Business intelligence isn’t always about the facts. Making business decisions without them is unimaginable so we all appreciate SQL based business intelligence systems with star schemas that point to meaningful fact values. Business value in fact. Tier one providers have not developed an intelligence solution that reaps the full benefits of this back end data structure. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a place for dashboards and BI reports.

Panorama Consulting Group: 4 Tips for Improving ERP Financial Reporting

Jet Global

Business intelligence (BI) tools have become an enterprise software staple, and it’s easy to see why: the ability to explore, visualize and share business data has made BI solutions a bedrock upon which faster, better decisions can be made.

Using a Machine Learning Data Catalog to Reboot Data Governance

Speaker: David Loshin, President, Knowledge Integrity, Inc, and Sharon Graves, Enterprise Data - BI Tools Evangelist, GoDaddy

Traditional data governance fails to address how data is consumed and how information gets used. As a result, organizations are failing to effectively share and leverage data assets. Join David Loshin and Sharon Graves as they discuss the need to think about data governance with end users in mind, and explore how a machine learning data catalog can help.

Re-Visualizing Business Intelligence, now let’s chat!


Since it is the prerogative of a consultant to question and modify predominant jargon, I am hatting (yes, this too is an English word) …I am hatting myself in the hat of a consultant this morning, and I am questioning the application of the term “ Business Intelligence.”

Top 5 Tips For Conducting Successful BI Projects With Examples & Templates


But sometimes, they can also be tricky: it’s not just pushing one button and expecting your business intelligence to fly over a rainbow. While there are numerous KPI examples you can choose from, only a few of them will help you answer specific business questions.

KPI 283

Why Data Driven Decision Making is Your Path To Business Success


By leveraging the wealth of digital insights available at your fingertips and embracing the power of business intelligence , it’s possible to make more informed decisions that will lead to commercial growth, evolution, and an increased bottom line. We read about it everywhere.

Strategies High-Performing Brands Use to Communicate Data


My firm has worked with the top performing brands in the world; we looked at a cross section of thousands of slides from multiple brands in a cross-section of industries — consumer, hardware, software, social media, search, pharmaceutical, finance, and consultancies — it became clear that across industries, the language we use to talk about […]. Big Data Articles Big Data News, Articles, & Education Business Intelligence Articles Business Intelligence News, Articles, & Education Data Articles Data Education Data Management Articles Data Management News, Articles, & Education Data Strategy Articles Data Strategy News, Articles, & Education Data Topics brand strategy data strategies dataPOV duarte

Information Builders and Capital Markets Consulting Launch Global Partnership to Address Risk Management

Information Builders

Today at the 2015 CEB Financial Services Technology Summit, Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence ( BI ) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, announced a global partnership with Capital Markets Consulting to help banks, investment managers, and regulators facilitate improved data analysis and enable better informed investment decisions, manage risk, and meet regulatory requirements

Farewell to Two BusinessObjects Heroes

Paul Blogs on BI

With my deepest condolences I share, Mahesh Desai , the Founder and President of Consultancy by Kingfisher recently passed away. Thanks to these heroes it has thrived over the last 10 years and BusinessObjects remains the most widely used Business Intelligence suite in the world today.

Business Goals for 2019: Looking back over 2018 and forward

Jen Stirrup

December is a great time for setting personal and business goals for next year. Markets, and businesses, do not like uncertainty. Businesses, like countries, benefit in the longer term from open trade. Business Community. Business Community.

The Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework – The Framework Structure


Seiner of KIK Consulting & Educational Services ( and The Data Administration Newsletter ( The following paper is the first of a three-part series that describes the Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework.

Take Complete Charge Of Customer Satisfaction Metrics – Customer Effort Score, NPS & Customer Satisfaction Score


Indeed, perception and interaction are the two most pivotal pillars of any customer experience – and exceptional customer experience often leads to improved customer satisfaction, a true catalyst for success in the digital age of business. Business Intelligence Data Analysis KPIs Reporting

Podcast: The Future of Analytics is Now!

Timo Elliott

I was recently interviewed on the future of analytics by Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium, a social media analytics and consulting agency, for her new “Tech Unknown” podcast. The most significant business opportunities for AI.

The 12 Rules of DataOps to Avert a DataOops

Kirk Borne

One of my first consulting assignments with my current employer began several years ago. I was part of a team advising a large organization in how to design and implement an enterprise analytics solution group for the organization’s full end-to-end business activities.

Why EA Needs to Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy


However, the truth for many of today’s fast-moving businesses is that enterprise architecture fails. Instead they rely on consultants, trends, regulations and legislation to drive strategy. It needs to be a strategic partner with the business.

Is Big Data Creating A Competitive Edge For Small Businesses?

Smart Data Collective

Big data is transforming the daily realities of running a business. Overall, big data is a gift to businesses of all sizes. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the unique benefits of big data and find ways to incorporate it into their business models.

A Business Solution with Oracle Analytics Cloud in 6 Weeks

Perficient Data & Analytics

Access to business analytics is key to the success of almost every business operation. There are several challenges though that hinder business owners from accessing up-to-date and reliable information. What is the Business Value?

How to Include BI in Your 2020 Budget


Building a data-driven business includes choosing the right software and implementing best practices around its use. Our Business Perspectives help you make smarter decisions no matter where you are in your analytics journey. This is a summary article.

The Year Ahead in Analytics and BI – The Bake Off Goes Bigger

Cindi Howson

One-on-one sessions at our summits are open to all attendees and are like mini consulting sessions. Business Analytics Business Intelligence Data and Analytics StrategiesHappy New Year! I hope everyone had restful and rejuvenating holidays.

Loneliness, Happiness and the Analytics and BI Bake Off

Cindi Howson

I sometimes feel like Goldilocks in trying to get to the perfect data set that is messy enough but not a consulting project, not too political (no way were we going to debate Brexit), and of broad interest (I could go with football, but the Packers didn’t fair too well this season).

Periscope Data Expands to Israel, Empowering Data Teams with Powerful Tools


The challenge is to do it right, and a crucial way to achieve it is with decisions based on data and analysis that drive measurable business results. Scott whisked us through the history of business intelligence from its first definition in 1958 to the current rise of Big Data.

A Simple Data Capability Framework

Peter James Thomas

As part of my consulting business , I end up thinking about Data Capability Frameworks quite a bit. The flip side is that making the necessary investments to provide even basic information has been at the heart of the successful business turnarounds that I have been involved in.

A Day in the Life of a Gartner Analyst

Cindi Howson

We hope they are on time and we hope they are fascinating because in such a crowded market and on such busy days, it’s disappointing when the vendor is either unprepared or not interesting. Business Analytics Business Intelligence

Perficient Expands Analytics Expertise with Southport Acquisition

Perficient Data & Analytics

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Southport Services Group, an award-winning MicroStrategy consulting firm specializing in the development, implementation, integration and support of analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing solutions. MicroStrategy’s software helps deliver end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solutions, ultimately driving mission-critical and time-sensitive business decisions for organizations.

Learn Microsoft BI Stack

Ms SQL Girl

This is a much belated follow up to my very first blog post Open Your Mind To Business Intelligence from 4 years ago. Chapter 2 Designing an Eff ective Business Intelligence Architecture. Part II Business Intelligence for Analysis.

How To Reinvent Your FP&A Process


Ashish Pareek, Senior Direction at Accordion Partners: There is an ever-increasing demand for FP&A to add value, be a trusted advisor to the business and share an unbiased view of performance. This is a great framework to think about the FP&A processes and works well whether you’re taking-on a new FP&A role or want to move your FP&A department from ‘Reporting to Driving’ and get a seat at the leadership table in the business. engage with the business [Curious].

KPI 40

A Conversations with Ásgeir Gunnarsson about Power BI in the Enterprise

Paul Turley

As I continue to explore and develop best practices for managing serious business-scale Power BI solutions, I'm having conversations with recognized community leaders. Ásgeir is a data platform MVP and seasoned Business Intelligence expert from Reykjavik, Iceland who works as Chief Consultant for Datheos, a Microsoft-focused BI and Analytics consultancy in Copenhagen.

Eliminate the Monthly Monster Spreadsheet

The Kini Group

This information drives critical business decisions on a day-to-day basis. They fail to provide enough details to properly guide day-to-day business operations. This eliminates the need to consult with gatekeepers on every small enhancement. All departments in the business work off of the same source data and insights. This harmonizes perspectives on business trends. Ask better questions and drill down more quickly into business performance drivers.

Dresner’s Point: Why do Some BI Sprouts Lead to Failure?

Howard Dresner

Over the years of conducting our Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study on various aspects of BI the percentage of respondents that report success with their BI initiatives increases each time. But my #BIWisdom tweetchat participants have expanded that picture with their real-world experiences as users, vendors and consultants. Another tweeted opinion is that success with BI analytics tools requires corresponding transformation of business processes.

Upcoming Power BI Workshop in Huntington Beach, CA – Apr 10, 2015

Ms SQL Girl

Julie Koesmarno, SQL Server MVP, MCSE Data Platform, MCSE Business Intelligence, Microsoft Certified Trainer, is a SQL Server and BI consultant, with a Bachelor’s degree in IT. Business Intelligence Speaking Gigs Power BI Power BI Training SQL Saturday 389

Upcoming Power BI Workshop in Brisbane – 27 Mar 2015

Ms SQL Girl

Julie Koesmarno, SQL Server MVP, MCSE Data Platform, MCSE Business Intelligence, Microsoft Certified Trainer, is a SQL Server and BI consultant, with a Bachelor’s degree in IT.

BRIDGEi2i Featured As Major Contender in Everest PEAK Matrix 2020


The scope of this research includes cross-industry Analytics & Insights Services capabilities, strategy & consulting, Business Intelligence (BI) & visualization, and advanced analytics for decision support. BRIDGEi2i is a trusted partner for enabling AI for Digital Enterprises by leveraging Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics, proprietary AI accelerators and Consulting expertise.

Modernizing and optimizing enterprise reporting [Infographic]


Many reporting systems today are failing to provide adequate support to users while much of the content created is unused or lacks relevance to the most important business questions. Modern Reporting Tools Must Focus On Business Users. Business Intelligence Infographics News Other

Snowflake: A New Blueprint for the Modern Data Warehouse

Sirius Computer Solutions

Modern companies are placing data analytics in the center of every activity—from applications to operations—and arming teams with the business intelligence and analytics tools they need to understand their businesses. Business intelligence.

Building Long-Term Business Relationships Through BI


The best business relationships have a certain synergy, and that synergy is especially important for sustaining long-term business relationships that stand the test of time. Expanding Offerings to Grow Business Partnerships. As business expands, data expands.

Azure Marketplace features Cloudera Customer 360 offering


Individually, these companies deliver great value to customers, so imagine the business outcomes and customer benefits made possible when two or more of these companies develop a joint offering.

ROI 63

Modernize Job Estimation in the Construction Industry with the Right Reporting Tool

Jet Global

However, they are held back in this endeavor because their ERP’s native reporting tools just aren’t flexible enough to meet their specific needs, and complex business intelligence (BI) tools weren’t designed for financial reporting.


Five Steps for Building a Successful BI Strategy


We’ve been talking a lot recently about companies needing to use their data in order to stay in business in the future. And every business – regardless of the industry, product, or service – should have a data analytics tool driving their business.

Options for Existing Customers of Oracle BI Applications

Perficient Data & Analytics

In 2007, Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications became generally available. Please register below to download the guide and get a complimentary consultation. They were an immediate success and have enjoyed great popularity ever since.

Go2Latam Becomes First Distributor of insightsoftware Jet Global Solutions in Latin America Bringing Increased Business Analytics and ERP Mobility to the Region

Jet Global

PORTLAND, OR – Jet Global, an insightsoftware company, announces the signing of a distribution deal with Go2Latam, which helps to bring business intelligence, reporting, and budgeting solutions to Microsoft Dynamics ERP users in Latin America.

Best Reporting Tools List You Can’t Miss in 2020


An excellent reporting tool will let you gather information conveniently and to have a comprehensive view of your business. The basic features such as database support, scheduling report, security guarantee satisfy the business needs. Best for: business analysts.