What Role Does Data Mining Play for Business Intelligence?

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In the modern era, businesses are continually looking for a competitive advantage—something that will allow them to deliver goods or services at a lower cost, higher quality, and faster speed than their competitors. Let’s introduce the concept of data mining.

What Are the Business Benefits of Data Mining?


Companies receive information in the form of digital data or content, more commonly in the shape of performance and user metrics. By using this information, businesses can improve existing strategies, come up with new more successful solutions and better serve their audience. Big Data

The Role Of Data Warehousing In Your Business Intelligence Architecture


Effective decision-making processes in business are dependent upon high-quality information. BI architecture has emerged to meet those requirements, with data warehousing as the backbone of these processes. One of the BI architecture components is data warehousing. Data analysis.

What’s the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?


For your business to thrive, you need to know what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. The sheer quantity and scope of data produced and stored by your company can make it incredibly hard to peer through the number-fog to pick out the details you need.

Is Advanced Analytics the Next Logical Step Beyond Self-Serve Business Intelligence?


Many organizations have grown comfortable with their business intelligence solution, and find it difficult to justify the need for advanced analytics. How is Advanced Analytics Different from Business Intelligence?

The Business Intelligence Market – What’s Old is New

In(tegrate) the Clouds

As the data visualization, big data, Hadoop, Spark and self-service hype gives way to IoT, AI and Machine Learning, I dug up an old parody post on the business intelligence market circa 2007-2009 when cloud analytics was just a disruptive idea. In honor of the video, which was based on Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire , here’s my tribute to the business intelligence market. No, let’s call it business intelligence.


Learn Microsoft BI Stack

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This is a much belated follow up to my very first blog post Open Your Mind To Business Intelligence from 4 years ago. Chapter 2 Designing an Eff ective Business Intelligence Architecture. Chapter 3 Selecting the Data Architecture that Fits Your Organization.

Trending Technologies for BI & Financial Planning and AnalysisMaking AI Real (Part 2)


Part one of our blog series explored how people are the driving force behind the digital transformation and how it is fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Types of Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

Data integration is equally important across all company sizes


I t is interesting to see that data integration between on-premises and cloud applications is ranked an equally important use case across all company sizes while data integration between cloud applications becomes more important the smaller the company is.

Convergent Evolution

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No this article has not escaped from my Maths & Science section , it is actually about data matters. That was the Science, here comes the Technology… A Brief Hydrology of Data Lakes.

Is Your AI Project About Customer Experience or About Business Decisions?

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Many organizations are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives these days. This is a terrible idea because AI technologies are being used for two very different business outcomes. AI success relies on a clear focus on business outcomes rather than on the technology itself. So, is your AI project about how you interact with customers (business outcome #1) or about improving business decisions (outcome #2)?

Top 14 Must-Read Data Science Books You Need On Your Desk


“Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening.” – Chris Lynch, big data expert. We live in a world saturated with data. Zettabytes of data are floating around in our digital universe, just waiting to be analyzed and explored, according to AnalyticsWeek.

Oracle BI vs Tableau vs Microsoft BI

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OBIEE: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, also termed as theOBI EE Plus, is Oracle Corporation’s set of business intelligence tools consisting of former Siebel Systems business intelligence and Hyperion Solutions business intelligence offerings.

How to choose the best dashboard tool for your business


A BI dashboard — or business intelligence dashboard — is an information management tool that uses data visualization to display KPIs (key performance indicators) tracked by a business to assess various aspects of performance. Defining business dashboard needs.

Glossary of Digital Terminology for Career Relevance

Rocket-Powered Data Science

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence): AI (Artificial Intelligence): Application of Machine Learning algorithms to robotics and machines (including bots), focused on taking actions based on sensory inputs (data). Analytics: The products of Machine Learning and Data Science (such as predictive analytics, health analytics, cyber analytics). pattern detection and pattern recognition in data). 5) Big Data Exploration. Career Relevance.

What is Advanced Analytics and What Are the Benefits of Advanced Analytics?


As businesses consider the transition, it is important to understand the advantages of advanced analytics. Business Intelligence uses historical data to reveal where the business has been, and managers can use this data to predict competitive response, and ongoing changes in buying behaviour.

Your Modern Business Guide To Data Analysis Methods And Techniques


In our data-rich age, understanding how to analyze and extract true meaning from the digital insights available to our business is one of the primary drivers of success. Despite the colossal volume of data we create every day, a mere 0.5% What Is A Data Analysis Method?

The Dawn of Cloud Based BI


Cloud-Based BI: Here To Shape Businesses. Cloud allows us to store huge amounts of data. The other half is to take out that data and use it in the right place, at the right time. And that can be possible by Business Intelligence.

Silver Sponsor ElegantJ BI Demonstrates Smarten Analytic at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, June 5-6, Mumbai, India


ElegantJ BI, an innovative vendor in Business Intelligence, Augmented Analytics and Augmented Data Preparation, is pleased to announce its participation in the Gartner 2018 INDIA Data & Analytics Summit from 5 – 6th June 2018 in Mumbai, India.

What is Clickless Analysis? Can it Simplify Adoption of Augmented Analytics? (Part 1 of 3 articles)


The concept of Clickless Analytics is one that will be happily embraced by business users and by the business enterprise. Business users can leverage sophisticated business intelligence tools to perform advanced data discovery by asking questions using natural language.

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Power Up Your Predictions with Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis


To be successful in business, every organization must find a way to accurately forecast and predict the future of its market, and its internal operations, and better understand the buying behavior of its customers and prospects.

Seeing the Enterprise Data Cloud in Action at DataWorks Summit DC


He is a successful architect of healthcare data warehouses, clinical and business intelligence tools, big data ecosystems, and a health information exchange. The Enterprise Data Cloud – A Healthcare Perspective. Healthcare organizations have made significant investments in implementing systems which yield an abundance of data. What’s needed most is the ability to ingest, organize, and translate all this data in one place, in real-time and in proper form.

Modernize Using The BI & Analytics Magic Quadrant

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There are pivot moments in life and in business where you just know – everything is about to change. Like when Oracle acquired Hyperion in March of 2007, which set of a series of acquisitions –SAP of Business Objects October, 2007 and then IBM of Cognos in November, 2007.