What’s the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?


For your business to thrive, you need to know what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. This is where Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) come in: both provide methods and tools for handling and making sense of the data at your disposal.

What Role Does Data Mining Play for Business Intelligence?

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In the modern era, businesses are continually looking for a competitive advantage—something that will allow them to deliver goods or services at a lower cost, higher quality, and faster speed than their competitors. Data Mining and Business Intelligence. Analytics and BI

The Enterprise AI Revolution Starts with BI

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Artificial Intelligence is coming for the enterprise. But potential use cases for AI in business are still nascent, and widely misunderstood. In a recent McKinsey survey of 3,000 business executives, 41% responded that they were uncertain of the benefits of AI for their business.


The Future of AI in the Enterprise

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The business world is at an inflection point when it comes to the application of Artificial Intelligence (or AI). Read: AI vs BI for Business. Enter business intelligence (or BI) software. Without data to act upon, there’s no ‘intelligence’ in AI or BI.