Data Swamp, Data Lake, Data Lakehouse: What to Know


Data Swamp vs Data Lake. When you imagine a lake, it’s likely an idyllic image of a tree-ringed body of reflective water amid singing birds and dabbling ducks. I’ll take the lake, thank you very much. And so will your data. Benefits of a Data Lake.

Constructing A Digital Transformation Strategy: Putting the Data in Digital Transformation


Having a clearly defined digital transformation strategy is an essential best practice for successful digital transformation. But what makes a viable digital transformation strategy? Part Two of the Digital Transformation Journey … In our last blog on driving digital transformation , we explored how enterprise architecture (EA) and business process (BP) modeling are pivotal factors in a viable digital transformation strategy.


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ATD banks on B2B digital transformation

CIO Business Intelligence

For the past decade, the effect has spread digital disruption to every corner of the B2C world, spurring incumbent, consumer-facing enterprises to undertake massive digital transformation initiatives as a matter of survival.

B2B 81

Deriving Value from Data Lakes with AI


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the future of every industry, especially data and analytics. Data is growing at a phenomenal rate and that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Once your data is prepared for analysis, the next question is: how else can AI help you?

Are Data Silos Undermining Digital Transformation?


The existence of data silos is nothing new. Data-producing applications were once isolated systems. The transactional data was stored in isolated data sets and initially served only one purpose, namely, to document the transaction that had taken place. Data Black Holes.

Rapidly Enable Tangible Business Value through Data Virtualization (Data minimization)

Data Virtualization

The post Rapidly Enable Tangible Business Value through Data Virtualization (Data minimization) appeared first on Data Virtualization blog. Uber owns no fleet, and Airbnb owns no real estate.

New Data Architectures are too Data-Store-Centric

Data Virtualization

Too often the design of new data architectures is based on old principles: they are still very data-store-centric. They consist of many physical data stores in which data is stored repeatedly and redundantly.

Informatica Continues to Evolve Data Management Platform

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Organizations are accelerating their digital transformation and looking for innovative ways to engage with customers in this new digital era of data management.

Why is a data catalog essential to making your data lakes successful?

IBM Big Data Hub

All industries—from healthcare to retail to banking—are digitally transforming themselves every day to become more agile and stay competitive. However, all industries depend on data to be successful, and this impacts the way enterprises plan and execute their operations

Munich Re Launches Enterprise-Wide Data-Driven Platform for Analytics


Andreas Kohlmaier, Head of Data Engineering at Munich Re 1. --> Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert for the BeyeNETWORK and executive producer of The World Transformed FastForward Series, interviews Andreas Kohlmaier, Head of Data Engineering at Munich Re.

Everything is Connected, Everything Changes


Jason McVay is a data scientist at Indigo Ag, an agriculture-tech company headquartered in Massachusetts. In this essay, Jason reflects on the value of thinking spatially about data, showing how his experience as a graduate student influences his role as a data scientist today.

What is an Information Steward, and Why You Should Care


Information stewards are the critical link for organizations committed to innovation and maximizing the effective use of data. Lower cost data processes. This article is will help you understand the critical role of information stewardship as it relates to data and analytics.

Effective Collaboration Through Dashboards When It Matters Most


We provide actionable advice around how organizations, and ultimately the builders of data and analytic apps, are adapting to meet these changes. When you have masses of data, you need to make it meaningful. They’re the key to effective data storytelling in business.

Customer Data Culture: The Innovators Have Already Reinvented Themselves


During his tenure as CEO, he sought to transform Gibson from a guitar manufacturer into a “music lifestyle brand.” It concerns me that a similar approach has taken over the IT world with the recent avalanche of “digital transformation” initiatives being kicked-off in major enterprises.

What Is a Data Catalog?


Data catalogs have quickly become a core component of modern data management. Organizations with successful data catalog implementations see remarkable changes in the speed and quality of data analysis, and in the engagement and enthusiasm of people who need to perform data analysis.

Data Virtualization is the CDO’s Best Friend

Data Virtualization

According to CIO magazine, the first chief data officer (CDO) was employed at Capital One in 2002, and since then the role has become widespread, driven by the recent explosion of big data. Business analysis big data Chief Data Officer data assets Data Governance Data Lakes Data Mining data virtualization Data Warehouse; Denodo Platform digital transformation ETL ETL Processes Gartner hadoop Logical Data Warehouse

The Data Journey: From Raw Data to Insights


We live in a world of data: there’s more of it than ever before, in a ceaselessly expanding array of forms and locations. Dealing with Data is your window into the ways organizations tackle the challenges of this new world to help their companies and their customers thrive.

Top Data Analytics Technology Trends 2022


Digital investments were again an essential element of business strategy to remain resilient and recover. As the Covid19 crisis only further highlighted, digital transformation for enterprises is not a choice anymore, but a necessity.

Developing Data Security Practices Before, During, and After Cloud Migrations

CIO Business Intelligence

The question of security readiness plays out every time a devops team configures new cloud environments, lifts and shifts an application to the cloud, or deploys cloud databases and data lakes. After the migration: Data protection drives security hygiene.

Why Can’t we Advance Healthcare and Life Sciences this Fast all the time?


The Impact of Data and Analytics. Advancements in data and analytics played a critical role in the vaccine acceleration and has the potential to do the same across the industry.

The Top 7 FP&A Trends for 2022

Jedox Finance

In other words, the Office of Finance will increase its collaboration with rest of the enterprise through new tools and more efficient processes that allow for better cross-departmental data management. Transformation. Data Unification.

How Etihad taps data science to optimise airline operations

CIO Business Intelligence

Despite the worldwide chaos, UAE national airline Etihad has managed to generate productivity gains and cost savings from insights using data science. Our digital transformation has allowed us to be more streamlined, more agile, and more efficient.

2020 Data Impact Award Winner Spotlight: United Overseas Bank


Despite the challenges, 2020 also provided positive opportunities for forward leaps to be made in the realm of digital transformation. At Cloudera, an example of this leap is our first virtual Data Impact Awards , which was held in November last year. .

UAB IT helps fuel genomic breakthroughs

CIO Business Intelligence

But UAB’s ongoing digital transformation and subsequent scientific win is no doubt a factor in enabling its genomics research and generating the kind of fundraising that leads to more breakthroughs. Transforming to support scientific innovation. When Dr. Curtis Carver, Ph.D.,

Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence; Embrace it Through Data Governance

CIO Business Intelligence

As someone who is passionate about the transformative power of technology, it is fascinating to see intelligent computing – in all its various guises – bridge the schism between fantasy and reality. This first article emphasizes data as the ‘foundation-stone’ of AI-based initiatives.

2016 Data Predictions from Gaurav Dhillon

In(tegrate) the Clouds

Gaurav Dhillon , the co-founder and CEO of SnapLogic , who also co-founded Informatica in the early ’90’s and was CEO of that company for 12 years, posted 4 data predictions and 1 market prediction this week on LinkedIn and the SnapLogic blog. His predictions are as follows: Data Eats the World and Integration Strategies Will Drive Digital Transformation. Rising Data Lakes will Drown the Warehouse.

Keys to Ensure that Data isn’t Slowing Down your Innovation Efforts


Data Lifecycle Management: The Key to AI-Driven Innovation. In digital transformation projects, it’s easy to imagine the benefits of cloud, hybrid, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) models. That way, the data can continue generating actionable insights. .

Doing Cloud Migration and Data Governance Right the First Time


So if you’re going to move from your data from on-premise legacy data stores and warehouse systems to the cloud, you should do it right the first time. And as you make this transition, you need to understand what data you have, know where it is located, and govern it along the way.

WEBCAST: Automated Business Surveillance for Enterprises with BRIDGEi2i’s Watchtower


As businesses grow complex, tracking signals from separate functions becomes difficult; data flows from all domains and verticals. In this Webcast, Monica Gupta touches upon the increasing complexity of businesses and how enterprises must gear up to be alert to multitudes of data signals.

Living on the Edge: How to Accelerate Your Business with Real-time Analytics


That’s where you find the ability to empower IoT devices to respond to events in real time by capturing and analyzing the relevant data. And that comes down to being able to act on data at the precise time it requires action. Fast-changing Data.

IoT 93

How Data is Helping Organizations to Improve the Employee Lifecycle


Each year, the Cloudera Data Impact Awards recognize organizations that have accomplished amazing things with innovative data solutions. . As a result of this innovative data solution, the company helped customers while keeping its default rate low. . Business Data Impact Award

Data Champions: Balancing IT and Business Needs


Digital transformation has been on the agenda for a long time, but the sudden need to respond to the unprecedented challenges of 2020, has meant the buzzword has become an executable reality for many enterprises. They are Data Champions in the truest sense.

IT 86

erwin and Snowflake Partnership: Helping Our Customers Manage and Govern the Entire Data Lifecycle


Our customers are in search of creative and sustainable ways to increase their speed to insights for digital transformation, infrastructure modernization and cloud migration and many of them are looking to implement the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.

Celebrating Data Superheroes: The 2021 Data Impact Awards Winners


With so many impactful and innovative projects being carried out by our customers using the Cloudera platform, selecting the winners of our annual Data Impact Awards (DIA) is never an easy task. Data Lifecycle Connection. Data for Enterprise AI. Industry Transformation.

Driving Agility and Scalability through Smart Data


While brick-and-mortar retail was crushed a year ago with mandated store closures, digital commerce retailers realized ten years of digital sales penetration in only three months. data is generated – at the Edge. Benefits of Streaming Data for Business Owners.

Announcing the 2021 Data Impact Awards


2020 saw us hosting our first ever fully digital Data Impact Awards ceremony, and it certainly was one of the highlights of our year. We saw a record number of entries and incredible examples of how customers were using Cloudera’s platform and services to unlock the power of data.

Real-Time Data at Verizon: It’s as Critical as Air

CIO Business Intelligence

These are goals that digital enterprises strive for regardless of industry segment. We recently spoke with Sly about the challenges data creates for big organizations and the importance of real-time data. What’s the biggest challenge data creates for a large enterprise?

How Data Governance Protects Sensitive Data


Organizations are managing more data than ever. With more companies increasingly migrating their data to the cloud to ensure availability and scalability, the risks associated with data management and protection also are growing. Data Security Starts with Data Governance.

Announcing the 2020 Data Impact Award Winners


During the first-ever virtual broadcast of our annual Data Impact Awards (DIA) ceremony, we had the great pleasure of announcing this year’s finalists and winners. We are delighted to officially publish this year’s Data Impact Award winners. Data Impact Achievement Award.

Connect the Data Lifecycle: The power of data


While cloud is the vehicle, it’s what sits on it that makes it so valuable — data. Regardless of where it is stored, whether it’s data-at-rest or data-in-motion, it’s how it’s linked together that enables business leaders to derive intelligence from data.

The Role of the Data Catalog in Data Security


The Role of Catalog in Data Security. We discuss how they are running the business of IT and cover subjects like digital transformation, business/IT alignment, IT leadership, and leading innovation. Recently, I dug in with CIOs on the topic of data security.

Introducing Cloudera DataFlow (CDF)


Late last year, the news of the merger between Hortonworks and Cloudera shook the industry and gave birth to the new Cloudera – the combined company with a focus on being an Enterprise Data Cloud leader and a product offering that spans from edge to AI. One of the most promising technology areas in this merger that already had a high growth potential and is poised for even more growth is the Data-in-Motion platform called Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF).

IoT 61

PODCAST: Making AI Real – Episode 4: Unlocking the Value of Enterprise AI with Data Engineering Capabilities


Episode 4: Unlocking the Value of Enterprise AI with Data Engineering Capabilities. Unlocking the Value of Enterprise AI with Data Engineering Capabilities. Welcome back to our podcast – AI to Impact, BRIDGEi2i, a podcast on AI for digital enterprise.