How Can Data Strategy Strengthen Advanced Analytics?


The common answer to all of these questions – data. Data analytics has advanced so far today that many companies have teams dedicated to just this.According to a study, Analytics grew from $122 billion in 2015 to over $187 billion in 2020. What Is A Data Strategy?Simply

The Future of Data Strategy

Data Virtualization

But do you wonder what the future of data strategy looks like? Data exploration and analysis can bring enormous value to a business. The post The Future of Data Strategy appeared first on Data Virtualization blog.


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Secrets to Data Strategy Success from Data Champions Online Europe


Three key themes emerged as 17 of Europe’s top data leaders shared the secrets of their success with more than 250 attendees at this insight-packed five-day event.

The Future of Data Strategy

Data Virtualization

But do you wonder what the future of data strategy looks like? Data exploration and analysis can bring enormous value to a business. Reading Time: 2 minutes The world is becoming more and more digital, isn’t it?

The Unexpected Cost of Data Copies

This paper will discuss why organizations frequently end up with multiple data copies and how a secure "no-copy" data strategy enabled by the Dremio data lake service can help reduce complexity, boost efficiency, and dramatically reduce costs.

All in the Data: Elements of a Data Strategy

The Data Administration Newsletter

I published an article a few months back that was titled Where Does Data Governance Fit in a Data Strategy (and other important questions). In the article, I quickly outlined seven primary elements of a data strategy as an answer to one of the “other important questions.”

5 great Data Strategy Resources

Data Science 101

I am putting together some of my own resources on Data Strategy. What is a Data Strategy? – various definitions of a data strategy The 5 essential Components of a Data Strategy – a detailed whitepaper(PDF) from SAS How to Create a Successful Data Strategy – a detailed report from MIT How Do You Develop a Data Strategy (including 6 steps) – by Bernard Marr, He has created more data strategies than anyone, so his advice is rock-solid.

Data Strategy Creation – A Roadmap

Peter James Thomas

Data Strategy creation is one of the main pieces of work that I have been engaged in over the last decade [1]. In my last article, Measuring Maturity , I wrote about Data Maturity and how this relates to both Data Strategy and a Data Capability Review.

How is the US Federal Data Strategy doing?

Andrew White

I read with great interest a report from Grant Thornton and the Data Foundation that is ‘state of the union’ for the US Federal Data Strategy. Here it is: On the maturation of data governance in U.S. Data powers action and analysis; analytics powers decisions.

How to prioritize data strategy investments as a CDO

IBM Big Data Hub

My first task as a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is to implement a data strategy. Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned that an effective data strategy enables the enterprise’s business strategy and is critical to elevate the role of a CDO from the backroom to the boardroom.

Practical Points from the DGPO: Tying Data Strategy to Corporate Strategy

The Data Administration Newsletter

Corporate survival will need a solid corporate strategy with an accompanying data strategy. Having a data strategy will enable data-driven decisions. Globalization is here and competition is beyond boarders.

Data Strategy: The Missing Link in Your Digital Transformation Plan

Smart Data Collective

Specifically, we’re talking about how digital transformation efforts routinely fail to take advantage of the data they provide access to. All those invoices have reams and reams of valuable data that you can use to create reports, forecasts and direct management decisions.

Can You Have Both an Offensive vs. Defensive Data Strategy?

The Data Administration Newsletter

It’s widely accepted that limited time and resources force organizations to make trade-offs between offense and defense when implementing their data strategy. The Data Management Body of Knowledge defines data strategy as “a set of choices and decisions that together, […].

Use a Data Strategy to Make Your Startup Profitable

Smart Data Collective

Big data is no longer a luxury for businesses. In the information, there are companies with big data strategies and those that fall behind. Big data and business intelligence are essential. However, the success of a big data strategy relies on its implementation.

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Move From Insight To Impact: Data Strategy & Insights 2020

Forrester - Business Intelligence

And data, analytics, and AI are going to drive this future. Age of the Customer AI Insights Business Intelligence Customer Insights Data Analysis Data Insights data science AI analytics business insights customer analytics customer insights data management data strategy insights-driven businessThe digital future is here.

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Scaling Your Data Strategy


This article presents a particular vision for a cohesive data strategy for addressing large-scale problems with data-driven solutions, based on prior professional experiences. 2020 Mar Opinions Data Science Scalability Strategy

EU Data Strategy: Helping Themselves

Andrew White

I read the EU Data Strategy some weeks ago. I posted to my blog some comments and challenges I felt it contained back in March: The Value of Data. The biggest challenge of all is that the EU is seeking to create a market for data. Is it the lack data?

Data strategy: 3 reasons why sales managers need to have one


One given— in this tumultuous time — is a data strategy. Job Role - Sales Strategy, Management and Performance Job Role - ExecutiveSales managers are resilient folk. For many, adapting to leaps in technology, economic volatility, and radical shifts in buying behavior is the norm.

Sales 134

How Data Strategy and Machine Learning Intersect


Are you worried about the security of your valuable data? Well, with the massive growth of business data in terms of complexity, volume and size, it is basic for worldwide associations to build up a strong data technique to address the main business needs. If you are working in an IT vertical then it is […].

4 Considerations When Building Your Government Data Strategy


If you’ve followed Cloudera for a while, you know we’ve long been singing the praises—or harping on the importance, depending on perspective—of a solid, standalone enterprise data strategy. But this is exactly the reason why a thoughtful application and data strategy comes in.

Don’t Drown in Redundant Data Copies. Adopt a Copyless Data Strategy

Data Virtualization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every day, organizations collect massive volumes of data that continue to grow. The post Don’t Drown in Redundant Data Copies.

Don’t Drown in Redundant Data Copies. Adopt a Copyless Data Strategy

Data Virtualization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every day, organizations collect massive volumes of data that continue to grow. The post Don’t Drown in Redundant Data Copies.

Why Company Data Strategies Are Indelibly Linked with DEI


The Cloudera Enterprise Data Maturity Report is a global survey of 3,150 business and IT decision makers assessing organizations’ maturity when it comes to their current capabilities and handling of data and analytics. Organizations with strong DEI strategies perform better.

Data Virtualization and the U.S. Federal Data Strategy

Data Virtualization

Federal Data Strategy, announced last year, is a call for agencies to modernize their data infrastructures. Federal Data Strategy appeared first on Data Virtualization blog. The U.S.

The National Data Strategy Expert Roundtable


On the week of 16 th November, a select group of experts – all data leaders in leading public, private and academic institutions – came together to discuss the National Data Strategy. The National Data Strategy sets out the UK Government’s ambition for data.

Where Does Data Governance Fit into a Data Strategy (and other important questions)?


I delivered this series of questions focused on relating their need for an over-arching data strategy with the […]. This series of question and answers were prepared for a meeting with a client’s Corporate Communications Specialist.

Data Strategy in a Working from Home Climate

Peter James Thomas

When I occasionally re-read articles I penned back in 2009 or 210, I’m often struck that – no matter how many things have undeniably changed over the intervening years in the data arena – there are some seemingly eternal verities. data strategy pandemic working from home

Questions to ask before building a Data Strategy

Data Science 101

Building a data strategy is a great idea. It helps to avoid many of the Challenges of a Data Science Projects. General Questions Before Starting a Data Strategy. Do you have a process for solving problems involving data? Do you have a data team (size/roles)?

How to Build an Outcomes-Focused Data Strategy


Money never sleeps and neither does your data. In Monetizing Your Data , we look at digital transformation: the ways of turning data into new revenue streams and apps that boost income, increase stickiness, and help your company thrive in the world of Big Data.

The Data Strategy Hub

Peter James Thomas

Today we launch a new on-line resource, The Data Strategy Hub. This presents some of the most popular Data Strategy articles on this site and will expand in coming weeks to also include links to articles and other resources pertaining to Data Strategy from around the Internet. The home of The Data and Analytics Dictionary , The Anatomy of a Data Function and A Brief History of Databases.

Pulse Surveys Must be Part of Every Company’s Data Strategy

Smart Data Collective

More companies than ever are investing in big data. However, many feel that their data strategies are not proving to be effective. According to a report by VentureBeat, only 13% of companies feel that their data strategies are providing the results they are looking for.

Six Crucial Refinements to Conventional Wisdom About Data Strategy


This post shines a spotlight on the difference between what you already know & the more specific guidance you really need to create a successful data strategy

Why Your Data Governance Strategy is Failing

The Data Administration Newsletter

What is Data Governance and How Do You Measure Success? Data governance is a system for answering core questions about data. It begins with establishing key parameters: What is data, who can use it, how can they use it, and why?

The Best Time to Kickstart Your Data Strategy Was Yesterday, the Next Best Time Is Now


The Cloudera Enterprise Data Maturity Report is a global survey of 3,150 business and IT decision makers assessing organizations’ maturity when it comes to their current capabilities and handling of data and analytics. About the report.

Fraud Prevention – 3 Data Strategies for Financial Services


The specialized nature of transaction processing platforms (account opening, acquiring, ATMs, wire platforms) results in disparate data sources and data management processes. A shared, scalable data store that spans the enterprise enables a holistic approach.

Tales & Tips from the Trenches: Edge Computing Challenges and Strategies

The Data Administration Newsletter

This column focuses on challenges of edge computing and explore strategy considerations for implementing and utilizing edge computing in the organization.

The Data Strategy Show with Samir Sharma

Depict Data Studio

I addressed this question on the Data Strategy Show with Samir Sharma. Samir Sharma is a data strategy and analytics leader, CEO and Founder of datazuum. He has a history of helping data executives and leaders craft and execute their data strategies.

Supercharge your data strategy

Data Insight

By Carmen Vicelich, Data Insight CEO We’re now living in the age of the customer. They show us they know us and use data to add value to their customers’ lives. The last five years has seen a real conscious awakening of the power of data and the need to use it to deliver an amazing customer experience every time, in order to compete. Here’s our top five questions to ask to help supercharge your data journey: Data Discovery : What data do you currently have and where is it?

Creating Data Value With a Decentralized Data Strategy

CIO Business Intelligence

For decades organizations chased the Holy Grail of a centralized data warehouse/lake strategy to support business intelligence and advanced analytics. billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2025, generating almost 80 billion zettabytes of data at the edge.

5 Crucial Database Practices For Overseeing Sound Big Data Strategies

Smart Data Collective

Big data has led to some major breakthroughs for businesses all over the world. Last year, global organizations spent $180 billion on big data analytics. However, the benefits of big data can only be realized if data sets are properly organized. Make Your Data Accessible.

Strategy is Unleashing the Potential of Enterprise Data


Enterprises across the globe are waking up to the fact that data is an asset that requires its own strategy. Data StrategyThose that treat it as such are now seeing substantial returns on their investments.

Understanding the Different Types of Online Data for Your Data Strategy

Smart Data Collective

With online data acquisition on the rise, we are treading into mostly uncharted waters. Industry-wide regulations in web scraping and other forms of automated data collection are practically non-existent and we probably shouldn’t expect any in the near future. Non-)Public data.

It Could Cost You Billions If You Have the Wrong Data Privacy Strategy

The Data Administration Newsletter

Why Differential Privacy Overcomes Many of the Fatal Flaws of De-Identification and Data Masking If data is the new oil, then privacy is the new environmentalism. With the growing use of data comes the need for strong privacy protections.