Common Roadblocks in Digital Transformation Journey


As technology increasingly makes inroads into operations, the business landscape is getting more competitive, putting forward a need for digital transformation , to realize the capabilities of new technologies. However, the digital transformation journey isn’t a cakewalk.

DCO Insurance Benchmarks the Industry’s Digital Transformation Progress


After a slow start, the insurance industry is embracing digital transformation – and this digital event highlighted how the sector’s data and analytics executives are leading the charge. Digital Transformation and Strategy


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The role of AI and ML in Digital Transformation


digital transformationThe advent of ML and AI has created great enthusiasm in companies for driving towards automation. They help organizations develop extensive strategies for data. Overview of AI/ML in.

Digital Transformation in the Spotlight at DCO Nordics


Digital Transformation and StrategyData Champions Online Nordics revealed how the region’s data leaders are mastering stakeholder management, increasing data literacy and managing expectations around emerging technologies.

Best Practices for Modern Records Management and Retention

Speaker: Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo

Documents are at the heart of many business processes. Organizations in highly regulated industries are realizing that traditional records management practices are insufficient and ineffective in today’s digital world. Join Sean Baird as he highlights best practices for effective records management and retention. He will explore how digital transformation can counteract the costs, inefficiencies, and end-user considerations that make it difficult to maintain compliance. He will highlight real-world successes and analyze the key strategies and technologies that help organizations find balance.

5 Strategic Steps of Cloud Migration for Successful Digital Transformation


As business enterprises pursue digital transformation to accelerate decision-making, improve processes and workflows, create superior customer experiences, and generate more revenue streams, the cloud can act as a catalyst.

How a Smart Catalog Tools Streamlines Digital Transformation


Of late, digital transformation initiatives have increased across industries. And, you can expect the trend to gain momentum further.According to IDC, companies will allocate more than 50 per cent of their IT spending to digital transformation initiatives by 2024.

7 Examples of How Digital Transformation Makes Organisations More Efficient


Digital transformation can mean different things to different organisations. They may be aiming specifically to improve productivity, increase revenues or launch a new digital proposition. Transforming manual processes to digital business.

Data Strategy: The Missing Link in Your Digital Transformation Plan

Smart Data Collective

On the surface, digital transformation is a simple process. This could be moving your spreadsheets to cloud software or even going so far as to move up from paper to digital. The Problem with Digital Transformation. Getting More from Your Digital Transformation.

Delivering an Enhanced Customer Experience through Digital Transformation


Businesses today are technology-driven brigade marching towards digital transformation to catalyze growth. Businesses today are reaching out to their customers and talking to them radically by deploying various digital transformation solutions.

Don't go back. Get your digital transformation strategy 2.0 ready


A digital transformation strategy can be defined as the way a company implements and uses technology and analytics to differentiate itself, operate better and compete more effectively.

4 Steps to Digitally Transform Your Business


Therefore, it is not a surprise that one question I always get when advising organisations is how to digitally transform your business and remain relevant in these fast-changing times. Strategy

Why Digital Transformation Has Become a Prerequisite for Success


Digital transformation is a prerequisite for most companies to maintain their competitive or leading position. Especially in these uncertain times, it has become apparent that digitization is indispensable for companies if they want to be and remain successful. Strategy

What’s next for digital transformation?

CIO Business Intelligence

Digital transformation isn’t new. I assisted in designing and stage-managing my first symposium on digital transformation in 1987. 6 truths about digital transformation. Digital transformation is important —indeed it is existential; the future is digital.

7 secrets of successful digital transformations

CIO Business Intelligence

Organizations that continued full speed ahead with their digital transformation initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic are able to ruminate on what went right and what they would have done differently, with the benefit of hindsight. This will elevate digital trust.

Big Data Analytics-A Key Differentiator In Driving Digital Transformation


But the question arises that how fast they will undergo this digital transformation. Big data analytics acts as the major catalyst in driving digital transformation. the words of Gartner, data and analytics are the key accelerants of an organization’s digitization and transformation efforts. Many companies today leverage the power of technology to boost their business revenues.

Data Management is a Digital Transformation Foundation

The Data Administration Newsletter

Data Management is intrinsic to the change that Digital Transformation symbolizes. Comprising of hard facts about data from collection, unification, quality, and enrichment to maintenance, integration, and dissemination, data management critically influences Digital Transformation.

Constructing A Digital Transformation Strategy: Putting the Data in Digital Transformation


Having a clearly defined digital transformation strategy is an essential best practice for successful digital transformation. But what makes a viable digital transformation strategy? Part Two of the Digital Transformation Journey … In our last blog on driving digital transformation , we explored how enterprise architecture (EA) and business process (BP) modeling are pivotal factors in a viable digital transformation strategy.

How to Develop the Essential Data Architecture for Your Digital Transformation Strategy


As digital technologies are dramatically reshaping consumer behavior, markets, and enterprises, CXOs must focus on occupying leadership positions or catching up with competition. Data Strategy Digital Transformation

Supercharging Your Digital Transformation with Embedded Analytics


In Transform to Win , we explore the challenges facing modern companies, diving into their individual digital transformations and the people who drive them. This is a key element of a digital transformation. Digital transformation has proven benefits.

Why You Should Prioritize Data Transformation Above Other Digital Transformation Initiatives


Do I have a data transformation & data quality framework in place?A, Big Data StrategyChance are you’re aiming to invest in a BI and analytics program to capitalize on the big data your company has been acquiring over the years.

7 Requirements for Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is not just about technological transformation of the organization, it’s about transforming the culture of an organization. It’s not enough to bolt technology onto an existing strategy and consider it transformed.

ATD banks on B2B digital transformation

CIO Business Intelligence

For the past decade, the effect has spread digital disruption to every corner of the B2C world, spurring incumbent, consumer-facing enterprises to undertake massive digital transformation initiatives as a matter of survival.

B2B 81

Business Architecture and Process Modeling for Digital Transformation


At a fundamental level, digital transformation is about further synthesizing an organization’s operations and technology, so involving business architecture and process modeling is a best practice organizations cannot ignore. This post outlines how business architecture and process modeling come together to facilitate efficient and successful digital transformation efforts. So the business and digital transformation playbook has to be updated.

Digital Transformation Must Be a Priority for Learning Leaders in 2020


Digital Transformation Must Be a Priority for Learning Leaders in 2020The beginning of a fiscal year is the ideal time to evaluate transformative ideas, and a potential digital transformation strategy. Strategy

A Complete Guide To Driving Digital Transformation In Marketing

Datapine Blog

Digital transformation is a broad term that is difficult to define precisely. Think of digital transformation as a way to future-proof a business. But, you can consider it a change in the business activities to prioritize your business’s digital presence.

Why EA Needs to Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy


Part three of erwin’s digital transformation blog series. . Enterprise architecture is invaluable for internal business intelligence (but is rarely used for real intelligence), governance (but often has a very narrow focus), management insights (but doesn’t typically provide useful insights), and transformation and planning (ok, now we have something!). Instead they rely on consultants, trends, regulations and legislation to drive strategy.

Sisense and Google Cloud: Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation Together


Today, the ongoing shift to enable digitization into the cloud is seen as a primary way to modernize products and service offerings. Digital Transformation Partner Showcase Unlock Complex Data Cloud cloud data team cloud data warehouses Google partners

Digital Transformation In Retail: The Retail Apocalypse


Much like the hospitality industry , digital transformation in retail has been a huge driver of change. ” This is arguably the result of the degree of digital transformation in retail that we’ve seen in recent years. But digital transformation in retail has seen the map change. Supply chain: Having the right products in the right place at the right time is part of the supply chain strategy. Digital Transformation in Retail – What’s the Risk?

Truist CIO Scott Case on adopting a digital transformation mindset

CIO Business Intelligence

The early days of the pandemic saw many organizations urgently accelerating their digital transformation strategies as, almost overnight, they needed to find new ways to connect with customers.

Winning the Future: Digital Transformation, the Cloud, and AWS


Digital transformation is a term that’s been thrown around since the 90s, but what does it mean? Here we’re going to discuss three key areas that successful businesses focus on during their transformations: 1. Digital transformations take years to successfully execute.

Digital Transformation Success: It’s All About Simplicity Through Partnerships

CIO Business Intelligence

The pandemic has put digital transformation up front and center on the CIO’s agenda over the past few years. According to 2022 State of the CIO study , 85% of CIOs are focusing on transformational initiatives with pre-pandemic levels of technology budget growth.

Digital Transformation lessons for CIOs from legacy companies

CIO Business Intelligence

Technology transformation is almost never centerpiece for most traditional or legacy organizations, but rather one of many considerations facing business leaders looking to modernize. Being left out of the strategy-setting makes the work of a CIO much harder. Digital Transformation

A Review of 3 Enterprise Approaches to Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is essential for businesses to remain relevant in the future, but it is never easy or straightforward. Even the most experienced business leaders can require handholding through the process of transforming businesses that may have met major milestones over the decades. Data Strategy Digital Transformation

Non-Cloud Native Companies: How the Developer Experience Can Make Digital Transformation Easier

CIO Business Intelligence

They cite the pervasive skills gap as a barrier to success: according to a recent McKinsey survey , 95% of respondents say a lack of cloud talent and capabilities holds them back in their transformations. Instead, there must be a more intentional strategy.

Why Your Digital Transformation Will Fail if You Don’t Have a Data Strategy


Digital transformation starts and ends with data

Tips for Advancing Analytics Capabilities from Data Champions Online, US


The importance of company-wide buy-in and cross-functional collaboration emerged as key themes at this months Data Champions Online, US digital event. Digital Transformation and Strategy

Digital Transformation Examples: How Data Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry


The rate at which organizations have adopted data-driven strategies means there are a wealth of digital transformation examples for organizations to draw from. By now, you probably recognize this recurring pattern in the discussions about digital transformation: An industry set in its ways slowly moves toward using information technology to create efficiencies, automate processes or help identify new customer or product opportunities. It is a strategy.

Digital transformation is on the agenda at Mount Lebanon Hospital

CIO Business Intelligence

Digital transformation goes beyond implementing technological resources — it also requires change in thinking and strategy. CIO MIddle East: Where is Mount Lebanon Hospital investing to be a more efficient, connected and digital Hospital?

Digital Transformation Focused on Sustainability


To achieve success, they must formulate and implement strategies for sustainability that encompass not just environmental (“green”) issues, but also social, economic, and cultural concerns. Cloudera’s customers and partners are among the corporations that are successfully implementing digital transformation initiatives with sustainability in mind. The post Digital Transformation Focused on Sustainability appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

How Data Leaders Can Become Powerful Agents for Change


Promoting data literacy and culture is essential to the success of any digital transformation. Digital Transformation and StrategyDeveloping analytical skills is like fishing. Giving someone a rod isn’t enough.

3 Reasons Why Most Digital Transformation Initiatives Continue To Fail

Business Analyst Learnings

Are you thinking about initiating a digital transformation campaign in your company? Boston Consulting Group conducted a digital transformation study in 2020 to find out why such projects are missing the mark. Digital transformation offers many benefits for your business.

Why You Must Leverage Encryption for Data Protection in the Digital Transformation Era

Smart Data Collective

The race to embrace digital transformation is on and a lot of organizations are doing everything possible to ensure they digitize every piece of information; this is, however, putting at greater risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Taking into account that the global spend on digital transformation is projected to hit an astonishing $2.39