Fri.Jul 31, 2020

The Benefits Of Pursuing AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Smart Data Collective

AWS has become a surprisingly popular platform. It has over a million customers and generates over $104 billion a year. This can be a great skill to learn for anyone in IT that wants greater wages and job security. Before even considering an IT career , you must understand yourself.

How IT Architects Can Navigate the Rise of Data Democratization


In its simplest form, data democratization means that everyone has access to data and there are no gatekeepers preventing that access — everyone in the organization is equipped with ways (unique to their role) to understand data and leverage it to inform decisions and unearth new, value-added opportunities for the organization.

IT 61

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How to Design an Effective Temperature Screening Procedure

Sirius Computer Solutions

As organizations everywhere begin the process of safely bringing employees and customers back into shared physical spaces, many have turned to thermal imaging solutions to screen temperatures and identify those who may have an elevated temperature prior to entering the building.

A Proactive Look at Active Learning Packages


If data acquisition is the very first step of any machine learning project, unfortunately, data doesn’t always come with the label of interest for the task at hand. It is often a very cumbersome task to ( correctly!) label the data — and that’s where active learning comes in. Featured Tech Blog

The Obviousness Trap: Double Yellow Lines And The Danger Of Unrecognised Misunderstandings

Adrian Reed

Progressing change is an inherently human endeavour. It doesn’t really matter how slick a change ‘process’ is, if people aren’t on-board with a common understanding of what needs to change then the initiative is unlikely to be as successful as it otherwise could have been.

Ligers, Tigons, and Grolars. Oh My! The Hybrid Fascination


Find out how Nutanix is revolutionizing the hybrid game with a straightforward, streamlined approach, helping to eliminate the need for costly, dedicated hybrid cloud specialists and freeing your organization to harmonize operations across clouds