Tue.Mar 02, 2021

AI Offers Powerful Insights into Video Content Production

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AI, language processing, and deep learning are three major technologies that affect streaming services. They are already used to create content and the picture looks beautiful and detailed. If we exploit Artificial Intelligence in live streaming, this would change everything.

Beginners Guide to Regular Expressions in Natural Language Processing

Analytics Vidhya

ArticleVideo Book Introduction Regular Expressions is very popular among programmers and can be applied in many programming languages like Java, JS, php, C++, etc. The post Beginners Guide to Regular Expressions in Natural Language Processing appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.


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Collaborative solutions for companywide budget consolidation


If you ask businesspeople who get involved in the traditional budgeting process to describe the experience, we doubt many would say ‘collaborative’. finance financial statements dynamic reporting budgeting and forecasting

Data Visualization 101: Geospatial Analysis and Map Visualization in Tableau

Analytics Vidhya

ArticleVideo Book Objective With Increased use of data, location-based decision making has become an intrinsic part of the Business processes Understand what is Geospatial. The post Data Visualization 101: Geospatial Analysis and Map Visualization in Tableau appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

11 Email Deliverability Strategies to Reach the Inbox

With nearly 1 in 5 emails from U.S. senders failing to reach the inbox, deliverability challenges still plague senders and prevent email campaign success. Check out this deliverability guide for actionable strategies and real-world examples of companies applying smart inboxing tactics.

Where Big Data Meets The Law


Technology is great, it has helped countless industries in plenty of innovative ways. The digitization of the 21st century has revolutionized how people work and increased efficiency.

How information gives companies a competitive advantage


The pandemic of 2020 created a record number of new companies. A rise in entrepreneurship accompanies every downturn in economic history. Technology is making it easier for businesses, big and small, to get started. What else does this mean?

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Using SQL to democratize streaming data


Streaming analytics is crucial to modern business – it opens up new product opportunities and creates massive operational efficiencies. In many cases, it’s the difference between creating an outstanding customer experience versus a poor one – or losing the customer altogether.

Rocket shares soar more than 70% as analysts eye 'GameStop-esque' short squeeze


By Sinéad Carew. Reuters) - Heavily shorted mortgage provider Rocket Companies saw its stock surge on Tuesday, in an eye-popping move reminiscent of the rallies that powered GameStop and other so-called meme stocks earlier in the year.

Data is a Crucial Part of Any Marketing Strategy

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It’s estimated that individuals in the US are exposed to between 4000 and 10,000 advertisements per day. Despite all that input, people generally retain only a maximum of 3 messages.

Maezawa wants you: Japan billionaire seeks 'crew' for moon trip


By Sam Nussey. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa on Wednesday launched a search for eight people to join him as the first private passenger on a trip around the moon with Elon Musk's SpaceX. He had originally planned to invite artists for the weeklong voyage slated for 2023.


Use It, Save It, Or Lose It: Spring Cleaning for Information Governance

Speaker: Speakers Michelle Kirk of Georgia Pacific, Darla White of Sanofi, & Scott McVeigh of Onna

As an organization’s most valuable asset, data should be cared for and integrated, managed, archived, and deleted as appropriate. Join Onna, Georgia Pacific, and Sanofi for this on-demand webinar as they discuss proactive, practical steps for kicking off your organization's own digital cleanup.

Data Analytics Helps Assess the Global Pandemic’s Impact on Marketing

Smart Data Collective

Big data technology has become pivotal to the evolution of modern marketing. A lot of marketing strategies have evolved in response to new insights that were made available with data analytics. One of the benefits of big data technology is that it can help us see the impact of the pandemic.

Robinhood, a go-to for young traders, benefits from short sale demand


By John McCrank. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Robinhood, the online brokerage used by many retail traders to pile in to heavily shorted stocks like GameStop Corp, has made an ambitious push into loaning out its clients' shares to short sellers as it expands its business. The broker had $1.9

Sales 176

Through the Looking Glass: Data Stewards in the Realm of Gondor

The Data Administration Newsletter

Welcome to “Through the Looking Glass,” my new column on TDAN.com. In this and future columns, I will look at data from diverse and even eccentric perspectives, presenting fresh and sometimes whimsical views of these much-discussed topics.

U.S. ITC to probe some cellular devices made by Samsung, Motorola Mobility


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday said it was probing certain LTE-compliant cellular devices made by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Lenovo Group Ltd-owned Motorola Mobility following a complaint.

Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

How AI is Transforming Cybersecurity in 2021?

Smart Data Collective

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main weapons by which companies or medium-sized corporations can combat numerous cyber threats successfully. According to Warren Buffet , “ Cyber-attack is the biggest threat to mankind, even more of a bigger threat than the nuclear weapon.

Risk 73

Secret Ingredients of Successful Infrastructure Modernization


The current pandemic has accelerated the race to modern infrastructure. Earlier modernization was a long-term goal that most organizations were achieving in bits, but now it is in the ambit of business continuity.

Cloud Hosting Creates Better Sales Opportunities through Improved Webinar Platforms

Smart Data Collective

Cloud technology has streamlined the marketing profession in many ways. Companies have taken their marketing strategies to the cloud in order to reach a larger audience and improve cost-effectiveness.

Analysis: Biden's SEC chair nominee signals more regulation for cryptocurrencies


By Chris Prentice and Pete Schroeder. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S.

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

Just as the tech industry revolves around innovation, so does technical recruiting. To advance their career by attracting top candidates in a competitive landscape, modern recruiters must commit to actively adapting and advancing their hiring strategies. This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

Data Gravity and Cloud Computing

The Data Administration Newsletter

Cloud computing is growing rapidly as a deployment platform for IT infrastructure because it can offer significant benefits. But cloud computing is not always the answer, nor will it replace all of our on-prem computing systems anytime soon—no matter what the pundits are saying.

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Elon Musk-led SpaceX's job ad shows plan for Starlink factory in Texas


(Reuters) - SpaceX is building a new factory in Texas for its satellite-based broadband service Starlink, according to a job posting from the company, as billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk continues to invest in the southern U.S. state.

Key Pharmaceutical Use Cases for Embracing AI


According to a survey of 1,200 global companies sponsored by Dataiku in September 2020, 66% of life sciences or pharmaceutical organizations believe AI is either considerably or very important to the future of their business.

Top U.S. utilities collaborate to build electric vehicle charging stations


(Reuters) - Six major utilities unveiled a plan on Tuesday to add electric vehicle fast chargers to connect major highway systems across United States, as they look to cater to the burgeoning electric vehicle market.

The Next-Generation Cloud Data Lake: An Open, No-Copy Data Architecture

A next-gen cloud data lake architecture has emerged that brings together the best attributes of the data warehouse and the data lake. This new open data architecture is built to maximize data access with minimal data movement and no data copies.

How to Streamline Yardi Financial Reporting

Insight Software

Like many sectors of the economy, the real estate industry has experienced massive disruptions over the past year.

Google teams up with Allianz, Munich Re to insure its cloud users


FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Google is teaming up with two global insurers to cover cyber breaches and related risks for businesses that use its cloud services, the first time a major provider has opened up such insurance to its clients, the companies said on Tuesday.

Reporting vs Analytics: Why Different & Which is More Needed?


At first glance, reports and analytics may look similar – lots of charts, graphs, trend lines, tables, statistics derived from data. However, the fact is that each term provides two different functions and values. So what is the difference? Reports VS Analytics. Definitions : Reporting vs Analytics.

Facebook Oversight Board changes timeline rules for action on case appeals


(Reuters) - Facebook Inc's independent Oversight Board is changing rules related to the time taken to reach a decision on any appeal to take down content, it said on Tuesday.

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How to Foster Data Culture (with Data Intelligence Technology!)

Speaker: Aaron Kalb, Co-Founder and CDAO at Alation

Watch Aaron Kalb, co-founder and CDAO at Alation, dive into the role of technology in shaping culture and show how a modern data catalog is helping innovative enterprises create thriving data cultures. Register for the webinar today!

DataRobot AI for Good Round 2


Every day, millions of people interact with AI systems, often without knowing it. Whether it’s used to make a product or other recommendation, apply for a loan, or filter spam from your inbox, AI is changing the world.

Instacart valuation more than doubles to $39 billion with latest funding round


(Reuters) - Instacart has more than doubled its valuation in less than six months to $39 billion with a $265 million fundraising round from existing investors, as the grocery delivery company benefits from a surge in online orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agile Business Facilitated by Information Architecture & SAFe

The Data Administration Newsletter

This article attempts to analyze and make sense of a harmonization between Information Architecture and SAFe, and will address how their cooperation will contribute to the development of an Agile Business. SAFe is a very modern Agile Framework and has replaced TOGAF in many organizations.

Self-driving startup Aeva hires Waymo, Apple veteran to oversee supply chain


By Stephen Nellis. Reuters) - Self-driving sensor startup Aeva Inc, founded by two Apple Inc alumni, has hired another former Apple executive to oversee manufacturing and supply chain operations ahead of an expected deal to become a public company later this month.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.