Sat.Feb 22, 2020

5 White Label Crypto Exchange Software Solutions You Need To Know


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. And, with the bitcoin halving around the corner, the interest in blockchain technology is now higher than ever.

Cloud Data Science 8

Data Science 101

Welcome to Cloud Data Science 8. This weeks news includes information about AWS working with Azure, time-series, detecting text in videos and more.

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Share your Projects even more easily with this New Streamlit Feature


A Machine Learning project is never really complete if we don’t have a good way to showcase it.

Lightning Fast XGBoost on Multiple GPUs


XGBoost is one of the most used libraries fora data science. At the time XGBoost came into existence, it was lightning fast compared to its nearest rival Python’s Scikit-learn GBM.

How to Solve 4 Common Challenges of Legacy Information Management

Speaker: Chris McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer, Nuxeo

After 20 years of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), businesses still face many of the same challenges with finding and managing information. Join Chris McLaughlin, CMO and CPO of Nuxeo, as he examines four common business challenges that these legacy ECM systems pose and how they can be addressed with a more modern approach.

Bamboolib?—?Learn and use Pandas without Coding


Have you ever been frustrated by doing data exploration and manipulation with Pandas? With so many ways to do the same thing, I get spoiled by choice and end up doing absolutely nothing.