Tue.Jun 21, 2022

7 Ways Companies Can Predict Consumer Behaviours


Can you predict how many units you'll sell each day? You might get close but never be exact in your prediction. The same goes for predicting consumer behaviour. You can have many assumptions, but it never means you'll always be right!

Which is better? Bitcoin Vs Ethereum

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction In this article, we will see the two main cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Let us learn about them. What differences do they have and which coin is best for investment and what makes that particular coin better.


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How Data Annotation is Important to Retail’s AI Adaptation


AI is expanding in every industry, especially in retail , where experts estimate that spending on AI will be $12 billion by 2023. They projected the retail industry to grow from 23.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2018 to around 26.7 trillion U.S. dollars by 2022.

Handling Streaming Data with Apache Kafka – A First Look

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction When we mention BigData, one of the types of data usually talked about is the Streaming Data. Streaming Data is generated continuously, by multiple data sources say, sensors, server logs, stock prices, etc.

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Vendor

How does your current BI vendor stack up against the competition? Who’s the perfect vendor for your business needs? Find out by downloading your complimentary copy today!

Why, when and how to find the right CTO for your startup


So you are a startup , you've talked to people, and believe that your product will “solve a problem.” ” You've secured some funding. Now you think the time has come to find a CTO. CTOs play a key role in the success of a business.

Getting Started With AWS S3

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Need For Storage Solutions In an era where the world is flourishing with large amounts of data, storing data with advanced protection has become essential. Although many services exist but Amazon S3 rules the cloud sector.

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Become a Web 3 Developer in 2022

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction Web3 is a blockchain system that intends to deliver data and code decentralization and open sourcing. It is a cutting-edge technology that will transform our lives in a variety of ways.

Plotting and Data Visualization for Data Science


In this article, we examine various types of plots used in data science and machine learning. KDnuggets Originals Data Science

Customer Churn Prediction Using MLIB

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.

Introducing Objectiv: Open-source product analytics infrastructure


Collect validated user behavior data that’s ready to model on without prepwork. Take models built on one dataset and deploy & run them on another. Products and Services Partners

Cyber Security, Change Management and Enterprise Risk Management: Scaling Operations for Growth

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

Cyber Resilient Storage: An Essential Component of a Corporate Cybersecurity Strategy

CIO Business Intelligence

Storage can no longer be an afterthought for CIOs. The massive cybersecurity threats that daily beset enterprise organizations have completely recalibrated how enterprise storage needs to be calculated into the corporate overall cybersecurity strategy.

Essential Math for Data Science: Visual Introduction to Singular Value Decomposition


This article will cover singular value decomposition (SVD), which is a major topic of linear algebra, data science, and machine learning. KDnuggets Originals Data Science

Oracle cuts price of OCI Dedicated Region to expand user base

CIO Business Intelligence

In an effort to appeal to a broader range of users, Oracle is reducing the entry price for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region.

KDnuggets Top Posts for May 2022: 9 Free Harvard Courses to Learn Data Science in 2022


Also: The Complete Collection of Data Science Books - Part 2; The 6 Python Machine Learning Tools Every Data Scientist Should Know About; The Complete Collection of Data Science Books - Part 1; Data Science Projects That Will Land You The Job in 2022; Software Developer vs Software Engineer.

Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

Australian CIOs need recipe for digital transformation success

CIO Business Intelligence

For Australian CIOs, digital transformation is firmly embedded into their organisation’s formula for success, and the focus in their role is shifting to reflect this change.

Celebrating 25 Years of TDAN.com!

The Data Administration Newsletter

Twenty-five years ago today, I published the first issue of The Data Administration Newsletter. Websites were new creatures back then, and the newsletter started as a series of pages on my internet provider’s servers.

AWS bolsters Connect contact center service with case management features

CIO Business Intelligence

In a bid to help enterprises offer better customer service and experience , Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added a new case management feature, dubbed Amazon Cases, to its Amazon Connect cloud-based contact center service.

Easily Compare and Evaluate Models in Dataiku


Evaluating different models is a critical step in both design and production, especially when you want to run Champion/Challenger or A/B testing strategies. The model evaluation and comparison capabilities of Dataiku make this crucial step even easier for practitioners.

The Benefits of Infused Analytics for SaaS Applications and Companies

If you want to be successful, you need the best technologies, and the best technologies come from having the best embedded partners. See how infused analytics can take your SaaS applications to the next level.

7 IT governance mistakes — and how to avoid them

CIO Business Intelligence

Everybody makes mistakes, but when a CIO messes up, the consequences can be devastating to the instigator, as well as the entire IT department and enterprise.

5G Disruptions in Manufacturing 4.0


Companies have started to explore deployment of 5G networks across their value chains. This post will look at the impact of 5G on manufacturing value chain activities

PwC to acquire Salesforce platinum partner Venerate in a major tech push

CIO Business Intelligence

A year after it talked about its plans to invest $12 billion globally in areas such as AI, cloud, ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and cybersecurity, PricewaterhouseCoopers on Tuesday announced its first technology acquisition in India.

Deliver on your data strategy with a data fabric

IBM Big Data Hub

Today, organizations are experiencing relentless data growth spurred by the digital acceleration of the past two years. While this period presents a great opportunity for data management, it has also created phenomenal complexity as businesses take on hybrid and multicloud environments. .

Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

Technologists need new solutions to manage performance within cloud native applications and architectures

CIO Business Intelligence

Digital transformation, in part accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has driven rapid adoption of cloud-native technologies such as microservices and Kubernetes over the last two years.

The Audience for Data Catalogs and Data Intelligence


When Alation was founded, we admittedly weren’t thinking in a fine-grained way about the audience of users.

How to enable cultural change through cloud adoption

CIO Business Intelligence

Let’s cut to the chase: As a CEO or CIO dealing with a continual barrage of unexpected business and societal disruptions, you probably focus on two things: How to innovate faster when the next “new normal” smacks you in the face, and how to create an organization that’s better at adapting over the longer term.

Alation Joins the HPE Pathfinder Club


Groucho Marx once quipped, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”. Fortunately, the rest of us don’t feel that way, and I’m thrilled to share Alation’s admission to a new club dedicated to innovation.

Start Taking Your Embedded Partnerships Seriously

Choosing the right embedded partner matters. See the many reasons why developers love Qrvey (and why you will too!) in this free PDF.

Automation eases medical record sharing at JHS

CIO Business Intelligence

In healthcare, the movement of data can be critical to patient outcomes. Accurate, up-to-date patient information has to be accessible both within a healthcare organization and to partner organizations.

No Code AI Apps: Time Series What-If Scenarios

DataRobot Blog

The last few years have been plagued with uncertainty, making it difficult to navigate everyday life, let alone plan and make thoughtful decisions for a business.

A Golden Era of HPC in Government Meets Accelerating Demands

CIO Business Intelligence

When Seymour Cray built what is generally considered to be the first supercomputer in 1964, it ran 1 megaflop, (a million floating point operations per second).

Create a Data Fortress with Nutanix Unified Storage for protection against Ransomware attacks


The Nutanix Files™ software-defined storage solution has integrated Ransomware protection to help customers secure unstructured data

The Retailer’s Guide to Marketing Data

Retailers are faced with extraordinary challenges – from changing consumer needs to unpredictable twists & turns in the economy. Learn how innovative retailers use zero-, first-, second-, and third-party data to find their best customers and drive repeat purchases.