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How Part-of-Speech Tag, Dependency and Constituency Parsing Aid In Understanding Text Data?

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Overview Learn about Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagging, Understand Dependency Parsing and Constituency Parsing Introduction Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. . The post How Part-of-Speech Tag, Dependency and Constituency Parsing Aid In Understanding Text Data?

Leveraging AI Development Trends for Business Transformation


Artificial Intelligence has enabled organizations to achieve some massive breakthroughs in the past decade.

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Why a single source of truth for data management is critical for HVAC&R company


Resolute Industrial (Resolute) is the largest independent provider of temporary HVAC&R solutions in North America. The Indianapolis-based company has around 250 employees that serve customers across all industries from more than 40 depot branches and sales offices.

What is the Future of Online Payments?


Electronic bill presentment and payment have made ecommerce faster, easier and more secure for both the seller and the buyer. The millennial population is looking for a redefined online payment solution. There are different companies offering electronic bill presentment and payment solutions.

PODCAST: COVID19 | Redefining Digital Enterprises – Episode 12: How AI is rapidly transforming the enterprise landscape in the post-COVID world


PODCAST: COVID 19 | Redefining Digital Enterprises. Episode 12: How AI is rapidly transforming the enterprise landscape in. the post-COVID world. Listening time: 14 minutes. How AI is rapidly transforming the enterprise landscape in the post-COVID world.

Chatbots and Intelligent Automation Solutions Paving the Way towards Seamless Business Continuity


Frequent business disruptions in the form of storms, pandemics, lockdowns, etc., pose risk to seamless operations and revenue generation in service industries. One day of operation disruption leads to losses worth millions.

Why healthcare needs big data and analytics

IBM Big Data Hub

The COVID-19 global pandemic has heightened the focus on collecting, analyzing, and leveraging big data to drive positive and lifesaving outcomes. Yet the volume, velocity, and variety of data generated by COVID-19 is too vast and complex to be analyzed by traditional means

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Building a Scalable Process Using NiFi, Kafka and HBase on CDP


Navistar is a leading global manufacturer of commercial trucks. With a fleet of 350,000 vehicles, unscheduled maintenance and vehicle breakdowns created ongoing disruption to their business.

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Should You Work as an Outsourced Employee?


Outsourcing is the shifting of non-core business functions from in-house to an outside third-party company or contractor. Given how widespread it’s becoming, you may find yourself wondering if a career as an outsourced employee could be right for you.

Can Your Dataviz Have an Influence on School Reopening Plans?

Depict Data Studio

Our organizations collect all this data—through surveys, assessments, interviews, and so on— and then what? The default: The data just sits there inside a Dusty Shelf Report. But what if your data could actually inform real-life decisions?

The reinvention of the Telco: From Pipe to Processor


The next generation of 5G networks are unlocking a mind-bending array of new use cases. Blistering speed, super low latency, and access to more powerful mobile hardware bring VR, AR and ultra high-definition experiences into sharp focus for the near future.

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Augmenting Human Decision-Making & Fostering Agility: Dataiku’s Self-Service Data Culture


Q&A Tuesday with David Leary: Helping Financial Professionals Weather Their Storms

Jet Global

David Leary is an accounting and bookkeeping evangelist for Melio Payments, has a top-rated accounting podcast, and helps companies solve their accounting and bookkeeping challenges. You can follow him on LinkedIn or find his Cloud Accounting podcast here.

Changing my Tune: On Strategy

Andrew White

Even before the COVID-19 Reset our advice concerning development of data and analytics strategy was focused on an outcome-based approach. Three years ago, we suggested that D&A strategy had been seen through three lenses: As a service (Business user: “Please get me this report by Thursday.”).

How to Optimize Your ERP Reporting Quickly and Easily

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Why is ERP reporting so important? Because, as the saying goes, the past is prologue. Analyzing ERP data empower companies to develop proactive plans, future forecasts, and sophisticated strategies. At least it could, in theory.

Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to July 26)

Andrew White

Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the notes directly. Another cracking week – last week saw 7 new entries inside the top 20 most-read D&A research notes ignoring branded research such as Magic Quadrants. The previous week was a record with 9 new entries!

What to Include in Your Tax Provision Checklist

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At face value, tax provisioning may seem like a simple task—calculate and report on the amount of income tax your business owes for the year. But in reality, tax provisioning is a complex land mine of regulatory risk for corporate tax departments that are already strapped for resources.

The Hidden Costs of Innovation

Andrew White

In last weekends US print edition of the Financial Times there was an interesting article I would like to review. It was titled, “ We fall for the new, but not all things old are obsolete ” written by the FTs undercover economist Tim Hartford.

Giving Away 10,000+ DataCamp Subscriptions to Those Who Need Them Most


We’re partnering with charitable organizations to give away thousands of annual DataCamp subscriptions to people negatively impacted by the ongoing health and economic crises


New Data and Analytics Special Report: Cost Optimization for Chief Data Officers and D&A Leaders

Andrew White

Gartner’s Data and Analytics leaders team, led by Mike Rollings, just published a new Special Report: Cost Optimization and Risk Reduction Approaches for Data and Analytics Leaders: A Gartner Trend Insight Report. Jarring economic disruption and uncertainty makes the road ahead difficult to anticipate. In response, data and analytics leaders must optimize costs and reduce risk but are unsure on how to do this.