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insightsoftware Acquires Logi Analytics

Insight Software

Deal brings operational reporting to insightsoftware’s 25,000+ customers and provides fuel for growth to Logi Analytics’s embedded analytics for commercial software organizations. RALEIGH, N.C.

How did the machine read nutritional facts using Optical Character Recognition?

Analytics Vidhya

ArticleVideo Book In this article, we show you how it was possible to read nutritional tables with Optical Character Recognition(OCR), Tesseract, and a lot. The post How did the machine read nutritional facts using Optical Character Recognition? appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.


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Data Virtualization: The Essential Tool for Security and Governance Manage Diverse Data Sources from a Single Point of Control


This brief explains how data virtualization, an advanced data integration and data management approach, enables unprecedented control over security and governance. In addition, data virtualization enables companies to access data in real time while optimizing costs and ROI.

Understand the Concept of Dictionaray

Analytics Vidhya

ArticleVideo Book Objective Dictionary is another composite data type provided by python Understand the concept of a dictionary and the basic operations performed on. The post Understand the Concept of Dictionaray appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Beginner Python Videos data structure dictionary

11 Email Deliverability Strategies to Reach the Inbox

With nearly 1 in 5 emails from U.S. senders failing to reach the inbox, deliverability challenges still plague senders and prevent email campaign success. Check out this deliverability guide for actionable strategies and real-world examples of companies applying smart inboxing tactics.

GM offers clues to technology aimed at slashing EV battery costs


By Paul Lienert.

Backward Feature Elimination and its Implementation

Analytics Vidhya

ArticleVideo Book Introduction In the previous article, we saw another feature selection technique, the Low Variance Filter. So far we’ve seen Missing Value Ratio. The post Backward Feature Elimination and its Implementation appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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U.S. government, states ask judge to deny Facebook's request to dismiss lawsuits


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Trade Commission and a big group of U.S. states asked a federal court on Wednesday to deny Facebook Inc's request to dismiss major antitrust lawsuits filed against the social media giant in December.

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Cooking with DataOps


The Data Stack Show podcast hosts Eric Dodds & Kostas Pardalis interview DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh on why most data analytics projects fail, three things DataOps focuses on, comparing & contrasting DevOps & DataOps, & fixing problems at the source rather than downstream improvements.

Exclusive: Robinhood failed to disclose certain trade executions to public feed


By John McCrank. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Retail brokerage Robinhood Financial did not report a certain type of stock trade it executed for customers last year to a public data feed, according to regulatory data analyzed by Reuters and a source familiar with the matter.

The Growing Importance of Automation in Disclosure Management

Insight Software

Disclosure management is the act of managing the disclosure process internally within organizations, and then making accurate information available to regulatory bodies, as well as stakeholders such as investors. For example, every public company in the US needs to periodically file to the SEC.

Use It, Save It, Or Lose It: Spring Cleaning for Information Governance

Speaker: Speakers Michelle Kirk of Georgia Pacific, Darla White of Sanofi, & Scott McVeigh of Onna

As an organization’s most valuable asset, data should be cared for and integrated, managed, archived, and deleted as appropriate. Join Onna, Georgia Pacific, and Sanofi for this on-demand webinar as they discuss proactive, practical steps for kicking off your organization's own digital cleanup.

Prosus raises $14.7 billion from Tencent sale in world's largest block trade: sources


By Scott Murdoch and Toby Sterling. HONG KONG (Reuters) - Dutch based technology investor Prosus NT has sold a 2% stake in Chinese tech giant Tencent at HK$595 per share to raise $14.7 billion in the world's largest blocktrade, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

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Understanding the Power of Data


Data has the power to transform your life by getting you accepted into your dream university or ruin it by falsely accusing you of a crime.

Facebook launches public test of live Q&A product Hotline


By Elizabeth Culliford. Reuters) - Facebook Inc started public testing of a new application dubbed Hotline on Wednesday, where creators can speak and take live questions from an audience.

Use AI to Expand the Reach of Your New Podcast

Smart Data Collective

Artificial intelligence has made marketing a lot easier. Savvy marketers are using AI technology to expand their reach through digital media. One of the ways that marketers can use AI to get more sales and exposure is through podcasts.

Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

U.S. Senate readying legislation on semiconductors, Biden says


By David Shepardson and Jeff Mason. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. Senate leaders are preparing to introduce legislation on semiconductors, President Joe Biden said on Wednesday as the nation wrestles with an ongoing shortage of the critical technology used in a range of devices from cars to computers.

The Journey to Understanding your Insurance Customers


Insurance carriers have a unique opportunity: They have access to powerful technologies and a wealth of information that can help them to better understand their customers and provide an enhanced customer experience. .

Instacart, DoorDash plan to launch credit cards: WSJ


(Reuters) - U.S. grocery delivery app Instacart Inc and food delivery firm DoorDash Inc are planning to launch their own credit cards, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

How to Perform Basic ML Scoring With Scikit-Learn, Docker, Kubernetes


This tutorial provides a very basic, step-by-step example of batch scoring a machine learning (ML) model with scikit-learn, Docker, and Kubernetes. We’ll start with a basic Python example, dockerize our scoring code, and schedule our scoring on Kubernetes. I want to get you up and running quickly.

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

Just as the tech industry revolves around innovation, so does technical recruiting. To advance their career by attracting top candidates in a competitive landscape, modern recruiters must commit to actively adapting and advancing their hiring strategies. This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

Sun, sea and cybernauts: the long road for Greece's digital nomads


By Karolina Tagaris. AEGINA, Greece (Reuters) - From her garden on a sunny Greek island, Rowena Harding works with governments and charities across the globe. The great thing is I can do my job from anywhere," the Australian-British communications consultant says.

Data Discussion Lessons from Brad Pitt

Juice Analytics

Before Matt Damon impersonates an investigator in Ocean’s Eleven , Brad Pitt’s character delivers a little pep talk. Watch this 40 second clip: Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) explains the rules of undercover conversation to Linus (Matt Damon).

Swiss watchmakers go digital to show off new products, revive sales


By Silke Koltrowitz. ZURICH (Reuters) -Luxury Swiss watchmakers, usually not big fans of online retailing, are launching a new all-digital Watches & Wonders event on Wednesday to display their latest products, hoping to revive sales hit by the coronavirus crisis.

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Unifying Enterprise AI and Hybrid, Multicloud Architecture, Using Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization

After over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps we can now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, though it may still seem a bit far off. Already, the economy is starting to recoup some of.

The Next-Generation Cloud Data Lake: An Open, No-Copy Data Architecture

A next-gen cloud data lake architecture has emerged that brings together the best attributes of the data warehouse and the data lake. This new open data architecture is built to maximize data access with minimal data movement and no data copies.

Tesla tells China car cameras not activated outside North America


SHANGHAI (Reuters) -Cameras in Tesla cars are not activated outside of North America, the U.S. automaker said on its Chinese social media page on Wednesday, seeking to assuage security concerns in the world's biggest car market.

3 Big Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Tre Pryor

Purchasing real estate is one of the oldest and strongest forms of investment. The risks involved are much less than the volatile instruments like stocks and bonds. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to make money in real estate.

Risk 52

AliExpress Russia looks at possible IPO, reports $3 billion in transaction volumes


By Alexander Marrow. MOSCOW (Reuters) - Online retailer AliExpress Russia on Wednesday said an initial public offering was a possible step for the company, which reported gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $3 billion for the 2020-21 financial year.

Rental Property Management Tips For Homeowner Passive Income

Tre Pryor

Setting up your home as a rental property can certainly generate decent monthly passive income. That is if you do rental property management right. Read on to learn some important rental property management tips. Contracts, late fees, maintenance and repairs, and more play a role in your profits.

How to Foster Data Culture (with Data Intelligence Technology!)

Speaker: Aaron Kalb, Co-Founder and CDAO at Alation

Watch Aaron Kalb, co-founder and CDAO at Alation, dive into the role of technology in shaping culture and show how a modern data catalog is helping innovative enterprises create thriving data cultures. Register for the webinar today!

Jump Trading backs fan tokens startup Chiliz


By Anna Irrera and Tom Wilson. LONDON (Reuters) - Proprietary trading firm Jump Trading has made an equity investment in Chiliz, the blockchain company that issues tokens associated with various sports teams, the companies told Reuters on Tuesday. The investment amount was not disclosed.

Introducing Alation Cloud Service with Jason Ma, Senior Director of Product Management


Jason Lim, director of Technical Product Marketing: Before we dive into what Alation Cloud Service is, can you tell me what was the motivation for building Alation Cloud Service? Jason Ma, senior director of Product Management: The short answer is that our customers asked for it.

Biotech Pioneer Leroy Hood Continues to Chart New Territory Using AI and Genetic Codes


In biology, genetics, and bioengineering, Leroy Hood is a true giant. In 2015, Scientific American named him one of the ten most influential people in the field of biotechnology.

Alation Cloud Service: Data Intelligence Just Got Simpler


In the newest offering, Alation Cloud Service , Alation delivers the most comprehensive cloud-based data intelligence platform on the market. It provides users with the simplest and fastest way to drive data intelligence across hybrid environments.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.