Sat.Nov 20, 2021

Polish Up your ML model!

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction Image 1 In this article, we will be discussing various ways through which we can polish up or fine-tune our machine learning model. We will be using the Housing Dataset for understanding the concepts.

Apple tells workers they have right to discuss wages, working conditions


By Julia Love. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple delivered a message to employees on Friday that was striking given its reputation for secrecy: a reminder that workers may discuss wages, hours and working conditions.

IT 233

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A Visual, Layman's Introduction to Language Models in NLP

Edwin Chen

(This is a crosspost from the official Surge AI blog , where we're building the greatest source of NLP content. If you need help with data labeling and NLP, say hello !). Introduction. Language models are a core component of NLP systems, from machine translation to speech recognition.

El Salvador plans first 'Bitcoin City', backed by bitcoin bonds


SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) -El Salvador plans to build the world's first "Bitcoin City" which will be funded initially by bitcoin bonds, President Nayib Bukele said on Saturday, doubling down on the Central American country's bet on the crypto currency.

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

India police charge Amazon execs in alleged marijuana smuggling case


LUCKNOW, India (Reuters) - Indian police said on Saturday they had charged senior executives of's local unit under narcotics laws in a case of alleged marijuana smuggling via the online retailer.