Sat.Jun 25, 2022

How Innovation Accounting Can Help Your Business Grow?


Dealing with disruptive and innovative projects is exciting. But the sheer potential of the projects in an uncertain environment can be overwhelming. So, you must be able to track your innovative projects' progress and quantify them.

The DataHour: Causal Inference in Practice

Analytics Vidhya

Dear Readers, We’re getting Prabakaran Chandran on board to lead an interactive DataHour session with us. He has been working with Mu Sigma, a prestigious company as a Data and Decision Scientist that specializes in problem-solving, since 2019.

Opensea Clone


NFTs are the recent trends in this digital era! NFTs are around nooks and corners and are the biggest talk of the town! If you are a fan of NFT and want to earn huge in this flourishing digital space, launching your own NFT marketplace like OpenSea will be a lucrative idea. What is OpenSea? OpenSea is the most popular P2P NFT marketplace where artists can expose their talents and sell their works as digital assets like Jpg, mp4, etc.,

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