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7 Benefits of Metadata Management


Metadata management is key to wringing all the value possible from data assets. However, most organizations don’t use all the data at their disposal to reach deeper conclusions about how to drive revenue, achieve regulatory compliance or accomplish other strategic objectives. What Is Metadata?

6 Open Source Data Science Projects That Provide an Edge to Your Portfolio

Analytics Vidhya

ArticleVideos Introduction “I understand the concepts well. Why should I focus on data science projects in my data science journey?” ” I have been in. The post 6 Open Source Data Science Projects That Provide an Edge to Your Portfolio appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.


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Moscow goes green: Russian capital eyes fully electric bus fleet by 2030


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Moscow plans to nearly quadruple the number of electric buses it operates in coming years and replace all petrol or diesel-powered public transport vehicles with greener alternatives by 2030, a senior city transport official has said.

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Decoding the Memory Nomenclature in modern-day computers, Starting with RAM

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ArticleVideos This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction For Data Analysts and ML professionals, the understanding of how. The post Decoding the Memory Nomenclature in modern-day computers, Starting with RAM appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

The Next-Generation Cloud Data Lake: An Open, No-Copy Data Architecture

A next-gen cloud data lake architecture has emerged that brings together the best attributes of the data warehouse and the data lake. This new open data architecture is built to maximize data access with minimal data movement and no data copies.

'Something we've never seen' - Mars rover beams back selfie from moment before landing


By Steve Gorman. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - NASA scientists on Friday presented striking early images from the picture-perfect landing of the Mars rover Perseverance, including a selfie of the six-wheeled vehicle dangling just above the surface of the Red Planet moments before touchdown.

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Foxconn chairman says expects 'limited impact' from chip shortage on clients


TAIPEI (Reuters) - The chairman of Apple Inc supplier Foxconn said on Saturday he expects his company and its clients will face only "limited impact" from a chip shortage that has rattled the global automotive and semiconductor industries.

Enterprise-class NLP with spaCy v3

Domino Data Lab

spaCy is a python library that provides capabilities to conduct advanced natural language processing analysis and build models that can underpin document analysis, chatbot capabilities, and all other forms of text analysis.

Bitcoin steams to new record and nears $1 trillion market cap


By Tom Wilson and Stanley White. LONDON/TOKYO (Reuters) - Bitcoin hit yet another record high on Friday, and moved within sight of a market capitalisation of $1 trillion, blithely shrugging off analyst warnings that it is an "economic side show" and a poor hedge against a fall in stock prices.

Inside 2021 ML Trends: Causality


In January, our Dataiku Lab team presented their annual findings for up-and-coming machine learning (ML) trends , based on the work they do in machine learning research.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

Facebook has 'tentatively friended' us again, Australia says


By Colin Packham. CANBERRA (Reuters) - Facebook Inc is back at the negotiating table, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday after the tech giant this week blocked news on its site in the country.

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How AI Helps Banks Identify Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities


Banks regularly create campaigns to offer new products to their customers. According to market research, it’s easier to sell a product to an existing customer than to sell a product to a new, qualified prospect.

Google fires research leader amid diversity, research freedom controversies


By Paresh Dave and Jeffrey Dastin. Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google fired researcher Margaret Mitchell on Friday, they both said, after a weeks-long investigation found she moved electronic files outside the company amid a battle over research freedom and diversity.

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IBM Brings Enterprise-Class Capabilities to the Entry Storage Space

Sirius Computer Solutions

IBM FlashSystem 5200 | Image courtesy of IBM. On February 9, IBM introduced a new FlashSystem family of entry-level, all-flash storage systems with full enterprise capabilities and full container support. Minimize cost, maximize efficiency.

Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before. Learn more.

Commission chief urges U.S. and EU to create digital economy rules


BERLIN (Reuters) - Europe and the United States should join together in the fight against climate change and also agree a new framework for the digital market, limiting the power of big tech companies, European Union chief executive Ursula von der Leyen said. "I

Open Source in Data Science [Infographic]


Our infographic explains how the open-source revolution has transformed data science and maps out how to become fluent in data manipulation, data visualization, machine learning, reporting and communicating data, and natural language processing

Taiwan says receives U.S. letter on auto chips, firms are doing what they should


TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua said on Saturday she had received a letter from the White House on the global shortage of auto chips and Taiwanese semiconductor firms are "doing what they should" to address the problem.

U.S. settles with BitPay for apparent sanctions breaches


By Sarah Marsh. Reuters) - BitPay, one of the biggest cryptocurrency payment processors, will pay $507,375 to settle its potential civil liability for apparent violations of U.S. sanctions on countries like Cuba, North Korea and Iran, the U.S. Treasury Department said.

What is Contextual Analytics? The Next Evolution of Embedded Analytics

Download this white paper to learn what contextual analytics is, how BI platforms like Yellowfin revolutionize the way users discover insights from their data with native contextual analytics, and how it adds value to your software solution by elevating the user experience.

Exclusive: White House working with Facebook and Twitter to tackle anti-vaxxers


By Nandita Bose. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House has been reaching out to social media companies including Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc's Google about clamping down on COVID misinformation and getting their help to stop it from going viral, a senior administration official said.

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UK court blocks release of HSBC papers in Huawei CFO fraud case


LONDON (Reuters) - A British judge on Friday blocked the release of internal HSBC documents relating to U.S. fraud allegations against Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou.


Analysis: Carmakers wake up to new pecking order as chip crunch intensifies


By Douglas Busvine and Christoph Steitz. BERLIN (Reuters) - The semiconductor crunch that has battered the auto sector leaves carmakers with a stark choice: pay up, stock up or risk getting stuck on the sidelines as chipmakers focus on more lucrative business elsewhere.

Bitcoin, ether hit fresh highs


SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Bitcoin hit a fresh high in Asian trading on Saturday, extending a two-month rally that saw its market capitalisation cross $1 trillion a day earlier. The world's most popular cryptocurrency rose to an record $56,620, taking its weekly gain to 18%.

Brand Health Report: Tech Talent Ranks the Most Innovative Companies They'd Love to Work for and Why

Hired surveyed more than 4,000 tech workers to find out which companies rank as their most desirable employers and how other organizations can compete for their attention. Download this report to learn what tech talent values most in a potential employer and how to improve your employer brand.

Analysis: Robinhood CEO's U.S. lawmaker grilling spotlights broker's hidden risks


By Michelle Price and Anna Irrera.

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Uber drivers are entitled to worker rights, UK's top court rules


By Costas Pitas. LONDON (Reuters) - A group of Uber drivers are entitled to worker rights such as the minimum wage, Britain's Supreme Court decided on Friday in a blow to the ride-hailing service that could have ramifications for millions of others in the gig economy.


Exclusive: Coming bill would allow U.S. news publishers to team up when negotiating with Facebook, Google


By Diane Bartz and Helen Coster. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Bipartisan members of Congress plan to introduce a bill in coming weeks to make it easier for smaller news organizations to negotiate with Big Tech platforms, said Rep.