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A Super Useful Month-by-Month Plan to Master Data Science in 2021

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Overview Your quest to understand how to become a data scientist in 2021 ends here Here’s a month on month plan that you can. The post A Super Useful Month-by-Month Plan to Master Data Science in 2021 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Insurance Analytics - Developing the Industry


Usage of Insurance Analytics is rapidly increasing. The reasons for this transformation lies in the backdrop events. In this blog, we will discuss how insurance analytics is shaping the new space.The insurance industry is primely characterized by two factors.


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Five Types of Concentration Risks to Monitor in Real Time

Insight Software

We all know the old adage that says “don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” In the more modern terminology of business, we could rephrase that to say “be careful about concentration risk.”.

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Win the stock and inventory management battle with data analytics


Stock and inventory management: how can you optimize it? At Phocas, we set out to answer this question with one of our in-house subject matter experts, Page Schrock.

The Best Data Retention Policy & Template To Get You Started

In this whitepaper from Onna, we will walk you through data retention best practices and provide you with a downloadable template to help you get organized and gain better visibility into your data’s lifecycle.

Top 14 Artificial Intelligence Startups to watch out for in 2021!

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Overview Reducing company costs, generating customer insights & intelligence, and improving customer experiences are the three most popular ML and AI use cases Here. The post Top 14 Artificial Intelligence Startups to watch out for in 2021! appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

4 Cool Things You Can Do with Azure Machine Learning


What is Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML)? Azure ML is Microsoft’s machine learning operations solution. It lets you build machine learning models, train them at scale, and deploy them to the cloud for production use.

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Manufacturing data analytics for a single source of truth


Today, manufacturers face a challenging business climate. There is pessimism about the global demand for manufactured goods and the slow recovery of the economy due to covid-19. There are frustrations about political instabilities, shortage of skilled labor, and declining foreign trade.

A Quick Guide to Data science and Machine Learning

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This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction In today’s time, an enormous amount of data is created in. The post A Quick Guide to Data science and Machine Learning appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. AI Comic Beginner Career Machine Learning blogathon

China could restrict bank tie-ups with fintech platforms, official suggests


BEIJING (Reuters) - China's former finance minister Lou Jiwei suggested that China could restrict the number of banks a single fintech platform can partner with, to prevent any platform from gaining too much market share, state media reported on Sunday.

Perplexing Impacts of AI on The Future Insurance Claims

Smart Data Collective

We previously talked about the benefits of data analytics in the insurance industry. One report found that big data vendors will generate over $2.4 billion from the insurance industry. However, major advances in AI have arguably affected the insurance industry even more.

Building Evolvable Architectures

Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO of ThoughtWorks

The software development ecosystem exists in a state of dynamic equilibrium, where any new tool, framework, or technique leads to disruption and the establishment of a new equilibrium. Predictability is impossible when the foundation architects plan against is constantly changing in unexpected ways. It’s no surprise many CIOs and CTOs are struggling to adapt, in part because their architecture isn’t equipped to evolve. This webinar will discuss what’s at stake if companies continue to use long term architecture plans.

Empowering remote finance teams with the right tools


For finance teams, the transition to remote work during COVID-19 has brought a mix of various opportunities and challenges. Since finance teams spend most of their time on their computers to create various reports, analyze and process data, remote work hasn’t created too many obstacles.

10 Most Popular Data Science Articles on Analytics Vidhya in 2020

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Overview Here is a list of the top 10 articles published this year by Analytics Vidhya The articles have been ranked in descending order, The post 10 Most Popular Data Science Articles on Analytics Vidhya in 2020 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

IBM will pay $24.25 million to resolve FCC probes


By David Shepardson. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -IBM Corp has agreed to pay $24.25 million to resolve a pair of investigations by the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) over subsidies awarded to connect schools and libraries to broadband.

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Machine Learning is Handy with Content Writing but Expectations Must Be Mediated

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Machine learning is the driving force of AI. It allows humans to essentially teach software in a matter of weeks what a human would take decades to learn. AI and machine learning are changing the world we live in and altering the way we do things. This also extends to essay writing.

Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

How ASEAN Retailers Can Become insight driven with a Hybrid Cloud data strategy


There has been an e-commerce explosion this year as consumers seek safety and convenience from the comfort of their own homes using digital tools to purchase everything from durable hard goods to fashion accessories to daily living consumables like food perishables, cleaning products and even school supplies.

Top Highlights from 10 Powerful Machine Learning Conferences in 2020

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Overview Have a look at the top AI and ML conferences of the year Go through the resources attached with them for a better. The post Top Highlights from 10 Powerful Machine Learning Conferences in 2020 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

'What's the alternative?' SolarWinds boosts security firms' bottom lines


By Paresh Dave. OAKLAND, Calif. Reuters) - Cybersecurity providers including FireEye Inc and Microsoft Corp could not prevent a huge network breach disclosed this month by numerous U.S. agencies and companies, yet their shares are soaring for a second straight week.

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5 Data-Driven Amazon Ads Ideas to Skyrocket Sales

Smart Data Collective

Data-driven business ideas are becoming more important than ever. A growing number of companies have found that big data is the key to reaching more customers. One of the most important benefits of big data in business is with marketing.

Digital Trends Report 2020

As part of our goal to continue helping our community during these times, we wanted to share with you this critical data on the state of digital products across industries and provide context on how businesses are responding to the changing winds.

Coffee with Cloudera Partners: Intel


Meet Angela Gill and Gina Mcfarland, the powerhouse duo leading the Intel/Cloudera relationship. Angela brings technical expertise, while Gina drives the business strategy.

Multilingual languages in Natural Language Processing: Targeting Low Resource Indian Languages

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Introduction A language is a systematic form of communication that can take a variety of forms. There are approximately 7,000 languages believed to be. The post Multilingual languages in Natural Language Processing: Targeting Low Resource Indian Languages appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

Hong Kong online banks to spread wings, offering business loans and wealth management


By Alun John. HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong's new online-only banks plan to venture into business lending and wealth management, seeking more lucrative avenues beyond basic savings accounts and transfer services, senior executives said.

EGG On Air: How It Started vs. How It’s Going


It’s officially been more than three months since we took EGG, the human-centered AI conference, “on air” and made it a multifaceted virtual experience, complete with three main formats — livestreams , Episodes , and on-demand content.

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5 Things a Data Scientist Can Do to Stay Current

DataRobot together with Snowflake – a leading cloud data platform provider — is helping data scientists stay current with the latest technology and data science best practices so that they can excel in an increasingly AI-driven workplace. Five Things a Data Scientist Can Do to Stay Current offers data scientists guidance for thriving in AI-driven enterprises.

2020 Data Impact Award Winner Spotlight: West Midlands Police


Our annual Data Impact Awards are all about celebrating organizations that are unlocking the maximum value from their data in order to drive the business forward. One category that highlighted some fantastic examples of customers doing just that, was The Enterprise Data Cloud award.

Using Predictive Power Score to Pinpoint Non-linear Correlations

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ArticleVideos Image by Author In statistics, correlation or dependence is any statistical relationship, whether causal or not, between two random variables or bivariate data. The post Using Predictive Power Score to Pinpoint Non-linear Correlations appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

How Blockchain Technology Will Soon Revolutionise Healthcare


Blockchain technology is here, and it promises to fundamentally change a wide range of industries - including healthcare - in the coming years. In the private healthcare landscape, change could come sooner rather than later.

Sirius Captures No. 1 Ranking of Top Diversified Managed Services Providers

Sirius Computer Solutions

Sirius’ newly acquired Champion Solutions Group Is 31st on the NextGen 101. San Antonio, TX – 22 December 2020 — Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. Sirius), a leading national IT solutions integrator, ranked first in the inaugural 2020 Channel Futures 2020 NextGen 101. Champion Solutions Group, Inc. ,

Testing at Every Stage of Development

Up to 80% of new products fail. The reality is harsh and the reasons why are endless. Perhaps the new product couldn’t oust a customer favorite. Maybe it looked great but was too hard to use. Or, despite being a superior product, the go-to-market strategy failed. There’s always a risk when building a new product, but you can hedge your bets by understanding exactly what your customers' expectations truly are at every step of the development process.

An A-Z Data Adventure on Cloudera’s Data Platform


In this blog we will take you through a persona-based data adventure, with short demos attached, to show you the A-Z data worker workflow expedited and made easier through self-service, seamless integration, and cloud-native technologies.

Model Risk Management And the Role of Explainable Models(With Python Code)

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This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash Introduction Similar to rule-based mathematical. The post Model Risk Management And the Role of Explainable Models(With Python Code) appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

How Synthetic Data Will Create Fairer AI


Bias is built into modern society and stems from how we've developed as a civilization. Over the years, we've fought through the socially learned biases that we've evolved from our environments and have, to a great degree, bypassed its impact on our ability to judge fairness. Or have we?

AI for Good: What We’ve Been Up to in 2020


At Dataiku, we think we’ll see even more conversations surrounding the topic of Responsible AI in 2021, as it is critical to managing and addressing the societal impacts of AI.

How Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Embedding dashboards and reports aren’t enough. Futureproof your application by offering instant, actionable insights that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage.