12 Marketing Reports Examples You Can Use For Annual, Monthly, Weekly And Daily Reporting Practice


Usually, reports are done on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis, but sometimes you need to create an ad-hoc, KPI report for a particular purpose. 2) Marketing KPI Report.

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Robust dashboards can be easily implemented, allowing potential savings and profits to be quickly highlighted with simple slicing and dicing of the data. Although there are various KPI examples , you should choose only the best fit for your department or industry.

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Currently, data-driven decision making is based on the business users’ ability to successfully filter, slice, and dice known KPIs they want to track and improve upon. Introducing Sisense Release Q3 2019.

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Occam's Razor

A very special type of metric is designated to be a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). A KPI is a metric that helps you understand how you are doing against your objectives. This implies you cannot have a KPI identified unless you know what your objectives are. You need to slice!

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Occam's Razor

"What is the difference between a metric and a key performance indicator (KPI)?" Key Performance Indicator: Key performance indicators (KPI's) are metrics. My web analytics KPI is: Average Order Size. KPI: Average Order Size.

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OLAP cubes do all the work by dimensionalizing all combinations of slicing and dicing the data ahead of time. For example, a Contribution Margin KPI can be obtained by salesperson, by product, by time, by region, or by reseller, or any combination thereof, INSTANTLY.

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Occam's Razor

Ideally also indexed against a previously agreed upon target for the key performance indicator (KPI). I'm excited about the power of a well created dashboard. It is a thing of beauty and a source of immense joy. Oh, and of course a critical element for any company's path to glory.