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My professional areas of interest cover Customer Service, User Experience and Finance, though here on Occam’s Razor my focus is on influencing incredible Marketing through the use of innovative Analytics. First… The Analytics top ten things to focus on to elevate your game this year….

Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges

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2: The Secret to Content Marketing Success. Content marketing is all the rage these days. Everyone is contenting a lot of content about content marketing. Except that most content deployed in the service of content marketing sucks. Two things I love a lot: 1.

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Dear Avinash: Your Digital Marketing + Analytics Challenges Answered

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about digital marketing and analytics. We will cover questions in four areas: business/strategy challenges, analytics/technical challenges, career/self-development questions and rampant speculation. Best Metrics For Digital Marketing: Rock Your Own And Rent Strategies 2.

Digital Marketing & Analytics: Five Deadly Myths De-mythified!

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It saddens me deeply that they are not being able to take full advantage of all the new product, marketing, customer relationship opportunities in front of them. I love the shift to intent-based targeting (I cannot stress how massively important to the future of advertising and marketing).

Ad Block Tracking With Google Analytics: Code, Metrics, Reports

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I am insanely excited that we can track ad blocking behavior in Google Analytics, so easily. Setting Google Analytics front end elements (custom dimensions, advanced segments). And, of course I would not be as smart about digital marketing as I am without paying for Baekdal Plus.

The Marketing Analytics Intersect: My Newsletter!

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I want you to sign up for something very, very special I'm doing: Writing short stories from the intersection of marketing and analytics. My newsletter is called The Marketing < > Analytics Intersect. but also trying to influence your marketing strategy.

Cloud-Based CRM System: Is it Safe and What are the Benefits?


The people responsible for bringing us the idea of database marketing, and subsequently CRM systems, are Robert and Kate Kestnbaum. They changed the way direct marketing works by implementing new metrics like customer lifetime value and applying financial modelling to marketing strategies.

Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Buzzwords For 2020


Each year, we hear about buzzwords that enter the community, language, market and drive businesses and companies forward. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics. Predictive Analytics: What could happen? The commercial use of predictive analytics is a relatively new thing.

How Data-Driven Marketing Helps Improve Conversion Rates

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According to a recent Adobe report , marketers have identified data-driven marketing as the most important business opportunity for 2019. That clearly indicates the importance that marketers give to data and why you should too. Social Media Analytics.

Five Signs That You Might Have a Know-Your-Customer Problem


Getting to “ground truth” about customers– data that’s unified , clean and trustworthy enough to power transformational analytic outcomes and critical business processes–is increasingly impossible. The Prognosis: Business-Transforming Analytic Outcomes.

What To Know About The Importance Of Analytics In Content Marketing

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Among the various factors that play a role in the content marketing decision-making process, analytics ranks near the top of the list. However, not many people understand the benefits of using various analytics tools for marketing a business. Two Experts Share their Perspective on the Benefits of Analytics in Marketing. Elissa Hudson has covered the importance of analytics in digital marketing in her post for HubSpot.

How Data Integration and Machine Learning Improve Retention Marketing

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Retention marketing is about preventing your valuable customers from churning. In this paper, I show you how marketers can improve their customer retention efforts by 1) integrating disparate data silos and 2) employing machine learning predictive analytics.

Suck Less | A Plea For User-Centric Design: Powered By You!

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Yes, I worry that Analysts, and Marketers, are spending too much time with their head buried in custom reports and advance segments and smart calculated metrics and strategic or tactical dashboards. You can sign up here: The Marketing-Analytics Intersect.

Stop All Social Media Activity (Organic) | Solve For A Profitable Reality

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To give you a sense of the depth and breadth of ideas I’ll cover today, here are the sections in this post: + The Promise of Marketing Utopia. + The Broken Promise of Marketing Utopia, Implications. + The Broken Promise of Marketing Utopia: Examples. + Life is short.

15 Analytics Capabilities to Consider When Choosing Your Next Big Data Solution

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You need analytics to make sense of everything. And analytics can never be a one-off project. Successful and practical analytics always answer a few paramount questions: What happened? There’s more to analytics than this, though. Explore Predictive Analytics.

Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

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By design none of them from the world of digital analytics, though I’ll stay connected to that world from a how could you use this idea perspective. Ex: Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges.