A/B Testing Measurement Frameworks ?- ?Every Data Scientist Should Know

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What is A/B testing? A/B Testing(split testing) is basically the. The post A/B Testing Measurement Frameworks ?- ?Every Beginner Statistics Structured Data Technique A/B testing blogathon

Measuring Bias in Machine Learning: The Statistical Bias Test


This tutorial will define statistical bias in a machine learning model and demonstrate how to perform the test on synthetic data


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Instagram launches test where users can choose to see likes


Reuters) - Instagram is launching a small global test on Wednesday where users can choose whether to hide like counts on their own posts or other people's posts, a Facebook spokeswoman said. By Elizabeth Culliford.

HBase Performance testing using YCSB


When running any performance benchmarking tool on your cluster, a critical decision is always what data set size should be used for a performance test, and here we demonstrate why it is important to select a “good fit” data set size when running a HBase performance test on your cluster.

Digital Marketing and Measurement Model

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Winners, well before they think data or tool, have a well structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model. This article guides you in understanding the value of the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model (notice the repeated emphasis on Marketing, not just Measurement), and how to create one for yourself. I've developed the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model as a simple, structured, five step process to infuse this much needed thinking.

Measuring Incrementality: Controlled Experiments to the Rescue!

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This: You understand all the environmental variables currently in play, you carefully choose more than one group of "like type" subjects, you expose them to a different mix of media, measure differences in outcomes, prove / disprove your hypothesis (DO FACEBOOK NOW!!!), Then they isolated regions of the country (by city, zip, state, dma pick your fave) into test and control regions. People in the test regions will participate in our hypothesis testing.

Whitepaper: Pooled Sample Testing: Optimal Strategy Determination using BRIDGEi2i Optimizer


While citizens are taking extreme caution with preventive measures, as of today, a sustainable solution, along the lines of a vaccine, is nowhere in sight. Instead, our energies are focused on arresting the spread of the pandemic by testing as many people as possible.

What is the Paired Sample T Test and How is it Beneficial to Business Analysis?


This article discusses the Paired Sample T Test method of hypothesis testing and analysis. What is the Paired Sample T Test? The Paired Sample T Test is used to determine whether the mean of a dependent variable e.g., weight, anxiety level, salary, reaction time, etc., The number of data points for Paired Sample T Tests should be at least 30. Let’s conduct the Paired Sample T-Test on two variables.

Epidemiologist Michal Mina Says Lack of Cheap, At-Home Testing Is Making COVID-19 Worse


In particular, Mina believes that our failure to test effectively has allowed COVID-19 to spread. True, there are tests—and they are good ones—but they are relatively expensive, require an outside laboratory, and take two days or more for results.

The DataOps Vendor Landscape, 2021


Testing and Data Observability. It orchestrates complex pipelines, toolchains, and tests across teams, locations, and data centers. Prefect Technologies — Open-source data engineering platform that builds, tests, and runs data workflows. Testing and Data Observability.

Model Interpretability with TCAV (Testing with Concept Activation Vectors)

Domino Data Lab

What if there was a way to quantitatively measure whether your machine learning (ML) model reflects specific domain expertise or potential bias? These are the kind of questions Been Kim , Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain, poised in the MLConf 2018 talk , “Interpretability Beyond Feature Attribution: Testing with Concept Activation Vectors (TCAV)”. Testing with Concept Activation Vectors (TCAV): The Zebra.

Get a True Measure of Company Performance with These Financial Ratios

Jet Global

Focus on these four to take the true measure of your company. This ratio measures your company’s ability to meet short-term financial obligations by comparing your current assets against your current liabilities. Essentially, it’s a measure of your liquidity. Quick Ratio (AKA Acid Test Ratio). A higher ratio indicates the company could struggle to repay its debts, but actual performance is measured by comparing the ratio against industry benchmarks.

What is the Independent Samples T Test Method of Analysis and How Can it Benefit an Organization?


This article focuses on the Independent Samples T Test technique of Hypothesis testing. What is the Independent Samples T Test Method of Hypothesis Testing? The independent sample t-test is a statistical method of hypothesis testing that determines whether there is a statistically significant difference between the means of two independent samples. Let’s look at a sample of the Independent t-test on two variables.

Designing A/B tests in a collaboration network

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

We present data from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as an example of how we use A/B testing when users are connected. Experimentation on networks A/B testing is a standard method of measuring the effect of changes by randomizing samples into different treatment groups. Randomization is essential to A/B testing because it removes selection bias as well as the potential for confounding factors in assessing treatment effects.

Business Intelligence and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paul Blogs on BI

This first metric requires people to be tested and, as we all know, that is only possible in places where testing is available (and confirmation takes a few days) and only a fraction of people have been tested. As more testing becomes available this first metric will increase significantly. We are really missing data and so the metrics are incomplete and, as such, we should ask ourselves the question: “Are we measuring the right things?”.

Some highlights from 2020

Data Science and Beyond

The initial covid-19 lockdown provided me with extra free time to make the measurement and offsetting of Automattic’s emissions from data centre power use happen. Among other things, it gave me an opportunity to apply my favourite approach to Bayesian A/B testing in the wild, and get excited about other interesting causal inference work we have in the pipeline. Causal inference Environment a/b testing career causality reef life survey remote work sustainability

Experimentation and Testing: A Primer

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This post is a primer on the delightful world of testing and experimentation (A/B, Multivariate, and a new term from me: Experience Testing). There is a lot on the web about A/B or Multivariate testing but my hope in this post is to give you some rationale around importance and then a point of view on each methodology along with some tips. It is important to realize that experimentation and testing might sound big and complex but it is not.

Kill Useless Web Metrics: Apply The "Three Layers Of So What" Test

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A very simple test can allow you to figure out if the metric you are dutifully reporting (or absolutely in love with) is gold or mud. It is called the Three Layers of So What test. What's this lovely test? The purpose of the "so what" test is to undo the clutter in your life and allow you to focus on only the metrics that will help you take action. Let's check out how you would conduct the "so what" test with a couple of examples.

Excellent Analytics Tip #11: Measure Effectiveness Of Your Web Pages

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It is a bit hard to believe that it has taken a year to talk about measuring effectiveness of individual pages on a website. But I think the time is right to focus on metrics, Key Performance Indicators and tips on how to measure effectiveness of individual pages. A Five Step Program to Measure Effectiveness of Your Web Pages: # 1: Don't Obsess About Your Home Page. # Bonus Step: Moving from insights to improvements: MultiVariate Testing Rocks.

How and when to calculate statistical significance

Mixpanel on Data

The official definition is “a result that is unlikely to have occurred given a null hypothesis,” and it’s typically found alongside riveting descriptions of “parametric tests” in such page-turning classics as the 1925 Statistical Methods for Research Workers. What is a statistical significance test? A statistical significance test measures whether test results from a sample population are likely to apply to the entire population.

Lab Usability Testing: What, Why, How Much.

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In this post we’ll cover the grand daddy of UCD (User Centric Design) methodologies: Lab Usability Testing. Since many of us in the Web Analytics community don’t have optimal awareness of this methodology we’ll go into some detail about how lab usability tests are conducted. We will cover: What is lab usability testing? How to conduct a test. Tips on conducting successful tests. Benefits of lab usability testing.

Excellent Analytics Tip #8: Measure the Real Conversion Rate & "Opportunity Pie"

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The topic of my speech at the E-consultancy Online Marketing Masterclasses 2006 in London ( sign up here ) is "Conversion Rate Optimization: What, Why, How" While working on one of the slides (Tip # 9) the realization dawned that we measure conversion rate rather sub optimally and in a way that grossly overestimates the improvement possibilities. So measure Bounce Rate of your website.

The Biggest Mistake Web Analysts Make… And How To Avoid It!

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My normal recommendation to address this supremely corrosive issue is to encourage each company to go through the process of creating a Digital Marketing and Measurement Model. What content areas seem very expensive to create (hence more important to measure if they are adding any value!)? Will I measure the value of YouTube first or Display ads? And it is easily measureable (hello my dear funnel analysis, I've missed you!).

The Changes & Challenges In Supply Chains Post COVID-19 – Test


It has necessitated strict lockdown measures and restricted the movement of both people and goods. In times like these, the company would have to take a balanced approach towards measures that can handle short term complexities, while keeping in mind long term business goals.

Web Analytics Consulting: A Simple Framework For Smarter Decisions

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Two of the frameworks I've built and shared on this blog are the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model (how to pick the best KPIs for your business that guarantee success, using a powerful five-step process) and the Clear Line of Sight Model (to ensure every bit of Marketing and Analytics you are doing is tied to the Net Income of the company). Would I be required to set up various A/B and multivariate tests for that company? What to measure, 2.

The Lean Analytics Cycle: Metrics > Hypothesis > Experiment > Act

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Sometimes, we escape the clutches of this sub optimal existence and do pick good metrics or engage in simple A/B testing. The book introduces a wonderful process called the Lean Analytics Cycle, which aims to help you create a sustainable way to pick metrics that matter by tying them to fundamental business problems, creating hypotheses you can test and driving change in the business from the learnings you identify. Testing out a new feature. Measure and decide what to do.

Data Observability and Monitoring with DataOps


Some will argue that observability is nothing more than testing and monitoring applications using tests, metrics, logs, and other artifacts. Before we talk about winning the war against data and analytics errors, let’s review some fundamental DataOps principles: Avoid manual tests.

Clubhouse launches Android app as downloads plummet


(Reuters) - Live audio app Clubhouse will begin introducing a test version of its app to Google's Android users in the United States on Sunday, the company said, in a potentially big expansion of its market. But downloads of the app, one measure of popularity, have significantly fallen.

Food, Health, and Data Science


Science probably cannot measure the prana content in your breakfast, but let’s think of more measurable aspects of your diet. Digital nutrition platforms collect data from analyzing anthropometric measurements, blood biomarkers, nutrigenomics and gut health testing, and here data science can really provide valuable insights. Anthropometric measurements. Anthropometric measurements are used to assess the.

Seeking end to 5G ban, Huawei says ready to accept terms Sweden may set


STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Huawei is willing to meet any requirement the Swedish government may set on 5G network equipment and take other measures to mitigate concerns, a senior executive said, after a ban in the country delayed spectrum auctions. By Supantha Mukherjee and Helena Soderpalm.

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

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You measure bounce rate and you can find those things, then figure out if the problem is at the source (ads) or destination (your site). They will measure the four sexy magnificent best social media metrics and use them to drive a magnificent conversation marketing strategy on Facebook (and YouTube and Google+ and Twitter and Pintrest and…). Because Likes (and +1s, Followers) measure a fleeting Hello. Would you measure the success of your trades based on cost per trade?

New contact tracing apps stir hope for virus fighters in U.S. states


Complementing human contact-tracers, the smartphone apps use Bluetooth signals to track when people are in close contact and anonymously alert users when a recent contact tests positive. By Paresh Dave. OAKLAND, Calif.

4Q – The Best Online Survey For A Website, Yours Free!

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They have kindly added one more question to the mix that will help measure customer satisfaction! Tools and features that, I humbly, believe further the cause of measurement and understanding of data. Be it all the work with Analytics focusing on core website measurement. Or Joost de Valk's small but significant effort in creating the excellent Blog Metrics wordpress plugin to bring new success metrics to measure social media.

InMoment - Showcasing Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROXI)


Get Creative When Measuring Profitability. Consider what sort of revenue or profit proxies can be identified and measured. Interested in learning more about measuring CX profitability?

What are model governance and model operations?

O'Reilly on Data

A catalog or a database that lists models, including when they were tested, trained, and deployed. A catalog of validation data sets and the accuracy measurements of stored models. Model operations, testing, and monitoring. As machine learning proliferates in products and services, we need a set of roles, best practices, and tools to deploy, manage, test, and monitor ML in real-world production settings.

Accomplish Agile Business Intelligence & Analytics For Your Business


Your Chance: Want to test an agile business intelligence solution? Business intelligence is moving away from the traditional engineering model: analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation. Test BI in a small group and deploy the software internally.

The Journey to DataOps Success: Key Takeaways from Transformation Trailblazers


GSK had been pursuing DataOps capabilities such as automation, containerization, automated testing and monitoring, and reusability, for several years. Workiva uses a broad range of metrics to measure success. For example, everyone on the team should be writing tests. .

Your Definitive Guide To KPI Tracking By Utilizing Modern Software & Tools


Your Chance: Want to test a professional KPI tracking software for free? By measuring KPIs regularly and automatically, you can increase productivity and decrease costs. . Your Chance: Want to test a professional KPI tracking software for free?

KPI 196

Why Horizontal Integration Is Important In Data Analytics


According to Investopedia, it refers to a merger between multiple companies that offer the same level on the value chain, a measure of where in the scheme of production a particular business exists. Horizontal integration was initially a term used in the realm of business.

Smarter Career Choices #3: Solve for the Global Maxima!

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If the Surface Marketing team is like every other team at every other company engaged in sponsorships and television advertising, it’ll measure the same collection of smart metrics like everyone else. The Surface team is likely measuring it with deep granularity (by individual games, geo, days, times of days, and a lot more). Brand Lift is most frequently measured using surveys. Seek the faq page to understand how views are measured. Along with measuring ad recall etc.,

ContagionNET Wins Innovation Award


DataRobot is excited to be awarded the 2021 ACT-IAC Innovation Award for ContagionNET, our pioneering rapid antigen test for COVID-19 that is at the forefront of pandemic preparedness and response. The antigen tests necessitates result reporting and prevents result duplication.

Do You Need a DataOps Dojo?


Centralizing analytics helps the organization standardize enterprise-wide measurements and metrics. Develop/execute regression testing . Test data management and other functions provided ‘as a service’ . Central DataOps process measurement function with reports.

Pitching a DataOps Project That Matters


Each of these improvements can be measured and iterated upon. . Try measuring your errors per week. A test coverage dashboard can illustrate progress in quality controls. Measure how fast teams can respond to errors and requests.