How Automated Metadata Discovery Can Save You Money


Metadata is at the heart of every report, dashboard, data warehouse, visualization, and anything else the BI team produces. Without an understanding of the organization’s metadata, the BI team can’t match the data from multiple sources to produce a single view of the business.

Driving the Next Wave of Data Lineage Visualization with Automation


This visual aspect is the key to the usefulness of any large and complex data landscape. The key to data lineage is metadata: – Physical location of the data. Learn more about automated data lineage in our white paper “Metadata Blending: Automating Data Lineage Views”.

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What’s Business Process Modeling Got to Do with It? – Choosing A BPM Tool


As part of a data governance strategy, a BPM tool aids organizations in visualizing their business processes, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to ensure elements are aligned and core operations are optimized.

Governance in Healthcare: Ownership and Consistency

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The rise of big data, self-service, and more powerful and flexible end-user information visualization and preparation tools, consumer/ member/patient experience is impacting governance in a significant manner with regard to structure, decision rights, and accountabilities.

Top 5 Data Catalog Benefits: Understanding Your Organization’s Data Lineage


With the right data catalog tool, organizations can automate enterprise metadata management – including data cataloging, data mapping, data quality and code generation for faster time to value and greater accuracy for data movement and/or deployment projects.

CCPA 2020: Getting Your Data Landscape Ready


Octopai’s metadata discovery and management suite provides visualization tools that empower you to see and report everything about sensitive customer data. Octopai's Automated Metadata Management Platform can make CCPA compliance a breeze.


Measure Twice, Cut Once: How the Right Data Modeling Tool Drives Business Value


Ability to visualize business and technical database structures through an integrated, graphical model. The chosen data modeling tool should be able to read the technical formats of each of these platforms and translate them into highly graphical models rich in metadata.

What is Automated Data Discovery?


There’s so much of it that you can’t possibly visualize it all, even in summarized form. – Visualizing your data landscape: By slicing and dicing the data landscape in different ways, what connections, relationships, and outliers can be found?

5 Ways Data Modeling Is Critical to Data Governance


That’s because it’s the best way to visualize metadata , and metadata is now the heart of enterprise data management and data governance/ intelligence efforts. erwin DM 2020 is an essential source of metadata and a critical enabler of data governance and intelligence efforts.

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) vs Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

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NLG is a powerful AI feature of OAC that converts selected columns or graphical visuals into narrative text. With OAS, like with OBIEE, metadata configuration only happens though the Client Administration Tool and are saved in the RPD file.

What is Data Lineage?


For example, when they’ve got Informatica for their ETL, Oracle for their data warehouse and Tableau for reporting, each of which has its own metadata labeling system managed by different teams, figuring out where a specific data element in a Tableau report came from can be impossible.

Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

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Azure Data Factory Preserves Metadata during File Copy When performing a File copy between Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Azure Data Lake Gen 2, the metadata will be copied as well. Visualizing Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs) using Lucid Understand what is going on inside a CNN.

What is BCBS 239 Compliance?


Metadata Management is the Key to Successful Data Governance Learn more in the webinar, "Metadata Management Automation for the Governance Minded" Watch the Webinar! BCBS 239 and Automated Metadata Management Tools. Getting Compliant with Metadata Management Automation .

Top 10 Key Features of BI Tools in 2020


Metadata management. Users can centrally manage metadata, including searching, extracting, processing, storing, sharing metadata, and publishing metadata externally. Interactive visual exploration. Ease of use and visualization.

What Is Data Modeling? Data Modeling Best Practices for Data-Driven Organizations


Data modeling is a process that enables organizations to discover, design, visualize, standardize and deploy high-quality data assets through an intuitive, graphical interface. Data models provide visualization, create additional metadata and standardize data design across the enterprise.

The Role Of Data Warehousing In Your Business Intelligence Architecture


In this post, we will explain the definition, connection, and differences between data warehousing and business intelligence , provide a BI architecture diagram that will visually explain the correlation of these terms, and the framework on which they operate.

Why Your Data Lineage is Incomplete Without an Automated Business Glossary


While some businesses suffer from “data translation” issues, others are lacking in discovery methods and still do metadata discovery manually. The solution is a comprehensive automated metadata platform.

Top 10 Data Governance Trends for 2020: Data’s Real Value Comes Into Focus


That’s because it’s the only way to visualize metadata, and metadata is now the heart of enterprise data management and governance/ intelligence efforts.

How to Choose a Data Governance Tool


As such, your chosen tool must provide data quality management, perform data movement, track modifications of metadata objects, support cascade changes, expose metadata, and be capable of printing visual representations of data lineage.

Oracle Analytics Server to Replace OBIEE

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Whether you are on OBIEE 11g or 12c, upgrading to OAS has the following main advantages: Business users benefit from enhanced Data Visualization and Data Preparation features. The migration bundle includes the repository (rpd), catalog and security metadata, and several configuration files.

Research quality data and research quality databases

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Others, like software to fit a convolutional neural network to a set of images, might require a set of image files organized in a directory in a particular way along with a metadata file providing information about each set of images. When you are doing data science, you are doing research.

The Top Three Benefits of Enterprise Architecture


Basic visualization tools, spreadsheets and even word processors have typically played stand-in for dedicated EA solutions. But to mature the practice, organizations should implement an EA tool with a shared, centralized metadata repository and role-based access.

5 Key Updates from Day 1 of Oracle OpenWorld 2019

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The next version of Oracle Analytics Cloud will have a single, unified home screen where the user can access all objects in OAC including Answers reports, Answers dashboards, Data Viz visualizations, Data Sets, Data Flows, etc. Today, Mon Sept 16, was day 1 of Oracle OpenWorld.

Top 10 Data Governance Trends for 2020: Data’s Real Value Comes Into Focus


That’s because it’s the only way to visualize metadata, and metadata is now the heart of enterprise data management and governance/ intelligence efforts.

Refine Your Enterprise’s Approach to AI in 2019

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One of the things we found out through the course of that implementation was that they didn’t actually have all of the necessary metadata about their products to make recommendations. 2019 is the year to stop letting obstacles get in the way of enterprise AI adoption.

5 Key Updates from Day 3 of Oracle OpenWorld 2019

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Self Service Analytics which requires no modelling for creating visualizations. Basically, the way it works is the following: Let’s say you are analyzing a visualization in OAC and you see that the store in Paris is low on stock of a particular product.

Creating an Open Standard: Machine Learning Governance using Apache Atlas


Many different definitions exist, but generally, a model is any self-contained package that takes features computed from input data and produces a prediction (or score) and metadata. Model Metadata with an example. ML Metadata Definition in Apache Atlas.

Natural Language in Python using spaCy: An Introduction

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Next let’s use the displaCy library to visualize the parse tree for that sentence: In [4]: from spacy import displacy?? The displaCy library provides an excellent way to visualize named entities: In [15]: displacy.render(doc, style="ent").

Real-time log aggregation with Apache Flink Part 2


In this chapter, we will look at the topics of ingestion, searching, and visualization. Kibana sits on top of Elastic as a visual dashboarding layer where we can customize our monitoring logic. Introduction.

Data Lakes on Cloud & it’s Usage in Healthcare


Data can be stored as-is, without first structuring it, and different types of analytics can be run on it, from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning to improve decision making.

Delivering Better Dashboards with Analytic Quality Assurance


Data can contain multiple types of error — they may simply be incorrect or inaccurately entered, they may lack metadata or documentation, or they may be out-of-date. Great analytic dashboards require great data.

AI in Analytics: The NLQ Use Case


NLQ serves those users who are in a rush, or who lack the skills or permissions to model their data using visualization tools or code editors.

End-to-End Object Detection for Furniture Using Deep Learning


It is a high-level, multifaceted field that allows machines to iteratively learn and understand complex representations from images and videos to automate human visual tasks. Pinterest developed a visual search engine which uses an object detection pipeline for content recommendation.

MNIST Expanded: 50,000 New Samples Added

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Visually examine the poorest matches, trying to understand what the MNIST authors could have done differently to justify these differences without at the same time changing the existing close matches. “track each MNIST digit to its NIST source image and associated metadata”… “These fresh testing samples allow us to precisely investigate how the results reported on a standard testing set suffer from repeated experiments over a long period of time.

5 Advantages of Datorama for Marketers

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Clean and enrich with metadata to create an “insights layer” that allows you to see why things are working. Visualize your story. Create storytelling dashboards that bring your data to life, with rich visuals, creative imagery and insights in a single dashboard view.

Gartner IT Expo: Real Time Data Drives Fanatics Growth

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Amit Jain, Director of BI and Data Visualization at Fanatics, spoke on what they are doing to keep the world’s largest seller of licensed sports merchandise, ahead of the competition. Also showed a visualized maps for where orders orginate. Key is the dynamic metadata architecture.

IT 54

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 12

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He’s been out of Wolfram for a while and writing exquisite science books including Elements: A Visual Explanation of Every Known Atom in the Universe and Molecules: The Architecture of Everything. The gist is, leveraging metadata about research datasets, projects, publications, etc.,

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 8

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That’s a lot of priorities – especially when you group together closely related items such as data lineage and metadata management which rank nearby. Allows metadata repositories to share and exchange. Adds governance, discovery, and access frameworks for automating the collection, management, and use of metadata. See also the paper “ The Case for Open Metadata ” by Mandy Chessell (2017–04–21) at IBM UK for compelling perspectives about open metadata.

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 10

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Her talk addressed career paths for people in data science going into specialized roles, such as data visualization engineers, algorithm engineers, and so on. Co-chair Paco Nathan provides highlights of Rev 2 , a data science leaders summit. Introduction.

AML: Past, Present and Future – Part III


Cloudera Enterprise also ships with SDX , a unified metadata layer that provides a data catalog, security policies, access logs, and data lineage. This is the third installment in a 3 part series. The first installment provides a short background on anti-money laundering.

Data Science, Past & Future

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He also really informed a lot of the early thinking about data visualization. It involved a lot of work with applied math, some depth in statistics and visualization, and also a lot of communication skills. Paco Nathan presented, “Data Science, Past & Future” , at Rev.

New York Data Security Act & Data Mapping


Without an automated metadata management and data mapping solution , your compliance efforts will be largely hopeless. Automated tools provide you with several advantages when it comes to SHIELD compliance: – A visual map of your data environment, including all the places where sensitive data lives, regardless of the field names used.

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 13

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Metadata Challenges. NOAA teams face substantial challenges in terms of metadata exchange: much of their incoming raw sensor telemetry is time-series data, which uses a netCDF TF format natively. The metadata must be converted into both W3C and ISO standards for publication.