Data Visualization and Visual Analytics: Seeing the World of Data


Our BI Best Practices demystify the analytics world and empower you with actionable how-to guidance. In a world increasingly dominated by data, users of all kinds are gathering, managing, visualizing, and analyzing data in a wide variety of ways. The role of visualizations in analytics.

Re-Visualizing Business Intelligence, now let’s chat!


From reporting to visualised dashboard to predictive analytics. We know that by designing self-learning programs, we are in a position to provide prescriptive analytics. Some prescriptive analytics based on known parameters were always a part of ERP or BI offering.

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Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends For 2020


Spreadsheets finally took a backseat to actionable and insightful data visualizations and interactive business dashboards. The rise of self-service analytics democratized the data product chain. Suddenly advanced analytics wasn’t just for the analysts. 7) Augmented Analytics.

Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Buzzwords For 2020


Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics. Predictive Analytics: What could happen? We mentioned predictive analytics in our business intelligence trends article and we will stress it here as well since we find it extremely important for 2020. Mobile Analytics.

Over 1001 “Free” Things You Can Do with Your Data – Outcomes-as-a-Service

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Maybe that was my first significant (and impactful) exposure to data, and it didn’t frighten me whatsoever: Maps, reports, numbers, and visualizations, oh my! For illustration, here is an example of one category of use cases: predictive analytics on real-time (perhaps streaming) business data.

Top Database Reporting Tools You Can’t Miss (For Sql, Oracle and NoSQL)


You can also design Oracle databases visually, build queries in a few clicks, create and edit database objects with it. No-SQL databases can still be hard to actually analyze your data because of so many of the analytic approaches and techniques used by data analysts and data scientists.

Big Data Skill sets that Software Developers will Need in 2020

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From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchains and data analytics, big data is everywhere. They can use predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics to help CSCOs turn metrics into insights for better decision-making.

What’s the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?


This is where Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) come in: both provide methods and tools for handling and making sense of the data at your disposal. So…what is the difference between business intelligence and business analytics? What Does “Business Analytics” Mean?

Machine Learning and AI Underpin Predictive Analytics to Achieve Clinical Breakthroughs


Despite advances made in EHRs of late, they, unfortunately, do not provide advanced analytics or intelligent search for that matter. To arrive at quality data, organizations are spending significant levels of effort on data integration, visualization, and deployment activities.

Five Steps for Building a Successful BI Strategy


And every business – regardless of the industry, product, or service – should have a data analytics tool driving their business. Our go-to approach for analytics that feeds well into a BI strategy is the Evolution of Analytics chart (below).

Seven Steps to Success for Predictive Analytics in Financial Services

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Fortunately, advances in analytic technology have made the ability to see reliably into the future a reality. Today, the most common usage of business intelligence is for the production of descriptive analytics. . Descriptive Analytics: Valuable but limited insights into historical behavior. The vast majority of financial services companies use the data within their applications for what is called “ Descriptive Analytics.”

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 10

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And by “scale” I’m referring to what is arguably the largest, most successful data analytics operation in the cloud of any public firm that isn’t a cloud provider. Co-chair Paco Nathan provides highlights of Rev 2 , a data science leaders summit. Introduction.

Oracle OpenWorld: Analytics Roadmap, the Next Generation is Near

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Del Clark, Dave Granholm, and Stefan Schmitz spoke on the future of analytics: When information is delivered in the context of a key business role or process, there is immediate understanding. Analytics Apps Strategy. Higher Value analytics apps. Supply chain risk analytics app.

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