Executive leaders and board members are pushing their teams to adopt Generative AI to gain a competitive edge, save money, and otherwise take advantage of the promise of this new era of artificial intelligence. There's no question that it is challenging to figure out where to focus and how to advance when it’s a new field that is evolving everyday. 💡

This new webinar featuring Maher Hanafi, VP of Engineering at Betterworks, will explore a practical framework to transform Generative AI prototypes into impactful products! He'll delve into the complexities of data collection and management, model selection and optimization, and ensuring security, scalability, and responsible use.

You will learn:

  • How to identify business problems with a good fit for Generative AI solutions 🔍
  • How to build a simple proof of concept that showcases the core functionality and business value - even if it's not perfect 📊
  • How to choose the right approach for integrating your generative model into your application on production 🔀

You won't want to miss this exclusive session! Save your seat and register today!

📆 June 4th 2024 at 11:00am PDT, 2:00pm EDT, 7:00pm BST

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