Enterprises Can Digitally Transform with the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is a key player in the digital transformation era. The number of connected devices is increasing every day. It shows the large scale implementation of IoT and the impact that it is making. Technical Internet of Things

AI, Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity in 2020


If you’ve been paying any attention at all to recent tech news, you’ve definitely heard the terms “Artificial Intelligence,” “Internet of Things,” and “Cybersecurity.” Security Internet of Things


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Blockchain: a Key Technology for Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions


Blockchain has gained enormous attention since it was first launched as a form of distributed ledger technology back in 2011 - and not only for its cryptocurrency potential. The IoT describes the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, like connected security systems, cars, electronic appliances, alarm clocks, speaker systems, baby monitors and so forth. Blockchain Internet of Things

Blockchain Is a Key Technology for the Development of Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions


Blockchain has gained enormous attention since it was first launched as a form of distributed ledger technology back in 2011 - and not only for its cryptocurrency potential. Blockchain Internet of Things

Medical Internet of Things: Growth Prospects of IoT Solutions in Healthcare


Healthcare is rightfully considered one of the most promising industries for IoT technology implementation. This is the industry where many routine processes can be automatized with the help of IoT-based solutions. There are plenty of ways to make use of this technology in healthcare.

The Internet of Things: Real-Time Data and Analytics Enable Business Innovation

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

The emerging internet of things (IoT) is an extension of digital connectivity to devices and sensors in homes, businesses, vehicles and potentially almost anywhere. This innovation means that virtually any appropriately designed device can generate and transmit data about its operations, which can facilitate monitoring and a range of automatic functions.

How to Leverage the Internet of Things for Railroads


As more and more industries experience widespread digitalization, and we rely on mobile devices to conduct even the simplest of daily activities, it becomes clear that there are many opportunities to leverage connectivity to work more efficiently and make smarter decisions. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) enters the picture. The Internet of Things for railroads. The benefit of IoT for railroads. Internet of Things

Smart & Reliable Transport Systems Based on the Internet of Things


No doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a significant change in how we live, commute, and how we perform our daily activities through automated intelligence and fast connectivity. Howbeit, smart transportation will remain a key component of our daily routine and the invention of electrified vehicles will play a serious role in helping this new mobility to take off. New maintenance of vehicle performance. Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things Could Change the Fashion Industry


Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly but indisputably changing all the aspects of the fashion industry. Probably one of the most significant contributions our society can notice in the fashion industry is health-related. Smart clothing has an enormous potential to monitor and measure the health of a person who is wearing these items. The power of the IoT can even create a unique shopping experience for customers. Strategy Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things and AI will Transform Sports?


This is an abstract of my presentation in Dubai on the 23rd April 2019. In 2016 in my article “ The future of “The Internet of Olympic Games”, I considered Rio as the first Internet of Things (IoT) Olympic games. I emphasized how we are creating smart things, the. Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things

Internet of Things – the Newest Wrinkle in Event Management


Technology has entirely changed the landscape of every business and organization and event planning and management is no exception. Days of manual registration and paper flyers have long gone and the event management industry is swiftly moving from a simple mobile app for basic event information towards augmented and virtual reality for better event management and enhanced attendees’ engagement. Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Urban Living


Technology doesn't serve any purpose or function if it cannot increase the quality of life for the average person. With our current wealth of technological resources and understanding, it should be a fairly easy transition to improving the lives of everyone in society. No major city is free from the plague of traffic congestion. With millions of people hitting the roads at the same intervals, it is nearly impossible to have any organization. Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things and AI will Transform Sports Business?

Smart Data Collective

We have recently seen a number of technological developments that have impacted sports. Even college sports teams have discovered the benefits of big data and started using it to make stronger cases to potential sponsors. The sector has reached a market value of $388.3

3 Fields in Which the Internet of Things Will Be Crucial


The global market for the Internet of Things is growing at an accelerated rate. One study from IDC showed that the worldwide market for the Internet of Things is going to reach $1.2 Few technology industry analysts dispute the fact that the Internet of Things is beginning to change the world in countless ways. However, people may not have even heard of it yet. The Internet of Things is immensely versatile.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can be Used to Build Smart Cities?


By 2050, it is estimated that almost two-thirds of the world population will shift to urban areas. The rapid increase of the population density inside urban environments, infrastructures, and services has been needed to supply the requirements of the citizens. The IoT is a broadband network that employs standard communication protocols, whereas the Internet would be its merging point. The major idea of the IoT is the widespread existence of objects which are.

Mobile IoT Developing Drone Technology


Many of the most familiar use cases for the IoT involve stationary sensors and machines. Perhaps the most recognizable mobile IoT application is drone technology.Drones in and of themselves are not necessarily an IoT technology, but IoT connectivity takes them further.

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Creating a Better Educational Experience With IoT

Smart Data Collective

The impact of the ongoing pandemic on education and schooling has been nothing but catastrophic. billion students out of school. However, in a time of an unprecedented crisis, the field of education has found a savior of sorts in information technology.

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Informatica Continues to Evolve Data Management Platform

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Organizations are accelerating their digital transformation and looking for innovative ways to engage with customers in this new digital era of data management. However, cloud adoption means living with a mix of on-premises and multiple cloud-based systems in a hybrid computing environment.

Tableau and Salesforce bring New Look to Business Analytics

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

However, the process of using data and analytics is not always easy. In our Data Preparation Benchmark Research , we found that 41% of participants use Analytics and Business Intelligence tools for data preparation.



It's no coincidence that the majority of software is now standardized thanks to the development of technology, even to the basis of commodities. Internet of Things

How IoT Is Transforming the Future of Food


Interconnected technologies have slowly permeated each aspect of human life. From health, fitness and home security to large-scale industries, the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to automate nearly anything. Internet of Things

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Why is the uniqueness and interest in new films and cartoons disappearing?


A difficult year turned out to be for the directors of new films and cartoons, each of them tried to impress us and give us new emotions in this difficult time. Internet of Things News

Smart digital farming: How IoT and AI are addressing greatest challenges of the century


Advances in agricultural technology have completely changed the face of agriculture in the modern age. The main component of sustainable intensification is accuracy agriculture, which is sometimes referred to as smart digital farming or "precision farming" in certain circles.

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Are You Content with Your Organization’s Content Strategy?

Rocket-Powered Data Science

What attributes of your organization’s strategies can you attribute to successful outcomes? Do you converse with your employees about decisions that might be the converse of what they would expect? Do you perfect your plans in anticipation of perfect outcomes? I would not contest any of your answers since this is not a contest. What you have just experienced is a plethora of heteronyms. Consequently, smart content thrives at the convergence of AI and content.

Top 10 Data Innovation Trends During 2020

Rocket-Powered Data Science

In at least one way, it was not different, and that was in the continued development of innovations that are inspired by data. This steady march of data-driven innovation has been a consistent characteristic of each year for at least the past decade. These data-fueled innovations come in the form of new algorithms, new technologies, new applications, new concepts, and even some “old things made new again”. The other one of the two is next on my list.)

Historical Databases: Becoming a Thing of the Past?

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Organizations’ use of data and information is evolving as the amount of data and the frequency with which that data is collected increase. Data now streams into organizations from myriad sources, among them social media feeds and internet-of-things devices. These seemingly ever-increasing volumes of devices and data streams offer both challenges and opportunities to capture information about a business and improve its operations.

7 Top RPA Trends that you Need to Know in 2021


Gartner’s report suggests that the global revenue from RPA technology will reach nearly $2 billion by the end of 2021. Because Robotic Process Automation (RPA) revenue saw an increase of around 25% from last year. Robotics Internet of Things

Why Monitoring Machine Learning Models Matters


Additionally, ML models are often some of the more essential components in the larger software systems. This is because the technology of ML models is only starting to mature, and MLOps, the intersection of DevOps and ML, is still a new field.

Internet of Things in Healthcare – Three Examples of How IoT is Ushering in Advanced Healthcare


Most of us have seen the news stories and forecasts about the Internet of Things (IoT) and what a vast market and field of opportunity it will be. Hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises now use IoT in ways so innovative, they’re disrupting their own industries. According to McKinsey, IoT can enable almost 50 percent reduction in costs relating to monitoring and treatment of chronic illnesses.

4 Incredible Benefits Of IoT-Based Indoor Mapping

Smart Data Collective

One of the most overlooked benefits of the IoT is with indoor mapping. Companies can find a number of useful IoT approaches to achieve this goal. Last year, IoT expert Sameer Srivastava published an article on the use of IoT devices for indoor positioning.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Website’s Performance


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found applications in almost every area of business and improving website performance is no exception.Using the right AI tools, you can improve your website’s user experience, site navigation, conversion rates, and so much more.But, exactly where should you start?That’s

Scrum Meetings: Time Waster or Gained?


On a first glance this might seem a lot of time spent in meetings for a two weeks sprint, and this is one of the common arguments for those against scrum, but is it really so? Strategy Internet of Things

Fzmovies Hindi: Download Free Online Bollywood, Hollywood & Hindi Movies


Pirated films in a variety of languages are available on this page. Although Piracy is an offence in India, these types of sites are thriving randomly in India. On this site a lot of all-inclusive Hollywood and Bollywood movies can be found. Internet of Things

Analytics in 2020: Ventana Research Agenda

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

It’s been exciting to follow the emergence of innovative capabilities in the analytics market, but for businesses it can be challenging to stay on top of all these changes.

4 Ways to Speed up RPA Solutions Implementation in 2021


RPA implementation became an important part of an organization’s operational activities.With the increasing competition, speeding up the RPA implementation methodology is essential. Robotics Internet of Things

Understanding Data Migration Strategy and Best Practices


Databases are the lifeblood of every business in the modern world. Insights, patterns, and outcomes - all require the best quality of data. It depends on the amount of data you have, the capabilities of your legacy system, and the compatibility with the new system.

How Can We Use Ambient Energy to Power IoT Sensors?


New solutions powered by the internet of things (IoT) offer massive potential for data collection. With the right sensors, businesses can gather new types of real-time information on business processes, machines, and other equipment.The technology can be especially valuable in remote areas where maintaining wired sensors may not be practical. Internet of Things

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Theoretical explanation of Python sets and it's set theory


lists, tuples and dictionary also stores values like inset but the only main difference in all of this is set store unordered values and cannot have multiple occurrences or duplicate value in it?. Credit:freepix.comBenefits of python sets:Sets cannot have duplicate value in a list?

How to Implement Manufacturing Process Data Automation in Your Business?


Data Automation has now become one of the latest trends in most of the industries, including manufacturing. You can automate the way of capturing data, sharing it, and storing it with advanced mobile-based and cloud technologies. Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things

You Need to Optimize Food Safety With the IoT and Big Data


Most everyday consumers probably don't think much about food safety unless things go wrong. They assume food producers take all the necessary precautions, often consuming a massive assortment of foods for years without ever becoming sick. Big Data Internet of Things

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What Will Smartphone Battery Technology Look Like in 10 Years Time?


The mobile phone has become one of the most integral items in many people's lives and is especially useful for those who travel often, work remotely, or just need to access information. The battery is one of many essential things to keep an eye on with new smartphones and technology.

Connecting Big Data, IOT & AI for Health Purpose


billion in 2020 and is expected to expand from 2021 to 2028 at a CAGR of 41.8%.As As per the reports by Deloitte, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market is estimated to be worth $158.1 Artificial Intelligence Internet of ThingsThere has been a huge noise for technologies such as Big Data, IoT & AI. These technologies have played an important role in the healthcare industry today.

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Putting Text on Image Using Python


Technical Internet of ThingsComputer graphics teaches us how a pixel on a screen can be manipulated to draw beautiful shapes, artistic typography, eye-catching illustrations, ‘make-me-look-good’ photo-filters, and a lot more.