How the Internet of Things Could Change the Fashion Industry


Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly but indisputably changing all the aspects of the fashion industry. Probably one of the most significant contributions our society can notice in the fashion industry is health-related. Strategy Internet of Things

The Internet of Things: Real-Time Data and Analytics Enable Business Innovation

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

The emerging internet of things (IoT) is an extension of digital connectivity to devices and sensors in homes, businesses, vehicles and potentially almost anywhere.

How the Internet of Things and AI will Transform Sports?


This is an abstract of my presentation in Dubai on the 23rd April 2019. In 2016 in my article “ The future of “The Internet of Olympic Games”, I considered Rio as the first Internet of Things (IoT) Olympic games.

Internet of Things – the Newest Wrinkle in Event Management


Technology has entirely changed the landscape of every business and organization and event planning and management is no exception. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that connects everyday objects to the internet. Internet of Things

How to Leverage the Internet of Things for Railroads


As more and more industries experience widespread digitalization, and we rely on mobile devices to conduct even the simplest of daily activities, it becomes clear that there are many opportunities to leverage connectivity to work more efficiently and make smarter decisions. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) enters the picture. The Internet of Things for railroads. The benefit of IoT for railroads. Internet of Things

3 Fields in Which the Internet of Things Will Be Crucial


The global market for the Internet of Things is growing at an accelerated rate. One study from IDC showed that the worldwide market for the Internet of Things is going to reach $1.2 However, people may not have even heard of it yet. Internet of Thing

Historical Databases: Becoming a Thing of the Past?

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Organizations’ use of data and information is evolving as the amount of data and the frequency with which that data is collected increase. Data now streams into organizations from myriad sources, among them social media feeds and internet-of-things devices.

What Is IoT And How Will It Affect You?


In basic terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) are devices connected to each other via the Internet and sensors that we use in everyday life that respond to what we want. Humans will have more than one device each and some will be relying on dozens of them.

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A Layman’s Guide to Data Science: How to Become a (Good) Data Scientist


Sometimes when you hear data scientists shoot a dozen of algorithms while discussing their experiments or go into details of Tensorflow usage you might think that there is no way a layman can master Data Science. Big Data Technical Artificial Intelligence Cloud Internet of Things

Internet of Things in Healthcare – Three Examples of How IoT is Ushering in Advanced Healthcare


Most of us have seen the news stories and forecasts about the Internet of Things (IoT) and what a vast market and field of opportunity it will be. Hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises now use IoT in ways so innovative, they’re disrupting their own industries. According to McKinsey, IoT can enable almost 50 percent reduction in costs relating to monitoring and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Big Data for Business: A Requirement for Today’s Business Analytics

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Organizations now must store, process and use data of significantly greater volume and variety than in the past. Analytics Business Intelligence Data Governance Data Preparation Information Management Internet of Things Data Digital Technology blockchain data lakes AI and Machine Learning

Are You Ready for a Smart Hospitality Industry?


Welcome to the era of smart hospitality. Artificial intelligence requires data, a lot of it. Hence, delivering superior customer experience starts with collecting and storing large amounts of data, at every customer touchpoint and process in the organisation.

8 Industrial IoT Trends of 2019 That Cannot Be Ignored


From manufacturing to the retail sector, the infinite applications of the industrial internet of things are disrupting business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency and business competitiveness. Internet of Things

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IoT in e-Commerce: How a Connected World Can Change Trade


The Internet of Things is one of the hottest topics today that penetrates all spheres of life from healthcare to commerce. Such great interest and enthusiasm are indicators of the potential of the IoT in commerce even before it moved to the Internet.

Is the 4th Industrial Revolution Underway?


In 1965, the American engineer Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors per silicon chip would double every year. This observation, called Moore’s law, underpinned long-term planning strategies and shaped our ideas of the future for several decades. But first of all….

Psychology of the Connected World


Our over-trust to technologies might be underneath the new notion of “post-truth” where nothing is ever probable. The recently emerged era of the connected world has produced new concerns about our behavior and psychology in the new settings.

How Manufacturing Can Embrace IoT


As a species, we're in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Rise of the Smart Factory. Two decades ago, robotic automation was considered the wave of the future. Internet of ThingsAlso known as Industry 4.0,

Could Blockchain Prevent the Internet of Vulnerable Things?


The Internet of Things is coming. Unfortunately, connected devices have a variety of vulnerabilities and almost any smart device is a vulnerable device. With the Internet of Things being around the corner now, it is time to start securing connected devices.

How RFID and IIoT Address the Hurdles of Construction Asset Tracking


Several rounds of manual data entry lead to 88% of spreadsheets being erroneous, not to mention the amount of time construction workers lose on tracking. Once a tag gets into the range of. Internet of Things

Digital Supply Chain: Connecting the Dots of Design to Operate SCM Processes


The supply chain of today is governed by the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and businesses operating in between. The availability of analytics and relevant data also influences the need for more digitization in the supply chain. Big Data Internet of Things

Security Surprises Arising from the Internet of Things (IoT)

Bruno Aziza

Two years ago an internet-enabled refrigerator was commandeered and began sending pornographic spam while making ice cubes

Artificial Intelligence Starts with Trusting Your Data


Based on the insights from the data, these technologies require a lot of trust and assurances. Since organizations are expected to trust the authenticity of these insights, the data needs to be clean and in line with the expectations that are associated with it.

The Internet of Things Uncovers the Value of Big Data

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Image source: pixabay. Analytic Applications Focused on Connected Machines, Sensors, and Personal Devices Can Operationalize Insights and Monetize Data read more

HyperIntelligence™ & Microstrategy World 2019

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The big news of the event was the introduction of MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence™, a platform tool designed to directly inject analytics into business applications. MicroStrategy embedded analytics Analytics Business Intelligence Collaboration Internet of Things AI

Sensor Analytics on Big Data at Micro Scale

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We often think of analytics on large scales, particularly in the context of large data sets (“Big Data”). That is the scale of digital sensors — driving us into the new era of sensor analytics.

IoT Security Issues You Should Ask a Manufacturer


But there are also unique aspects of IoT security or in general cyber security which are not available in other domains but extremely important. Security Internet of Things

Optimizing the IoT Infrastructure for Enhanced Big Data Performance

Smart Data Collective

The Internet of Things is one of the most groundbreaking trends affecting consumers and businesses all over the world. According to a report by Gartner, the economic impact of all products connected to the IoT will exceed $300 billion by next year. A number of factors are contributing to the proliferation of the IoT. One of the most influential changes is the increasing capacity of big data. Big data is the foundation of the IoT.

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7 Ways IoT Is Reshaping Businesses


The internet-of-things (IoT) is a relatively new technological development, but already, it’s reshaping how businesses operate. These are some of the most influential changes that are currently unfolding: 1. Tracking at every step of the process. Internet of Thing

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Cloud Computing Advances to Create $19 Billion IoT Middleware Market by 2024


The birth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most remarkable events of the past century. While the IoT has had a profound influence on the lives of consumers and daily operations of businesses, it has also faced some scalability challenges.

How to Monetize the Sports Digital Transformation


The sports digital transformation is upon us, and the world of sports is about to be disrupted through the technology at play. In the words of the most decorated Olympian to step on the podium: “You can’t put a limit on anything. The field of sports has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decade. By looking at sports from a commercial perspective, we can tell just how much the world of sports has benefited from globalization and all that is happening in the tech world.

Glossary of Digital Terminology for Career Relevance

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Definitions of terminology frequently seen and used in discussions of emerging digital technologies. AGI (Artificial General Intelligence): AI (Artificial Intelligence): Application of Machine Learning algorithms to robotics and machines (including bots), focused on taking actions based on sensory inputs (data). Examples: (1-3) All those applications shown in the definition of Machine Learning. (4) 2) Gbit/sec Internet. (3) Career Relevance.

Blockchain and IoT: A Merger that Guarantees Valid and Secure Transactions


IoT (Internet of Things) is increasingly creating new opportunities for businesses as well as markets. And the technologies that created IoT is not changing the Internet, but everything that is connected to the Internet. Blockchain Internet of Things

Defect Management Tools - Their Importance in the Era of IoT


However, detection of bugs is a key to achieving software quality but managing these issues/bugs is quite challenging. IoT is the talk of the town in this century and digital transformation efforts have made them commonly available in various sectors. Internet of Things

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Managing Emerging Technology Disruption with Enterprise Architecture


KPMG’s The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies found that today’s businesses are showing the most interest in emerging technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) , artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

SAP Customers Tour Around The World

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Presentations Analytics artificial intelligence blockchain Customers Innovation Internet of things IoT machine learning Predictive SAP Leonardo

The Internet Of Things That Can Attack You

Bruno Aziza

We face a worrisome future of weak IoT devices. The result is a network full of devices that can and will be abused The makers are strongly motivated to keep the devices cheap, but flaws that cannot be fixed at scale are inevitable.

What the Future Looks Like for IoT Consumer Products thanks to Machine Learning


There's been a lot of buzz about how machine learning could help IoT consumer products get smarter. The principle behind IoT is that machines get to communicate with one another through the internet. As the situation currently stands, we have to give most of the machine instructions manually. The Extent of IoT Consumer Products at the Moment. There are plenty of smart mobile applications that allow you to monitor your home from any location. Internet of Things

Database Administration Impacted by the Connected Economy


Before the end of the decade, the number of connected objects is projected to expand greatly. According to several different analysts, the number of connected objects by 2020 could be as low as 26 billion or as high as 50 billion.

On The Ethical Use Of Data Vs. The Internet Of Things

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The Internet of Things provides fertile ground for marketing, but it is a minefield for the Ethical Use of Data. cio-network

Why C-Level Executives Need to Close the Digital Transformation Disparity Gap


The digital transformation has become such an important part of organizational culture today that it is extremely easy for stakeholders to forget what it actually means. I am really excited to let you know that this article has been written in partnership with Tata Communications based on their ‘Cycle of Progress in Digital Transformation’ research. . Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things