The Basics: Snapshots


In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket

The Basics: Snapshots


In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket

Stewart’s of Scotland concentrates on profitability with Phocas


Read on for a snapshot of Stewart’s of Scotland experience with our software. Phocas data analytics is exhibiting at the UBT Trade Expo 2019 in Warwick this week. This three-day event is for UK business leaders, and you can meet the Phocas team at stand #10.

Growing Set of Case Studies for Data and Analytics

Andrew White

Here is a snapshot from our growing new set of data and analytics case studies. Many clients ask us about case studies and what great stories we have seen or heard. D&A Strategy: Continuously Market-Tested Data & Analytics Strategy (UrbanShopping*) 710519.

Take Advantage Of The Top 16 Sales Graphs And Charts To Boost Your Business


Number 6 on our list is a sales graph example that offers a detailed snapshot of sales conversion rates. This most essential of sales graph templates offers a linear visualization of incremental sales success over time, coupled with a quick-glance snapshot of campaign revenue by channel.

Sales 150

What is Data Visualisation? Why we do it?

Data Insight

Let’s look at an example snapshot of the Auckland Housing market in 2016 & 2017. Data visualisation is the representation of information or data in a visual or graphical form. This tends to be in the form of a chart or graph, but data can also be represented in maps and infographics.

Driving Data

Perficient Data & Analytics

A brief snapshot of the recent past, but a bit stale? Stuck In Rush Hour. A few days ago I was driving home from Atlanta during rush hour and my phone died. All I could see in front of me were brake lights and red lights.

The Importance Of Financial Reporting And Analysis: Your Essential Guide


If you apply that same logic to the financial sector or a finance department, it’s clear that financial reporting tools could serve to benefit your business by giving you a more informed snapshot of your activities. “Vision without action is merely a dream.

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Helpdesk KPIs


Engagement: By obtaining access to a panoramic snapshot of your business’s entire customer service and support processes, you’ll be able to make vital improvements to your service levels, consumer touchpoints, content, and communications. In today’s business world, competition is fierce across all industries and sectors, which means that to survive and thrive, working with measurable online data analysis and performance metrics is essential.

KPI 113

BusinessObjects Users Advancing Toward What Will Be

Paul Blogs on BI

The demo concluded with publishing a PDF of combined Tableau dashboard and Webi report snapshots burst for each individual State going to that State’s regional director.

Business Architecture: What's In It For Business Analysts?

BA Learnings

In the same vein, business architects model snapshots of the business to understand its capabilities and how value can be delivered. How can BAs ensure requirements are practical and in line with the strategy/capabilities of the business? The business architecture offers a starting point.

IT 188

How to Create a Simple Visual Style Guide WITHOUT a Designer!

Depict Data Studio

Below is a snapshot of the EASL style guide. A snapshot of the EASL style study guide. Meihsi Chiang is an Evaluation Associate with the Brown School Evaluation Center at Washington University in St. Louis and for the last year has been a participant in Ann K. Emery’s online course.

BRIDGEi2i featured as ‘Innovators’ in the Procurement Analytics Market Research Report by Markets and Markets


The Markets and Markets’ Procurement Analytics market study provides a snapshot of key competition, past market trends with forecast over the next 5 years, anticipated growth rates, and the principal factors driving and impacting growth. BANGALORE & FREMONT, April 30, 2019.

Crawling the internet: data science within a large engineering system

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

Example: Recrawl Logic within Google search Google search works because our software has previously crawled many billions of web pages, that is, scraped and snapshotted each one. These snapshots comprise what we refer to as our search index.

Your AWS Cloud Journey: Step Three – The Self-Service Cloud Organization

Sirius Computer Solutions

On-demand backup using EBS snapshots, or restoring from backup for EC2 and RDS. S o you’ve built a landing zone in AWS. You’ve empowered some app owners to build. You now have some production applications running.

Interview with Dominic Sartorio, Senior Vice President for Products & Development, Protegrity


For example, a single source of truth like your customer master might have had some basic access controls in place, but one of its administrators agreed take a snapshot of that data and share with a marketing analyst team (for example), and it’s their BI tool that got breached.

Top 18 Social Media KPIs & Metrics You Should Use For A Complete SM Strategy


One of the most effective Twitter KPIs , the ‘top 5 Tweets’ metric offers a clear, concise, and digestible visual snapshot of your most engaging Tweets over a specific period of time.

8 Examples Of Financial Reports You Can Use For Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Reports


This particular monthly financial report template provides you with an overview of how efficiently you are spending your capital while providing a snapshot of the main metrics on your balance sheet.

11 Important KPIs for a Highly Effective HR Manager

Jet Global

Once you have selected the KPIs that align with what your department plans to achieve this quarter or year, you can place them in a KPI dashboard for a quick snapshot of how you are performing.

KPI 81

Your Ultimate Guide To Modern KPI Reports In The Digital Age – Examples & Templates


By providing a detailed visualization of every aspect of your sales portfolio, this report empowers sales managers to take a full snapshot of their sales operations without losing any data, enabling them to create an extensive sales report.

KPI 167

Seize The Power Of Customer Data Management – Best Practices


“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs.

What's in a Juicebox: Connected Visuals

Juice Analytics

In essence, today's charts, dashboards, reports, and BI solutions give the user a snapshot and not the whole story. The ability of an excel novice (i.e. me) to use a pivot table is basically naught.

The Need for Analytic and Algorithm Governance is Growing

Andrew White

It is a quick snapshot on the state of the market of AI. I wrote a blog in 2017 titled, The Inflated Price of Perfect Information. In that blog I wrote the following: Two articles in the last week show the fallacy of the idea of perfect information.

Proposals for model vulnerability and security

O'Reilly on Data

Apply fair and private models, white-hat and forensic model debugging, and common sense to protect machine learning models from malicious actors. Like many others, I’ve known for some time that machine learning models themselves could pose security risks.

Obtain Business Development With Data Intelligence Tools & Technologies


Focusing on treatment costs, ER waiting times, and patient waiting times, the hospital KPI dashboard provides a cohesive panoramic snapshot of critical data from one central location, offering a level of insight that significantly improves service levels while boosting economic efficiency.

Solving the Pain Points of Big Data Management


If you can’t extract data insights in real time or near-real time, then all you have is a snapshot of the past that cannot accurately predict your future. Every business aims to deliver products and services quickly and efficiently based upon customer wants and needs. Today, much of that speed and efficiency relies on insights driven by big data.

Dashboard Storytelling: From A Powerful To An Unforgettable Presentation


As you can see, this HR dashboard offers a clear snapshot into important aspects of HR recruitment, including the cost per hire, recruiting conversion or success rates, and the time to fill a vacancy from initial contact to official offer.

Now Available: Cloudera Data Science Workbench Release 1.4


With Experiments, data scientists can run a batch job that will: create a snapshot of model code, dependencies, and configuration parameters necessary to train the model.

Digital Dashboards: Strategic & Tactical: Best Practices, Tips, Examples

Occam's Razor

It provides a brief snapshot of the entire business. People who are receiving the summarized snapshot top-lined have zero capacity to understand the complexity, will never actually do analysis and hence are in no position to know what to do with the summarized snapshot they see.

Announcing Trial and Domino 3.5: Control Center for Data Science Leaders

Domino Data Lab

offers the options for users to create large Dataset Snapshots directly from data sitting on their computers. Even the most sophisticated data science organizations struggle to keep track of their data science projects.

Is It Time to Jump-Start Your Data Offense?

Juice Analytics

His HBR article even provides an evaluation tool to determine whether your organization has shifted its balance toward offense or defense, giving you a snapshot of where you’ve (organically) evolved.

28 Sales Reports Examples You Can Use For Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports


They give a snapshot of the company’s exercise at a specific moment in time to assess the situation and determine the best decision to make and the type of action to undertake. Using daily and/or weekly sales reports with your team may be the single most powerful action you can take to increase your team’s performance. Don’t believe us? We’ll convince you with an example from another sector – fitness.

Case Study: Sirius Helps QC Holdings Transform with Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solution Based on AWS

Sirius Computer Solutions

The current protection policy takes a snapshot (backup) every 24 hours. QC Holdings, Inc. link]. Founded in 1984, QC Holdings, Inc (QCHI) was founded in Kansas City, Missouri.

Bridging the Clouds: IBM Storage Announcements Focus on Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Data

Hurwitz & Associates

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud also supports making snapshots to Amazon S3 object storage, which provides protection against malware attacks because known, good copies located in object storage will not be accessible to this software. By Jean S. Bozman. Hybrid clouds and multi-clouds, spanning enterprise data centers, private clouds and public clouds, are placing a new set of requirements on customers’ storage systems.

Here’s Why Data Conferences Are Important: What You Need To Know

Smart Data Collective

Data conferences can be downright thrilling when you consider they’re just as much a glimpse into the future as they are a snapshot of the present. The fact is phrases like “analyst” and “computer engineer” mean different things today than they did just a generation ago. Hardly anybody needs reminding, but computers and information technology move incredibly quickly these days.

Artificial Intelligence Just Got Even Smarter


And this is just a small snapshot of how much more intelligently we can do things, all by making analytics smarter with AI.

Why Data Analytics is Set to Slay Corporate Silos in 2016


Visualization is at the heart of this accessible makeover; morphing statistics into clear graphics that provide an instant snapshot of the story usually buried in the data, so that non-experts can spot anomalies in performance and gain insight in real time.

Extending Hive Replication: Transactional Tables, External Tables, and Statistics


A reader, when it begins, takes a transaction snapshot to know the versions of data visible to it. This snapshot allows readers to get a transactionally consistent view of the data.

How To Use Contracts For Regulatory Compliance Of Cloud Systems

Perficient Data & Analytics

Is it real-time mirroring or periodic snapshots? In the previous post in this series, we discussed how to qualify cloud vendors. Once that process is complete, the second step to maintaining compliance is to document your specific regulatory requirements in a contract with the cloud vendor, usually in the form of service-level agreements (SLAs).

Introduction to Conditional Random Fields

Edwin Chen

Imagine you have a sequence of snapshots from a day in Justin Bieber’s life, and you want to label each image with the activity it represents (eating, sleeping, driving, etc.). One way is to ignore the sequential nature of the snapshots, and build a per-image classifier. How can you do this?