The Basics: Snapshots


In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket

The Basics: Snapshots


In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket

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The Basics: Snapshots


In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket

Why Autonomous Data Warehouse is the Business Analyst’s Dream Database

Perficient Data & Analytics

Take snapshots of your data so you perform historical comparisons with point-in-time reporting. Cloud Data & Analytics Oracle ADW Autonomous Data Warehouse BI Business Intelligence Cloud Database Data Flow Data Preparation OAC OAS obiee oracle analytics oracle database Snapshot SQL ReportingAt the heart of all business software is always a database.

The Basics: Snapshots


In my IT career at work I have never had shared storage that didn’t have snapshots integrated. They were considered fundamental to me if I was going to put all my eggs into one basket

4 key areas to analyze for 'a new normal' business growth strategy


One of the main components of strategic planning is historical data, which gives decision-makers a comprehensive snapshot of performance to ensure they make informed decisions about their future. Many businesses are getting ready to host planning sessions for the coming year.

Stewart’s of Scotland concentrates on profitability with Phocas


Read on for a snapshot of Stewart’s of Scotland experience with our software. Phocas data analytics is exhibiting at the UBT Trade Expo 2019 in Warwick this week. This three-day event is for UK business leaders, and you can meet the Phocas team at stand #10. We are keen to share with you how other UBT members are using our solution to find insights from their data and create better outcomes for customers and stronger margins for their products.

Factbox: High-frequency data sources for tracking the U.S. pandemic economy


(Reuters) - Policymakers, economists and investors are turning increasingly to so-called high-frequency data to get a more timely snapshot of the U.S.

Neuro-Symbolic AI: Coming Together of Two Opposing AI Approaches


A Snapshot of AI limitationsSay, an AI program is asked to “Look at the picture below and tell if there are an equal number of large things and metal spheres?”. You thought AI is intelligent? Well, it has a long road ahead.

Discover and Explore Data Faster with the CDP DDE Template


See the snapshot below. HDFS also provides snapshotting, inter-cluster replication, and disaster recovery. . The solr.hdfs.home of the hdfs backup repository must be set to the bucket we want to place the snapshots. From a-z in 10 minutes!

InMoment - Showcasing Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROXI)


Here are four tips for showcasing return on experience investment (ROXI): Take a Snapshot of Current Business Performance. This is an adapted excerpt from InMoment’s new eBook “Evolving Your Customer Experience Program”. Download here.

Move Beyond Excel, PowerPoint And Static Business Reporting with Powerful Interactive Dashboards


Each dashboard created should be a live snapshot of your business. Combining and connecting these snapshots takes your BI to the next level. Let’s say one of your dashboards contains a high-level key performance indicators (KPI) tab that provides snapshots of all your departments.

Key Strategies and Senior Executives’ Perspectives on AI Adoption in 2020

Rocket-Powered Data Science

But it was not just a snapshot on the state of AI in 2020. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most significant emerging technologies of the past few years.

5 Reasons to Love Your JD Edwards Reporting as Much as You Love JDE

Jet Global

Drillable, real-time data instead of static snapshots in Excel. Do you love JD Edwards for its flexibility and ease-of-use? But, do you wish its reporting was just as flexible and easy? JD Edwards is a great platform with a justly loyal userbase. But finance and accounting users know from experience that reporting out of JD Edwards is too often intertwined with their IT organization or a consultant.

Growing Set of Case Studies for Data and Analytics

Andrew White

Here is a snapshot from our growing new set of data and analytics case studies. Many clients ask us about case studies and what great stories we have seen or heard. D&A Strategy: Continuously Market-Tested Data & Analytics Strategy (UrbanShopping*) 710519. Analytics, BI and Data Science: Peer-Based Analytics Learning (ABB) 710371. Redefining Analysts as Decision Experts (Philips) 709554.

Boosting R&D Outcomes with Historical Clinical Trials Data


You can read the entire ebook here , but here’s a snapshot of what you can learn: Step #4: Take an Agile, DataOps Approach to Clinical Trials Mastering. Today it can take up to $2.6bn and 14 years to move a drug from “bench-to-bedside.”

Your Definitive Guide To KPI Tracking By Utilizing Modern Software & Tools


Key performance provides a panoramic snapshot of your business’s essential activities. With KPIs that offer a panoramic snapshot of performance in areas including sales, customer acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value, this powerful CEO dashboard offers a wealth of information geared towards helping senior executives formulate strategies that ultimately streamline core business processes while improving the business’s service and customer experience (CX) offerings.

KPI 143

Apply Modern CRM Dashboards & Reports Into Your Business – Examples & Templates


Additionally, CRM dashboard tools provide access to insights that offer a concise snapshot of your customer-driven performance and activities through a range of features and functionalities empowered by online data visualization tools. Not only does a CRM KPI dashboard like this provide a priceless snapshot of key customer-facing information, but the best CRM dashboards offer 24/7 access to data-driven insights across a choice of devices, including tablets and smartphones.

20 for 20: Top 20 IRM Research Publications

John Wheeler

Forecast Snapshot: Integrated Risk Management Solutions, Worldwide, 2017. This month, we continue our “20 for 20” theme by highlighting the top 20 “most read” research publications in our integrated risk management (IRM) compendium.

What is Actionable Data Anyway?

Juice Analytics

Sending a snapshot of a visualization to a colleague to initiate a discussion. Our office Wheel of Destiny is the most actionable of data. The results tell you where to go to lunch. No questions asked. Actionable. Is there an adjective that is more fun to put in front of the word data ? Perhaps big. I’m as guilty as anyone. After all, the third step in our data storytelling framework is Action. But what types of actions are we talking about?

How To Present Your Market Research Results And Reports In An Efficient Way


Such dashboards are extremely convenient to share the most important information in a snapshot. By gaining an accurate snapshot of your NPS Score, you can create intelligent strategies that will boost your results over time.

Your Introduction To CFO Dashboards & Reports In The Digital Age


By including this cohesive mix of visual information, every CFO, regardless of sector, can gain a clear snapshot of the company’s fiscal performance within the first quarter of the year. By tracking as well as benchmarking this on a regular basis, you can provide an accurate snapshot of the business’s overall financial health —something you will need to maintain indefinitely.

Take Advantage Of The Top 16 Sales Graphs And Charts To Boost Your Business


Number 6 on our list is a sales graph example that offers a detailed snapshot of sales conversion rates. A perfect example of how to present sales data, this profit-boosting sales chart offers a panoramic snapshot of your agents’ overall upselling and cross-selling efforts based on revenue and performance. Billionaire Tilman Fertitta walks into the room. You can’t believe this heavyweight, the CEO and sole owner of multiple restaurant franchises, has given you the time of day.

Sales 178

Everything You Need To Know About Static, Dynamic & Real Time Reporting


A static report offers a snapshot of trends, data, and information over a predetermined period to provide insight and serve as a decision-making guide. Dynamic vs. static reporting: Cohesion: As static-style reports offer a snapshot of data, in order to examine and analyze insights from a longer timeframe, it’s necessary to pull up multiple reports from different sources, causing fragmentation and consuming hours of time sifting through information.

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Helpdesk KPIs


Engagement: By obtaining access to a panoramic snapshot of your business’s entire customer service and support processes, you’ll be able to make vital improvements to your service levels, consumer touchpoints, content, and communications. In today’s business world, competition is fierce across all industries and sectors, which means that to survive and thrive, working with measurable online data analysis and performance metrics is essential.

KPI 134

Blending Art and Science: Using Data to Forecast and Manage Your Sales Pipeline


Daily snapshot of opportunities that’s derived from a table of opportunities’ histories. This is built out of the daily snapshot of opportunities and describes the end state of a pipeline set to close in a given month. It takes the daily snapshot and turns it into a pipeline movement chart. Daily snapshot of opportunities – a summary. After creating the daily snapshot, then calculate the metadata such as: how many times is that opportunity pushed?

What Are Business Reports And Why They Are Important: Examples & Templates


A SaaS company report example that packs a real informational punch, this particular report format offers a panoramic snapshot of the insights and information every ambitious software-as-a-service business needs to succeed.

The Importance Of Financial Reporting And Analysis: Your Essential Guide


If you apply that same logic to the financial sector or a finance department, it’s clear that financial reporting tools could serve to benefit your business by giving you a more informed snapshot of your activities. This piece of financial reporting software offers a snapshot of your assets and liabilities (aka debts) at a given moment in time. “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel A.

Can we identify 3-D images using very little training data?


In order to solve this doubly challenging problem in a limited time frame, I opted to work with 2-D projections and snapshots of the 3-D images. The first pipeline takes 8 color-less snapshots while introducing some randomness by setting the field of view parameter to random. Four of the 8 snapshots for this object are shown here (middle). that is, different 2-D snapshots from the same 3-D image can only be on the same side of the training-validation split.

Best Dashboard Ideas & Design Examples To Boost Your Business Success


Not only will this dashboard help you to improve, personalize, and enhance your business’s most important ongoing promotional activities, but as it is one of our most intuitive designs, obtaining snapshots of relevant data is quick and easy on the eye. For senior personnel and key departmental managers, this most excellent of digital designs provides a functional snapshot of all of the activity, trends, and patterns related to the company’s investments and investors.

Business Architecture: What's In It For Business Analysts?

BA Learnings

In the same vein, business architects model snapshots of the business to understand its capabilities and how value can be delivered. How can BAs ensure requirements are practical and in line with the strategy/capabilities of the business? The business architecture offers a starting point. Study after study shows that when CEOs discuss strategy, most employees don’t get it. When plans and the overarching vision don’t translate into actionable objectives, business performance deteriorates.

IT 147

Your Definitive Guide To Modern & Professional Procurement Reports


A procurement report allows an organization to demonstrate how its procurement activities deliver value for money, contribute to the realization of its broader goals and objectives, and provide a panoramic snapshot of the effectiveness of its procurement strategy. By breaking down each supplier into definitive categories, this particular KPI provides a clear-cut snapshot of how compliant your various partners are and if any changes should be necessary.

How To Make Stunning Dashboards & Take Your Decision Making To The Next Level


To bring everything together and create a panoramic view with your dashboard, you should present critical data that offers a clear-cut snapshot of past trends, insights that offer a projection of future outcomes, and real-time data that shows what’s happening at the moment. For any organization, regardless of sector or industry, that needs a stable snapshot of its ongoing financial health, this particular dashboard makes a powerful tool.

Hadoop Data Mining Tools Can Enhance The Value Of Digital Assets

Smart Data Collective

Traditional analytics interfaces can provide a rough snapshot of engagement, but ones that use Hadoop are more effective. The digital marketing field has become far more datacentric in recent years.

Sirius Case Study: A Recovery That Began Before a RobinHood Ransomware Attack

Sirius Computer Solutions

Daily PowerProtect DD snapshots. The odyssey began with a panicked phone call. A Sirius enterprise client had just experienced complete data loss. The RobinHood ransomware virus infected every Windows instance in his environment. All Windows infrastructure data was impacted, including data for web servers, accounting, claims, payroll, human resources and more.

A Better Way to Report Financials on NetSuite

Jet Global

When users or IT perform saved searches and then dump the data into Excel, the result is only a snapshot of the data, not an actual link to the underlying source of it. However, with snapshotted data, information required for month-end, reconciliations, and standard journal entries and adjustments is no longer real-time. They need to be able to create accurate, up-to-date reports for previous periods without relying on snapshotted data or data dumps of older data.

COVID-19 Data Spreads like a Virus

Juice Analytics

Here’s snapshot of a recent search: As Harry Stevens, Washington Post reporter (responsible for that amazing “flatten the curve” story ) pointed out in the round table: “ the truth is that a million cases happened weeks before the official count passed that number and so we’re not reporting on reality, but we’re reporting on the numbers. ” Anyone else out there confused by all the data you’ve been seeing regarding COVID-19?

Why 2020 Will Be the Year of IT Resilience

Sirius Computer Solutions

Continuous data protection: Snapshot-style solutions leave gaps in operational efficiencies and data protection. Why is 2020 expected to be the Year of IT Resilience? Because today more than ever, organizations large and small are demanding: Decreased downtime: How does one address the exponential costs associated with downtime? Cyber-resiliency: The constant growth and ever-evolving nature of threats is staggering.

Top 10 Management Reporting Best Practices To Create Effective Reports


Helping you understand your position: a management-style report provides you with the right metrics to get a snapshot of your business’ health and evolution. As you can see, our SaaS executive dashboard serves up 4 KPIs (Customer Acquisition Costs, Customer Lifetime Value, ARPU, and MRR) to offer a concise snapshot for senior decision-makers, with each data visualization selected based on their ability to offer at-a-glance information without clashing or creating confusion.

Your Definitive Guide To Building Valuable Narratives Through Data Storytelling


A valued fulfillment-based KPI across industries, this dynamic mix of graphs offers a panoramic snapshot of supplier compliance rates over a particular time frame. Stories inspire, engage, and have the unique ability to transform statistical information into a compelling narrative that can significantly enhance business success.

KPI 135

HBase Clusters Data Synchronization with HashTable/SyncTable tool


Snapshots, BulkLoad, CopyTable are well-known examples of such tools covered in previous Cloudera blog posts. For initial loads with large sums of data to copy, taking a table snapshot and then using the ExportSnapshot tool will outperform online copy tools such as SyncTable or CopyTable.

Utilize The Effectiveness Of Professional Executive Dashboards & Reports


Evidence: While this may seem like an abstract concept, when it comes to data analytics, the more panoramic a snapshot you can access, the better. Focusing on the financial activity at a top-level, the second of our examples offers a panoramic snapshot of gross profit margin, operating expenses (OPEX) ratio, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) margin, and net profit margin, as well as a host of additional relevant insights.

Crawling the internet: data science within a large engineering system

The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

Example: Recrawl Logic within Google search Google search works because our software has previously crawled many billions of web pages, that is, scraped and snapshotted each one. These snapshots comprise what we refer to as our search index. When queries arrive, the search system matches the inferred meaning of the query to web pages on the basis of these snapshots. Whenever a snapshot’s contents match its real-world counterpart, we call that snapshot ‘fresh.’