What is Predictive Analytics and Can it Help You Achieve Business Objectives?


Today’s self-serve predictive analytics and forecasting tools are designed to support business users and data analysts alike. Predictive analytics is the process of forecasting or predicting business results for planning purposes.

The BusinessObjects Hell Freezes Over Tour

Paul Blogs on BI

In fact, The Eagles are a lot like BusinessObjects in that they have a unique and addictive Business Intelligence solution whose fan base just continues to grow. The fact is that BusinessObjects remains the Business Intelligence suite of choice for both SAP and non-SAP customers.

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SpeakBO Experience Launches BO into a New Decade in a Whole New Way

Paul Blogs on BI

These are unprecedented times and we have never been more unsure about the future which is why Business Intelligence is more important than ever. Well the 2020 decade has certainly got off to an unexpected and challenging start.

Farewell to Two BusinessObjects Heroes

Paul Blogs on BI

Thanks to these heroes it has thrived over the last 10 years and BusinessObjects remains the most widely used Business Intelligence suite in the world today. This year’s SAP Sapphire conference started somberly with SAP CEO Bill McDermott attempting to paint a rosy picture of the world of SAP.

Celebrating BusinessObjects for the Next Decade

Paul Blogs on BI

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BusinessObjects and PowerBI May Lead to Hair Loss

Paul Blogs on BI

Whereas Tableau is a true Business Intelligence tool built for business users, PowerBI is more of a tool built for IT programmers that can be used by business users. They are a software company and only a slice of their business is BI but nowhere near the main slice.

BusinessObjects Users Advancing Toward What Will Be

Paul Blogs on BI

The content and tone of the conference clearly showed that it is by advancing toward new Business Intelligence technologies and methodologies while leveraging and integrating what we have that we can make progress and fly.

The Dashboard Salsa Dance

Paul Blogs on BI

The same can be said when creating Business Intelligence dashboards. On a recent vacation in Mexico, I attended a class to learn how to dance salsa. Now, I have two left feet when it comes to learning any structured dances.

The BusinessObjects Upgrade Dilemma

Paul Blogs on BI

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InfoSol Dashboard Awards that Inspire at IBIS 2018

Paul Blogs on BI

The love for BusinessObjects was in the air at this year’s InfoSol Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS). Dashboards continue to be the primary interface of most business intelligence solutions. Best Business Dashboard Award. Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard Award.

Dashboards Everywhere and Along Comes Squirrel

Paul Blogs on BI

The fact is that dashboards dominate as the primary user interface for both Business Intelligence and operational solutions. Xcelsius is also used by many small to medium sized companies as well as solopreneurs and some run their entire business around it.

BusinessObjects Certification Could be the Perfect Fit

Paul Blogs on BI

I have also noticed more and more people adding IBIS attendance to their resumes so this year’s IBIS will also introduce a unique IBIS Business Intelligence certification which you can receive for attending 15 hours or more of IBIS sessions.

BusinessObjects Coexistence – The Way to Build a World Cup Dream Team

Paul Blogs on BI

In the world of Business Intelligence there are many good players out there too and historically they have just played on one team. So I am at the British Airways Executive lounge at London Heathrow waiting for my flight and watching England play Sweden in the World Cup quarter finals.

Will 2018 See More BusinessObjects in the Cloud?

Paul Blogs on BI

In the world of Business Intelligence, predictions by leading experts and vendors have also not always been stellar. Highlights Let's Speak BO News Paul Blogs on BI SAP Business Objects Business Objects Community BusinessObjects BusinessObjects Community

The Future of BusinessObjects Dashboards – Lessons from Egypt

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Business Intelligence and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paul Blogs on BI

At the same time because I am so passionate about Business Intelligence and can see how it is being both used and abused in this situation, I felt compelled to share my viewpoint. I have always believed that Business Intelligence is only 50% about analyzing the data and that the other 50% is the human action taken as a result of that analysis. With news, social media and conversation completely dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was hesitant to write a blog that even mentions it.

Why Replacing BusinessObjects is Bad for Business

Paul Blogs on BI

The key to BusinessObjects huge global success over the last 25 years is the semantic layer with its unique ability to present simple business terms to users that they can drag and drop and apply conditions and formulas to without writing any SQL or needing to know the underlying data.

Four critical data management attributes for AI and digital transformation

IBM Big Data Hub

The labyrinth of convoluted data management systems often evolves as a natural response to data growth, diversity of data types, and varying needs based on business objectives

Do you have the right talent to put AI to work?

IBM Big Data Hub

Business-as-usual means something far different today than it did just a few months ago. For most enterprises, digital transformation isn’t just a distant business objective—now it’s an imperative to find new ways of doing business

Power Pictures Improve Effectiveness of Dashboards

Paul Blogs on BI

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Unicorns or Data Architects?


Data architects have a tendency to feel like unicorns: somehow they can manipulate data storage and computation structures like putty and also keep business objectives in mind. business Team data architecture communication

IBM Cloud Pak for Data enhances DataOps services to deliver business agility with cost savings and risk reduction

IBM Big Data Hub

With business continuity top of mind, leaders are turning to DataOps programs to deliver trusted data quickly by creating trusted data pipelines between data sources and data users mapped to their critical business objectives

Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets

Occam's Razor

Definitions and standard perspectives on these terms will be covered in this post: Business Objectives. Business Objectives: This is the answer to the question: "Why does your website exist?" The objectives must be DUMB : Doable.

The Business Analyst's Guide To Encouraging Critical Thinking

BA Learnings

If you’re a manager in charge of a business analyst team or are a part of any team in charge of achieving key business objectives, this article discusses useful insights on how you can trigger and sustain critical thinking in the team. Business Analyst Career

Integrated Planning: Now’s the time


It ensures that the subplans of all business areas of a company are brought together and coordinated. Each business unit creates internal plans with its own KPIs. Thought Leadership Business Intelligence CPM Enterprise planning Integrated Planning

In Times of Rapid Change, Business Process Modeling Becomes a Critical Tool


With the help of business process modeling (BPM) organizations can visualize processes and all the associated information identifying the areas ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization. Bringing IT and Business Together to Make More Informed Decisions.

Change Management: Enterprise Architecture for Managing Change


Change management describes the process(es) an organization will undertake to ensure changes to business operations, systems and other assets cause as little disruption as possible. While good ideas help a business grow, sometimes their implementations cause stumbles.

Your Ultimate Guide To Modern KPI Reports In The Digital Age – Examples & Templates


Let’s start by considering what KPIs are and what they mean in a business context. KPI is a value measured to assess how effective a project or company is at achieving its business objectives. One of the best ways to grow your business is by increasing your conversion rates.

KPI 201

Accelerate Your Business Performance With Modern IT Reports


They have to align with the company’s strategic objectives and priorities, therefore, their realization needs to be thought out. When setting up a business strategy for your IT department, you need to craft a vision, identify goals to achieve and a clear path of how to get there.

Enterprise data strategy: the right way to the cloud


It’s no surprise businesses look to public cloud. The strategic objective for moving to the cloud however is focused on driving more insight from data. Business Cloud Enterprise data cloudClive Humby stated, as far back as 2006, “data is the new oil.”

Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


The complexity of regulatory requirements in and of themselves is aggravated by the complexity of the business and data landscapes within most enterprises.

2 Success Factors Every Top IRM Tech Solution Must Deliver

John Wheeler

Top IRM technology solutions deliver two success factors – balance and alignment – to customers seeking to add value to the business. To succeed, IRM technology must help the business maintain balance across these objectives. Business Continuity Management.

AI Experience Sydney: Transforming Global and Local Markets


To ensure that customers achieve their business objectives, DataRobot offers AI Success , a combination of a technology platform with expert services.

Digital Marketing and Measurement Model

Occam's Razor

It is quite simply the lack of structured thinking about what the real purpose of the campaign is and a lack of an objective set of measures with which to identify success or failure. Step two is to identify crisp goals for each business objective. Are your objectives dumb?

Top 18 Social Media KPIs & Metrics You Should Use For A Complete SM Strategy


In a hyper-connected digital world driven by data, there has never been a better time for businesses to gather meaningful insights on their target prospects, in addition to measuring ongoing levels of commercial growth and performance.

The 10 Essential SaaS Trends You Should Watch Out For In 2020


SaaS is a software distribution model that offers a lot of agility and cost-effectiveness for companies, which is why it’s such a reliable option for numerous business models and industries. Scalability: Cloud-based SaaS enables businesses to expand with ease due to its inherent scalability.

How to Do Data Modeling the Right Way


Data modeling supports collaboration among business stakeholders – with different job roles and skills – to coordinate with business objectives. Data resides everywhere in a business , on-premise and in private or public clouds.

Data Lineage and Power BI: Why is it important?

Jen Stirrup

Businesses need a clear line of sight on data asset ownership and stewardship. IT can do so much, but the business do need to bring things to the table. In this blog post, I’ll cover the main reasons why this is important, and why every self-respecting Power BI Business Intelligence really needs to care about the issues involved. Without data governance, it is hard to have robust business intelligence, data science and artificial intelligence.

Top DevOps Trends that Will Matter in 2020 For Your Business

Smart Data Collective

If you haven’t, then you should start to care about implementing DevOps infrastructure into your business as it helps to deliver applications or any software faster and effectively while spending fewer team efforts. It has always been the way forward for businesses.

My Perficient Teammates Made Me Feel Right at Home My First Day

Perficient Data & Analytics

I now advise and deliver products to organizations to help them achieve their business objectives. Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values.

Which Data Center Strategy Will Rule 2020?

Sirius Computer Solutions

IT administrators have a full plate when it comes to setting up the best possible infrastructure to support their business outcomes, especially when that means keeping core legacy systems running while integrating new technologies. Hyperconverged systems vs. composable infrastructure.

Data Strategy at Strata Data Conf New York

Perficient Data & Analytics

It’s no secret that data is a massive asset when it comes to making better business decisions. Presenter Nikita Shamgunov examines how businesses use data, the new demands on data infrastructure, and what you should expect from your tools.

Upgrade you Data (and Analytics) Strategy – Now!

Andrew White

The main angle was from the point of view of a university, but the point was related to business too: They (strategies) take too long to draft or define. We have been articulating a business-driven data strategy for many years. That was Business Objects.