Managing risk in machine learning

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Continue reading Managing risk in machine learning Considerations for a world where ML models are becoming mission critical. In this post, I share slides and notes from a keynote I gave at the Strata Data Conference in New York last September.

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A “PRACtical” View of Emerging Risk Management Technologies

John Wheeler

Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Risk Management, 2019” report was published almost a month ago and reader response has been overwhelmingly positive. Hype Cycle for Risk Management, 2019 Source: Gartner.

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A New Era for Global Risk


Disasters drive innovation in the insurance industry. Business Intelligence

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Digital Risk “Techquilibrium” Requires IRM

John Wheeler

Over the past month, I’ve been speaking to various groups to help them prepare for the onslaught of digital risks in their organizations. Digital Risk Management – Gartner.

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Hands-On Introduction to creditR: An Amazing R Package to Enhance Credit Risk Scoring and Validation

Analytics Vidhya

The post Hands-On Introduction to creditR: An Amazing R Package to Enhance Credit Risk Scoring and Validation appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Data Science Machine Learning R Credit Risk data science machine learningIntroduction Machine learning is disrupting multiple and diverse industries right now. One of the biggest industries to be impacted – finance. Functions like fraud.

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Strata San Francisco, 2019: Opportunities and Risks

O'Reilly on Data

Balancing risk and reward is a necessary tension we'll need to understand as we continue our journey into the age of data. What about the risks? The risks of a hostile, militarized network are real. Continue reading Strata San Francisco, 2019: Opportunities and Risks

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Deepfakes Security Risks


Deepfakes have instilled panic in experts since they first emerged in 2017. Microsoft and Facebook have recently announced a contest to identify deepfakes more efficiently. 2020 Jan Opinions AI Deep Fakes Security

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The Hidden Risk of AI and Big Data


2019 Sep Opinions AI Big Data Causation Correlation Overfitting RiskWith recent advances in AI being enabled through access to so much “Big Data” and cheap computing power, there is incredible momentum in the field. Can big data really deliver on all this hype, and what can go wrong?

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Connected And Autonomous Vehicles: A Privilege Or A Cyber-Risk?


One thing we continue to hear again and again in regards to coming technological advancements relates to the benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles and how they will drastically improve our way of life.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Risks Leaving Women Behind


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is, ostensibly, upon us. The term was coined in 2016 by Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Form. Data Science Africa

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Streamlining the AI model risk management process

IBM Big Data Hub

But some AI models can add complexity and risk. You can minimize that risk and also streamline the process of model validation by using IBM Cloud Pak for Data , a data and AI platform that includes IBM Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, Watson OpenScale and other services

How To Manage The Risks Within Enterprise Analytics


Today, organisations are becoming increasingly data-driven. Business users now have greater than ever access to data & analytics technologies so that they can obtain current insights on their KPIs.

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Spot Supply Chain Risk with Data Mastering


Warren Buffett, the world’s most famous investor, has a great quote about managing risk. “It’s This is prudent investment advice – but it’s also a great lesson for today’s supply chain leaders about risk exposure.

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Managing mortgage risk in an uncertain world


The trouble is, mortgage lenders persist in relying on historical macro-economic assumptions in their models so they risk repeating the errors of a decade ago when banks – and their regulators – failed to recognize the warning signs from a far richer source: low-level micro-economic data. They also fail to model the effects of fear and the risk of contagion. Risk management 3.0. The post Managing mortgage risk in an uncertain world appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

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Open Source Security Risks and Vulnerabilities to Know in 2019


Despite the pros of open source projects, there are issues with security risks and code vulnerabilities when using components from such projects. This article informs you of some of the main open source security risks and vulnerabilities you should know about in 2019.

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AI Advances Minimize Risk of Site Accessibility Lawsuits in eCommerce

Smart Data Collective

Now, a new benefit of AI is joining the list: avoiding the risk of website accessibility lawsuits. The post AI Advances Minimize Risk of Site Accessibility Lawsuits in eCommerce appeared first on SmartData Collective. AI has become an important factor in the ecommerce industry.

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Interview with Pragasen Pather, GM: IT Governance, Risk & Security, Sun International


How are you creating a better-integrated security ecosystem in your organisation? My recipe to create an integrated ecosystem is to merge technology (operational and infrastructure) with business value(process) and culture(people).

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4 Ways Big Data Has Made Bluetooth A Terrifying Security Risk

Smart Data Collective

On the other hand, big data has created a number of security risks that they need to be aware of, especially with brands leveraging Hadoop technology. Big data has created a number of security risks for Bluetooth users. Bluetooth Security Risks in the Age of Big Data.

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Navigating A Rapidly Shifting Risk Landscape In The O&G Sector


How Technology, Analytics And Innovation Can Help Firms Meet Evolving Risk Challenges. The Oil and Gas industry is arguably more familiar with managing an array of changing risk factors than almost any other sector in the United States. . Health, safety and compliance risks .

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Taking Smarter Risks to Monetize Your Data


For modern organizations, data is the ultimate building block. High profile companies are using data to build profitable new products, new lines of business, even entirely new industries. It’s the starting point and the finish line for every new business creation.

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COVID-19 Effects on Financial Services & Managing Risk


The banking sector globally is definitely going to see impact, some more grave than the others and most of them are announcing short to mid term measure both from a customer and business risk mitigation standpoint. Understanding & Managing Risks.

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Here’s Why IRM Solutions Are Superior to Archaic GRC Technology

John Wheeler

Gartner clients are consistently searching for ways to improve their risk management programs to deliver greater value to the enterprise. That’s why Gartner has been promoting integrated risk management (IRM) solutions for the past 4 years.

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PODCAST: COVID19 | Redefining Digital Enterprises – Episode 7: The Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Services & Risk Management


Episode 7: The Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Services & Risk. The Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Services & Risk Management. Now, the first of those areas is definitely risk and portfolio management. PODCAST: COVID 19 | Redefining Digital Enterprises.

IRM Is Essential for Digital Transformation Success

John Wheeler

Last week, I had the distinct privilege to join my Gartner colleagues from our Risk Management Leadership Council in presenting the Q4 2018 Emerging Risk Report. We hosted more than 500 risk leaders across the globe in our exploration of the most critical risks.

Why Technology Providers Now “Get IRM”

John Wheeler

This past week, I enjoyed meeting with over 1,000 attendees at our annual Gartner Security and Risk Management Conference in London. At the event, the overwhelming feedback received is that integrated risk management (IRM) is needed now more than ever.

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Are You Ready for Some IRM? Gartner’s 2018 Security & Risk Summit Events Span the Globe

John Wheeler

1) State of Risk Management, 2018 . Risk management continues to be an area of growing maturity and investment for most organizations, as the risk landscape becomes increasingly complex and interconnected. 2) How IRM Fits Into a Digital Risk Management Solution Stack.

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FP&A Digital Transformation: Balancing Risk & Outcomes


When embracing better-practice, balancing risk to return can be complex and choosing a path that delivers high business value, with minimum disruption is not always easy. This approach meant they avoided the risk of waiting 6-12 months to get any result.

Minimizing Cloud Concentration Risk for Financial Services Institutions, Regulators and Cloud Service Providers


What is Cloud Concentration Risk? Since the financial crisis of 2008, regulators have been consistently working to identify emerging risks that can potentially result in financial stability events. Key Factors Driving Cloud Concentration Risk?

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How Big Data Analytics Improves Reputation Risk Management In Banking Sector


In the banking industry, trust is the largest bankable asset for any institution and its risk profiling happens to be the most volatile, complex, and regressional one among the non-systematic risks.

Data’s Gender Gap: Women’s Health at Risk


Data’s gender gap manifests and permeates society detrimentally in many iterations. One area that brings the most immediate danger is medicine.

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How Insurance Companies Use Data To Measure Risk And Choose Rates

Smart Data Collective

Here is the type of data insurance companies use to measure a client’s potential risk and determine rates. Traditional data, like demographics, continues to be a factor in risk assessment. If your car makes the cut your risk, along with your rate, drops.

COVID-19: Risk Analytics for Building an Early Warning System


Advanced analytics & AI techniques can help in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic. This post describes an analytics prototype to build an early warning system for COVID-19

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Track Debt-to-Equity Ratio for Better Understanding of Risk

Jet Global

Primarily because it gives companies a clear indication of their risk exposure as they move forward in an uncertain economy. Becoming overleveraged with debt raises the risk of insolvency because of the heavy repayment burden.

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4 IRM Market Trends Will Accelerate in COVID-19 Recovery

John Wheeler

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) technology is uniquely suited to address the myriad of risks arising from the current crisis and future COVID-19 recovery. As more businesses are maturing their risk management practices, the buying center for IRM is shifting.

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Risks and safety – (just) an issue in times of crisis?

CONTACT Software

We suddenly realize how vulnerable our existence is and how our own … Continue reading "Risks and safety – (just) an issue in times of crisis?". Germany and almost all other countries are facing a crisis!

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Can AI Remove The Risk From EHRs?

Smart Data Collective

The post Can AI Remove The Risk From EHRs? When the Obama administration authorized the law that would fund the expansion of electronic health records (EHRs), the idea was that this would transform American healthcare. Records would become readily portable and individuals and their doctors would have easy access to this information when it’s needed most.

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Why Data Chain of Custody is Essential to Reducing Product Liability Risks


billion by 2026 , the potential risk to patients can rise as well. With a growing number of recalls, now considered one of the most serious risks to public health, the healthcare industry is at a critical juncture for staying ahead of a largely avoidable problem before it snowballs.

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4 Reasons Why GRC Is a Useless Term

John Wheeler

It has been 5 years since Gartner embarked on the journey to enhance our coverage of the risk management technology marketplace. These end-user needs and resulting demand led to the definition of a new technology marketplace – integrated risk management (IRM).

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GRC 2020: The Approaching Year of Final Demise

John Wheeler

Gartner kicked-off it’s global series of 2019 Security & Risk Management Summit Conferences last month in Washington, DC. One of the major trends receiving overwhelming attendee support is GRC (governance, risk and compliance) technology is quickly fading in use.

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Managing financial services model risk in an age of big data and AI

IBM Big Data Hub

Any financial services firm using AI must revisit its approach to model risk management. Watson OpenScale helps organizations validate and monitor AI models to enhance compliance with regulations, provide fair and explainable outcomes, and mitigate business risk.

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Governance in Healthcare: Beyond Compliance, Risk and Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Healthcare Integration & IT Modernization Governance governance analytics healthcare healthcare analytics healthcare compliance healthcare governance healthcare risk

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IRM 2020: Market Momentum Continues

John Wheeler

2020 marks Gartner’s fifth year of integrated risk management (IRM) technology coverage and the market continues to grow at a rapid pace. These new digital products and services create a host of new risks that require IRM technology.

Beyond Explainability: A Practical Guide to Managing Risks in Machine Learning Models


This white paper provides the first-ever standard for managing risk in AI and ML, focusing on both practical processes and technical best practices “beyond explainability” alone. 2019 Sep News Explainability Immuta Machine Learning Privacy Risks White PaperDownload now.

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