Best Libraries and Platforms for Data Visualization


In one of our previous posts, we discussed data visualization and the techniques used both in regular projects and in Big Data analysis. With the abundance of techniques, the data visualization world can overwhelm the newcomer. Data visualization libraries.

Data Visualization Society Launches

Data Science 101

A new community for data visualization professionals has launched. It is called the Data Visualization Society. According to the website, The Data Visualization Society aims to collect and establish best practices and foster community to support its members as they develop their data visualization skills. If data visualization is your thing, this society is worth exploring.

Augmented Analytics with Smart Data Visualization!


Smart Data Visualization and Augmented Analytics Makes Users Smarter! Why is smart data visualization important? You might have access to all the pieces, but you could not truly see the picture unless you were able to visualize the outcome. Smart Data Visualization does that!

Why Data Visualization and Dashboards Matter


The numbers should speak for themselves, so oftentimes data visualization and dashboarding is an afterthought at best or a distraction at worst. But the importance of visualization comes back to communication, and is an integral part of the business value in a model.

6 Styles of Data Analysis and Visualizations

A Guide to Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) using Visualization

Analytics Vidhya

The post A Guide to Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) using Visualization appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Introduction “How did your neural network produce this result?” ” This question has sent many data scientists into a tizzy. It’s easy to explain how. Computer Vision Deep Learning Python deep learning neural networks python

Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualization


Turn Your Statistics Into Something More Interesting Data is quickly becoming a defining thing in the business world. It is the lifeblood of every company decision and thus, it defines what companies do.

Lagrange multipliers with visualizations and code


In this story, we’re going to take an aerial tour of optimization with Lagrange multipliers. When do we need them? Whenever we have an optimization problem with constraints. 2019 Aug Tutorials, Overviews Analytics Mathematics Optimization Python

3 Awesome Visualization Techniques for every dataset


Visualizations are awesome. However, a good visualization is annoyingly hard to make. Moreover, it takes time and effort when it comes to present these visualizations to a bigger audience.

Advanced Analytics Tools and Visual Analytics!


The Importance of Data Visualization Cannot be Overstated! Data visualization may not seem important, but the way you see data can provide additional insight or it can muddle the picture to the point where you will miss critical issues or opportunities.

Embedding Operational Reports: Everything Product Managers Should Know

Speaker: Dean Yao, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

World-class software teams are embedding operational reports to empower end users with interactive data visualizations, detailed information, and highly precise formats that can be shared via email, PDF, print, or online.

My Favorite Source for State Icons to Use in Data Visualizations

Depict Data Studio

Are you looking for strategies for transforming your wall of text into an effective visual? Do you worry that you’re just not a visual person? Are you hesitant to add visuals to your projects because you think it’ll take forever and blow your budget?

How to choose the right visualization for your audience


Choosing the visualizations most appropriate for your needs will make interpreting this inflow of data easier and be more visually appealing. Companies generate massive amounts of data on a daily basis.

Uncover the Data ‘Nuggets’ with Smart Visualization


Smart Data Visualization Helps Your Users to Gain Insight! Included in this solution is Smart Data Visualization. This feature suggests the best options for visualizing and plotting for a particular set or type of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trend of data.

Smart Data Visualization Gets it Done!


Smart Data Visualization Makes Your Users Smarter! What on earth is smart data visualization? Sorry to say that even with advanced analytics that provides smart data visualization, you will have to do SOME work, but fortunately, you will not have to guess!

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

that break down data silos and deliver visual. reporting, visualize. New Study Reveals Reliance on Too Few. Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. Opportunities to Meet the Real Needs of.

Smart Data Visualization: Simpler, Better, Clearer, Faster


Smart Visualization Tools: Analysis and Data Displays Made Simple (and Clear). Smart Data Visualization! Smart visualization should include auto-recommend, and auto-suggest data displays to recommend displays, views, and plotting to explore the best possible value from underlying data.

Data Visualization Tools Make Sense of Confusing Data!


What is Smart Data Visualization? Smart data visualization is a crucial part of advanced analytics. Smart visualization allows business users to view and analyze data to identify a problem, clarify a root cause, identify a business opportunity, and to make confident decisions.

Data Visualization Software for Business Users


Smart Data Visualization Takes the Guesswork Out of Analytics! Data visualization does not have to be complicated, nor does it require software or features that take months to learn and master.

Smart Visualization Tools Make You Smarter


Why Should I Care About Smart Visualization and Advanced Data Discovery? Are you up on the latest analytics lingo or do you still think smart visualization is some kind of artificial eyeball?

5 Data Visualization Techniques When Designing for Mobile


If you take the amount of data generated on a daily basis, add to it the move to mobile, and combine that with the need for instant gratification…data visualization for mobile has a lot of heavy lifting to do. And you need the right data visualization tools to make it all work.

Software for Data Visualization to Improve Your Results!


Data Visualization Tools that are Smarter Can Make Users Smarter! Data Visualization should tell a story. If you would like to give your organization a competitive advantage, and discover how Data Visualization Software can help your organization, Contact Us today.

Choosing the Right Advanced Visualizations

Jen Underwood

Note: Thank you to Ariel Pohoryles, Director of Product Marketing at Dundas Data Visualization, for sharing the following educational guest article on advanced visualizations. Data Visualization Embedded BI Sponsored Dundas BIby Jen Underwood.

Smart Data Visualization Walks You Through to Success


Take the Guesswork Out of Analytics with Smart Data Visualization! Smart data visualization takes the guesswork out of data analysis. The software for data visualization should do the work!

Is Smart Data Visualization Really Smart?


What’s So Great About Smart Data Visualization? Exactly what is smart data visualization? The answer to those questions: a resounding ‘NO’ To understand smart visualization, let’s consider the old, traditional data visualization tools.

Smart Data Visualization Makes Users Smarter


Smart Data Visualization Guides Users to Clear Data in the Right View! Features like smart data visualization make it easy to see what is happening, where the source of a problem lies and what market opportunities may be ripe for the taking.

Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

Occam's Razor

In service of that belief, there are few things that bring me as much joy as visualizing data (smart segmentation comes close). While I am partial to the simplest of visualizations in a business data context, I love a simple Bar Chart just as much as a Chord or Fisher-Yates Shuffle.

Smart Visualization Paves the Way for the Right Decision


Use Smart Visualization! Not every user can gain enough insight into the data in advance to understand and recommend how best to visualize data to reveal problems, opportunities or results. Smart visualization is the way to go!

South Dakota State University: Data Visualization Developer and Analyst [Brookings, SD]


South Dakota State University is seeking a Data Visualization Developer and Analyst in Brookings, SD, to create business intelligence tools and reports to support the use of a campus-wide business intelligence and decision support system, compile multiple visualizations into intuitive dashboards for campus-wide use, and more. Jobs Analyst Brookings Data Visualization Developer SD South Dakota State University

Closing Data's Last-Mile Gap: Visualizing For Impact!

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Experiment with visualization options, even in Excel! Consider experimenting with different visuals in Excel ( or D3js ). Once you arrive at that conclusion, you’ll apply principle #4 and realize that the most interesting data on this slide is not the visual… Rather, it is the table on the top right corner of the slide. The visualization is getting in the way, creating a wider last-mile gap. There’s an even more important principle to learn from this visual….

Visualization Tools Help Put Data to Work

Perficient Data & Analytics

Army claim that clinical data visualization is a key component in the usage and delivery of EHRs because it: Presents data in a pleasing, easy-to-understand manner. Data analytics and visualization tools also allow for the smooth communication between practitioners and patients.

Great Storytelling With Data: Visualize Simply And Focus Obsessively

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Avoid complex visualizations – they get in the way! My goal is that you'll learn a set of filters you'll use as you think about the best ways to create your stories, however you choose to tell them with whatever visual output you most love.

10 Visualizations of Juicebox

Juice Analytics

In the spirit of Christmas and the Christmas carol, the 12 days of Christmas, here are the Juice team’s 10 favorite visualizations. To learn more about the visualizations exclusive to Juicebox and Juice design schedule some time with us. An exclusive Juicebox visualization.

What is Smart Data Visualization and Can it Make Business Users Smarter?


Smart Data Visualization can radically improve your business intelligence, data discovery and analytics. What is Smart Data Visualization? Smart Visualization tools allow users to gather various data components and tell a story.

Data Visualization Inspiration: Analysis To Insights To Action, Faster!

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Like a vast majority on planet Earth, I love data visualizations. A day-to-day manifestation of this love is on my Google+ or Facebook profiles where 75% of my posts are related to my quick analysis and learnings from a visualization. Data visualized is data understood.

Minimally Viable Data Visualization

Perceptual Edge

In his email, this fellow thanked me for sharing my insights regarding data visualization and shared that he has acquired several of my books, which are “nearing the top” of his queue. He went on to provide a link to his website where I could see his attempts to incorporate visual analytics into his product. After taking a quick look at his website and noting its poor data visualization practices, I wrote him back and suggested that he make time to read my books soon.

Visual Analytics Software and Predictive Analytics Made Easy!


That world exists today with the evolution of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that include predictive analytics for business users, visual analytics software and tools, and self-serve data preparation. Data Science and Predictive Analytics Made Simple!

Data Discovery, Data Visualization: You Can Have it All!


Users can access sophisticated, intuitive tools to compile and prepare data for use in analytics to test hypotheses, visualize data and create and share reports with other users. Self-Service Data Prep and Advanced Analytics for Business Users!

Data Visualization Best Practices

Paris Technologies

What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important? When we talk about data visualization, we are talking about a kind of translator […]. Business Intelligence (BI) General BI and Data Management Data VisualizationWe’re living a data-generating reality in a digital world. The amount of data just keeps expanding; its potential to teach us growing along with it. Data wants to tell us its story.

The difference between visualization and data storytelling

Juice Analytics

These lessons mirror the challenges we see when we think about the distinction between making good visualizations and crafting data stories.