DCO Insurance Benchmarks the Industry’s Digital Transformation Progress


After a slow start, the insurance industry is embracing digital transformation – and this digital event highlighted how the sector’s data and analytics executives are leading the charge. Spurred on in part by InsureTechs intent on disrupting the industry, insurance companies have finally begun accelerating their digital transformations. Digital Transformation and Strategy

Digital Transformation in the Spotlight at DCO Nordics


Digital Transformation and StrategyData Champions Online Nordics revealed how the region’s data leaders are mastering stakeholder management, increasing data literacy and managing expectations around emerging technologies. Corinium’s inaugural Data Champions Online, Nordics event brought together more than 200 data and analytics executives from the region’s leading brands from June 9-11.

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Data Driven Digital Transformation


Over the last few years, there has been a lot of focus on Digital Transformation, which is not a new concept. In the last decade or so, the focus was on paperless offices, work place mobility, which is what I would classify as Digitization. These days, the focus is on what we call Digitalization, which is a comprehensive transformation rather than Digitization mentioned previously.

Digital Transformation Examples: Three Industries Dominating Digital Transformation


Digital transformation examples can be found almost anywhere, in almost any industry. Amazon began as a disruptor to brick-and-mortar bookstores, eventually becoming one of the most obvious digital transformation examples as it went on to revolutionize online shopping. As technology continues to disrupt markets, digital transformation is do or die. Digital Transformation in Retail. Digital Transformation in Hospitality.

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

7 Requirements for Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is not just about technological transformation of the organization, it’s about transforming the culture of an organization. It’s not enough to bolt technology onto an existing strategy and consider it transformed.

New finance solution to drive digital transformation


A finance solution created by Phocas to enable a speedy digital transformation to dynamic, interactive reporting, is now available. Everyone in accounting has a specific role geared to deliver accurate numbers each month. Many finance teams with multiple entities and divisions can spend up to 40% of their time gathering data to prepare these static reports, rather than analyzing the data.

4 Steps to Digitally Transform Your Business


Therefore, it is not a surprise that one question I always get when advising organisations is how to digitally transform your business and remain relevant in these fast-changing times. The second step of transforming your organisation into a data organisation is to distribute that data, thereby facilitating new ways of collaboration with industry partners using distributed ledger technologies and making the data available to all your employees regardless of their location using.

Enterprises Can Digitally Transform with the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is a key player in the digital transformation era. As more and more devices join the transformation, IoT grows into a change agent for digital transformation and magnifies on its benefits. The different use cases of IoT are focused on its implementation along with the accumulation and processing of data for each project.Digital transformation through the Internet of ThingsConnected devices generate a huge amount of data.

Robotic Process Automation - Digital Transformation through RPA


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the current wave of technologies that companies are embracing with the goals of eliminating human error, increasing system efficiency and improving human productivity.Enterprises have implemented all kinds of software across the organization to automate business processes. Large organizations have installed numerous types of software to automate many tasks such as ERP, CRM, HRM, Financials, ITSM, Supply Chain, Logistics, etc.

What’s Driving Digital Transformation at Santander?


Next Tuesday (6/23), Jonathan Holman , Head of Digital Transformation at Santander UK, will host a webinar with Tamr to discuss the initiatives he’s leading in partnership with his award-winning team to accelerate digital transformation. As the topic of Jonathan’s presentation suggestions, digital transformation is top of mind for many financial services institutions in order to keep up with the rapid pace of change and competition.

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

When used effectively, a CRM can be the life blood of your sales team – keeping everyone organized, efficient, and at peak productivity. However, as a company, sales stack, and database grow, it becomes difficult to uphold structure and governance to keep a CRM up-to-date. The result? Less organization, more confusion, and fewer deals closed. Leveraging leading industry research from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can gain back valuable time.

How to Monetize the Sports Digital Transformation


The sports digital transformation is upon us, and the world of sports is about to be disrupted through the technology at play. In the words of the most decorated Olympian to step on the podium: “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”. Michael Phelps. The field of sports has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decade.

Business Architecture and Process Modeling for Digital Transformation


At a fundamental level, digital transformation is about further synthesizing an organization’s operations and technology, so involving business architecture and process modeling is a best practice organizations cannot ignore. This post outlines how business architecture and process modeling come together to facilitate efficient and successful digital transformation efforts. So the business and digital transformation playbook has to be updated.

Supercharging Your Digital Transformation with Embedded Analytics


In Transform to Win , we explore the challenges facing modern companies, diving into their individual digital transformations and the people who drive them. This is a key element of a digital transformation. Nevertheless, coming up with a digital transformation strategy can cause some nervousness: 73% of firms consider it to be an ongoing challenge and only 38% feel they’ve created data-driven organizations to date.

How Integrated Planning Influences Digital Transformation


In this post, we look at other requirements that will enable you to realize the full benefits of integrated planning, which influences the progress of your Digital Transformation journey. Efficient implementation of integrated planning should happen in several quick phases, which in turn supports greater progress on your Digital Transformation journey. Transforming more than just your planning.

Here’s How Digital Transformation is Altering the Security Needs of Businesses


Digital transformation has now changed how business is carried out. Digital transformation does bring in a lot of value-added benefits. The top-most challenge remains the dynamic nature of security needs that are backed by the digital presence of any growing business. More number of companies are adopting advanced technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning.

Best Practices for Modern Records Management and Retention

Speaker: Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo

Documents are at the heart of many business processes. Organizations in highly regulated industries are realizing that traditional records management practices are insufficient and ineffective in today’s digital world. Join Sean Baird as he highlights best practices for effective records management and retention. He will explore how digital transformation can counteract the costs, inefficiencies, and end-user considerations that make it difficult to maintain compliance. He will highlight real-world successes and analyze the key strategies and technologies that help organizations find balance.

Constructing A Digital Transformation Strategy: Putting the Data in Digital Transformation


Having a clearly defined digital transformation strategy is an essential best practice for successful digital transformation. But what makes a viable digital transformation strategy? Part Two of the Digital Transformation Journey … In our last blog on driving digital transformation , we explored how enterprise architecture (EA) and business process (BP) modeling are pivotal factors in a viable digital transformation strategy.

The Value of Enterprise Architecture to Innovation and Digital Transformation


The value of enterprise architecture to innovation management and digital transformation is clear. And ultimately, it is a process in which the business and IT need to collaborate to drive the transformation. How Enterprise Architecture Guides Innovation and Transformation. Strategic Enterprise Architecture Planning Creates Digital Leaders. Is there an opportunity for digital transformation?

Elevate the Digital Transformation Debate!

Timo Elliott

I’ll be doing a keynote as part of the Digital Transformation track on Monday October 23rd, talking about how the latest technologies are transforming the way the world works. I hope you can join us for the Elevate conference in lovely Toronto! For more details, take a look at my quick overview video — it’s literally an “elevator pitch” the Elevate event!

Why Data Upskilling is the Backbone of Digital Transformation


Learn how to scale your data program and ensure the success of your digital transformation initiatives Scaling organization-wide data fluency training is not an easy task.

Upgrading Data Security in a Crisis

Speaker: M.K. Palmore, VP Field CSO (Americas), Palo Alto Networks

In most cases, the COVID-19 crisis has sped up the desire to engage in digital transformation for medium-to-large scale enterprises. Roadmaps are rarely implemented without challenges. During this session, MK Palmore, the Field CSO (Americas) for Palo Alto Networks and a former public-sector executive, will walk through the difficulties of crisis planning execution in the midst of an organization's digital changes. He will use a combination of industry insights through statistical observations and direct customer feedback to emphasize the importance of adopting new technologies to battle an ever changing threat landscape.

Sisense and Google Cloud: Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation Together


Today, the ongoing shift to enable digitization into the cloud is seen as a primary way to modernize products and service offerings. Digital Transformation Partner Showcase Unlock Complex Data Cloud cloud data team cloud data warehouses Google partnersWe’re stronger when we work together. In our Partner Showcase , we highlight the amazing integrations, joint projects, and new functionalities developed with our technology partners at companies like Google and others.

What is the most important question for Data Science (and Digital Transformation)


While machine learning offers significant power in driving digital transformations, a business must start with the right questions and leave the math to the development teams. 2019 Dec Opinions Accuracy Advice Data Science Digital Transformation Hype Netflix PrizeWith so many buzzwords surrounding AI and machine learning, understanding which can bring business value and which are best left in the lab to mature is difficult.

Medical Thrillers and Digital Transformation

Perficient Data & Analytics

A large company creates a smartphone app that acts as a primary care physician taking on a new role in the digital transformation of healthcare after Obamacare opened up opportunities for new enrollments. While I don’t want to spoil anything for you, what is interesting about this story is the digital reality of patients submerged into a digital app and their interactions. Know your Customer | Master data about your customer is the key to digital transformation.

Governing for digital transformation and growth


Ask a CIO where their focus lies and ‘digital transformation’ as well as ‘growth’ will come into the conversation quite quickly. Governing digital transformation. To achieve their goals of digital transformation and becoming data-driven, companies need more than just a better data warehouse or BI tool. Governing digital transformation and growth. The post Governing for digital transformation and growth appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

Intelligent Operations: The engine behind Digital Transformation


Intelligent Operations: The engine behind Digital Transformation. Every industry could take a practical view of where intelligent automation could enable efficiency and digitization in its operations.

Why You Should Prioritize Data Transformation Above Other Digital Transformation Initiatives


Do I have a data transformation & data quality framework in place?A, Chance are you’re aiming to invest in a BI and analytics program to capitalize on the big data your company has been acquiring over the years. But before you spend millions on opting for expensive BI programs, take a step back and ask yourself three questions:Do I have data I can trust?Do Do I understand my data?Do

The Digital Transformation of your Planning Process


Digitalization is tactical – automating activities, for example, while Digital Transformation is strategic – focusing on improving overall business processes and increasing business value. Digital transformation is much more than a buzz word. I look at digital transformation as the maturity level of an organization that allows it to have modern and continuous capabilities to process improvement and optimizations.

3 Ways to Support the Shift Towards Cloud-Based Systems in Digital Transformation


Cloud-based systems are becoming an integral part of digital transformation and data utilization for companies of all shapes and sizes. To put it simply, cloud-based systems seem to be the way of the future when it comes to digital transformation. However, many organizations run into difficulty with various aspects of cloud-based systems to fuel the transformation.

Mona Vernon, Head of Fidelity Labs, on Critical Considerations to Fuel Digital Transformation


What does digital transformation mean to you and what’s the role of managing data as an asset in that context? Vernon elaborates by saying that digital transformation can be centered around different philosophies such as building a digital community or fostering a sense of belonging.

How is the world shifting towards digital transformation?


In today’s era, everything has been transformed from traditional to digital. Digital transformation can help to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. What is Digital Transformation? How is digital transformation helpful?

Winning the Future: Digital Transformation, the Cloud, and AWS


Digital transformation is a term that’s been thrown around since the 90s, but what does it mean? For most businesses, digital transformation means aligning all of your systems towards a new, more efficient and effective paradigm, something on which you can build the future of your business. Here we’re going to discuss three key areas that successful businesses focus on during their transformations: 1. Digital transformations take years to successfully execute.

How Santander Accelerates Digital Transformation Initiatives


Jonathan Holman , Head of Digital Transformation at Santander UK , hosted a webinar with Tamr. Mastered customer data played a key role in Santander UK’s overall digital transformation initiatives as they needed to create a 360 view of their customers. As a result of this digital transformation initiative, Santander UK were able to achieve better informed loan decisions, regulatory compliance, and allocation of IT resources to higher value activities. “If

Digital Transformation In Retail: The Retail Apocalypse


Much like the hospitality industry , digital transformation in retail has been a huge driver of change. ” This is arguably the result of the degree of digital transformation in retail that we’ve seen in recent years. But digital transformation in retail has seen the map change. At its core, this is what digital transformation in retail seeks to achieve. Digital Transformation in Retail – What’s the Risk?

Four critical data management attributes for AI and digital transformation

IBM Big Data Hub

Many enterprises have a tangled data management system, comprised of an assortment of products assembled together, in an attempt to meet the complex needs of modern day data management. The labyrinth of convoluted data management systems often evolves as a natural response to data growth, diversity of data types, and varying needs based on business objectives

IRM Is Essential for Digital Transformation Success

John Wheeler

The top rated emerging internal risk is “lagging digitization” and this is the first time it has appeared in our quarterly report. “Lagging digitization” is defined as the risk that slow moving digital business transformation initiatives will cause stagnant growth and an organization to fall behind in their industry.

Why EA Needs to Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy


Part three of erwin’s digital transformation blog series. . Enterprise architecture is invaluable for internal business intelligence (but is rarely used for real intelligence), governance (but often has a very narrow focus), management insights (but doesn’t typically provide useful insights), and transformation and planning (ok, now we have something!). It’s clear that the role of EA in driving digital transformation needs to be elevated.

Digital transformation: An elevator-pitch comic book

IBM Big Data Hub

Join Dion Hinchcliffe as he stars in his first comic book, leading the charge to uncover the keys to a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation to know, trust, and use your data

Digital Transformation Focused on Sustainability


Cloudera’s customers and partners are among the corporations that are successfully implementing digital transformation initiatives with sustainability in mind. They advocate integrating sustainable approaches into an organization’s strategies, operating models, processes, and technologies as an approach to achieving sustainable growth and profitability in a digitally disrupted world. The post Digital Transformation Focused on Sustainability appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

Digital Transformation in Municipal Government: The Hidden Force Powering Smart Cities


But municipal government is starting to embrace digital transformation and therefore data governance. Perpetually strapped for resources and budget, often relying on legacy applications and infrastructure, and perfectly happy being available during regular business hours (save for emergency responders), most municipal governments lacked the ability and motivation to (as they say in the private sector) digitally transform. Smart cities are changing the world.

Digital Transformation Must Be a Priority for Learning Leaders in 2020


Digital Transformation Must Be a Priority for Learning Leaders in 2020The beginning of a fiscal year is the ideal time to evaluate transformative ideas, and a potential digital transformation strategy. The learning leader’s role in digital transformation is a critical one for any company to use technology to create new business models, elevate workforce performance and advance its marketplace position.