Data Driven Digital Transformation


Over the last few years, there has been a lot of focus on Digital Transformation, which is not a new concept. In the last decade or so, the focus was on paperless offices, work place mobility, which is what I would classify as Digitization.

Digital Transformation Examples: Three Industries Dominating Digital Transformation


Digital transformation examples can be found almost anywhere, in almost any industry. Amazon began as a disruptor to brick-and-mortar bookstores, eventually becoming one of the most obvious digital transformation examples as it went on to revolutionize online shopping.

How to Monetize the Sports Digital Transformation


The sports digital transformation is upon us, and the world of sports is about to be disrupted through the technology at play. In the words of the most decorated Olympian to step on the podium: “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”. Michael Phelps. The field of sports has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decade.

Business Architecture and Process Modeling for Digital Transformation


At a fundamental level, digital transformation is about further synthesizing an organization’s operations and technology, so involving business architecture and process modeling is a best practice organizations cannot ignore.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

transformation” is the change businesses must make today. organizations even believe becoming an agile digital business is critical to. change or Dominos, who embraced digital head on, and you can see that how. companies deal with transformation can make or break them.

Medical Thrillers and Digital Transformation

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A large company creates a smartphone app that acts as a primary care physician taking on a new role in the digital transformation of healthcare after Obamacare opened up opportunities for new enrollments.

5 Digital Transformation Interests for IT Service Providers

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So being a strategist working in the digital transformation and services industry for a while, I was thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Personalization and Digital Transformation.

Why EA Needs to Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy


Part three of erwin’s digital transformation blog series. . It remains isolated and is rarely, if ever, involved in: Assessing, planning and running business transformation initiatives. It’s clear that the role of EA in driving digital transformation needs to be elevated.

Digital Transformation In Retail: The Retail Apocalypse


Much like the hospitality industry , digital transformation in retail has been a huge driver of change. ” This is arguably the result of the degree of digital transformation in retail that we’ve seen in recent years.

The Digital Transformation of your Planning Process


Digitalization is tactical – automating activities, for example, while Digital Transformation is strategic – focusing on improving overall business processes and increasing business value. Digital transformation is much more than a buzz word.

Digital Transformation Focused on Sustainability


Cloudera’s customers and partners are among the corporations that are successfully implementing digital transformation initiatives with sustainability in mind. The post Digital Transformation Focused on Sustainability appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

FP&A Digital Transformation: Balancing Risk & Outcomes


Whether saving costs or improving revenue, FP&A digital transformation projects must provide strong gains in productivity and effectiveness. Jedox conducted a global Survey with ACCA and discovered only 35% of organizations have a digital transformation roadmap in place.

Digital Transformation in Municipal Government: The Hidden Force Powering Smart Cities


But municipal government is starting to embrace digital transformation and therefore data governance. Then an odd thing happened – the rest of the world started transforming. Digital Transformation in Municipal Government: Being “Smart” About It.

Digital Transformation Examples: How Data Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry


The rate at which organizations have adopted data-driven strategies means there are a wealth of digital transformation examples for organizations to draw from. Digital Transformation Examples: Hospitality – Data, Data Everywhere.

Governing for digital transformation and growth


Ask a CIO where their focus lies and ‘digital transformation’ as well as ‘growth’ will come into the conversation quite quickly. Governing digital transformation. Governing digital transformation and growth.

IRM Is Essential for Digital Transformation Success

John Wheeler

The top rated emerging internal risk is “lagging digitization” and this is the first time it has appeared in our quarterly report. To keep pace with the increasing risk associated with digital transformation, organizations require an integrated approach to risk management.

The first are the last, its technology’s turn for digital transformation

Mark McDonald

It’s a paradox that technology service providers are among the last companies going through digital transformation. The firms that gave us the technology to create the digital world are facing the need to transform themselves. Its technology’s turn for transformation.

The Secret Ingredient to Digitally Transforming Your Business

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Digital innovation continues to disrupt industries at lightning speed. Today’s organizations are transforming their entire business – from strategy to operations, technology to culture – to better deliver value to their customers. Digital transformations are not quick fixes.

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

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Not long ago, the strategy of “Digital China” was announced by the Government to help empower and upgrade company competence and economics. Through this, we’re able to learn about the current digital experience and practice situation, and forecast the next step that will take place in China.

Digital Transformation at the Intersection of AI and Analytics


Monideepa Bhattacharya, Digital Transformation Lead, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solution, delivered the keynote presentation at Infocom-2018, Kolkata. To conclude, enterprises need to keep pace with digitization and explore newer ways to monetize business models.

Why C-Level Executives Need to Close the Digital Transformation Disparity Gap


The digital transformation has become such an important part of organizational culture today that it is extremely easy for stakeholders to forget what it actually means. C-level executives believe that they have made solid progress towards digital implementation, but the reality is often starkly different.

Digital transformation: An elevator-pitch comic book

IBM Big Data Hub

Join Dion Hinchcliffe as he stars in his first comic book, leading the charge to uncover the keys to a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation to know, trust, and use your data

RPA & AI: Accelerating the Pace of Digital Transformation


When brought together, these two powerful tools take digital transformations to the next level.

Digital Transformation and Role of DevOps


Digital transformation (DX) has triggered a major overhaul in the way organizations think about tried-and-true business models and operationalize day-to-day processes

Wealth Management is Getting Serious About Digital Transformation

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In a few years, Millennials – who have owned digital devices all their lives – will make up half the world’s population. It’s certainly driving lots of investment in digital transformation initiatives. Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Financial Services digital transformation millenials millenials wealth wealth wealth management

Protected: Demystifying The Enterprises Journey To AI and Digital Transformation


To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Demystifying The Enterprises Journey To AI and Digital Transformation appeared first on Home Page – BRIDGEi2i: AI for the Digital Enterprise | Analytics and AI solutions for Enterprises. This content is password protected.

How AI And Machine Learning Are Helping Drive The GE Digital Transformation

Bruno Aziza

This is how GE has accomplished a digital transformation by leveraging AI and machine learning fueled by the power of Big Data

4 Ways to Get a Successful Start in Artificial Intelligence

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Want More Digital Transformation Advice? My insights for this blog post draw from Perficient’s e-book, “ How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019.” In it, my fellow Perficient Chief Strategists and I share real-world examples from conversations with today’s leading brands at various stages of digital transformation. Or, follow our Digital Transformation blog for this series and advice on the topic from all of our thought leaders.

Office 365 and Digital Transformation: What CIOs Need to Know

Bruno Aziza

Office 365 is a transformational force acting on IT strategy and business networks. To embrace Office 365 for its full potential, CIOs need to set a strategic course forward that does away with entrenched thinking and embraces cloud-first principles

Four Steps to Drive Digital Transformation in Your Bank


Digital transformation & regulatory requirements have long challenged Banks. Teradata has deep experience in ushering them through the transformation process

Do you shuffle data or use it?

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What if I told you that The Reporting Company could be transformed into a data-driven, cloud-based organization in a fraction of the time they spent getting their current system online? Data & Analytics Digital Transformation cloud cloud enabled digital transformation Domo Mobile

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Why Data Now Makes Every Company a Tech Company

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Along with countless others in the IT consulting space, I’ve written about the challenges facing businesses as they undergo their various digital transformation initiatives. An important thing to remember is that digital transformation isn’t about just collecting or sharing data.

Guide: The Rebirth of Governance in Healthcare

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As digital transformation takes hold, the quest to drive consumer experiences is paramount.

Will Digital Healthcare Technology Disrupt Independent Physicians

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With the increased usage of digital healthcare technology, will the independent physician still be able to maintain the walk-in base of customers? But, as generations begin to rely more and more on digital and mobile healthcare, will the need for regular in-person visits become a thing of the past. This blog will explore a few trends implying that digital healthcare technology could be the future of care. Digital healthcare technology is here to stay. Why fear change?

Building The Intelligent Enterprise

Timo Elliott

Conferences Digital Transformation Innovation intelligent enterprise soa peopleA keynote at the SOA People conference, on the theme of Building The Intelligent Enterprise. Slides: ? ?. Building the Intelligent Enterprise from Timo Elliott.

Democratizing Data and the Rise of the Citizen Analyst


Those that embrace digital transformation , regardless of industry, experience new levels of relevance and success.

The Truth is out there, let Domo certify it

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Data & Analytics Digital TransformationWhat is the Truth? As a decision-maker, how do you handle the data you are given throughout the day? You may get it in spreadsheets from multiple people in the company, sent at multiple times, telling you different stories.

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9 Stats Showing the Reality of Sales and Artificial Intelligence

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Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Salesforce AI Artificial Intelligence cloud CRM digital transformation einstein Sales salesforce selling

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Getting started with IoT in 4 steps

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Everyone talks about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital twin – they form the framework for new, digital business models. Digital Transformation Digital Twin Internet of Things

IoT 52

5 Ways to Identify User Trends with Surveys

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Cloud Customer Experience Data & Analytics Digital Experience Digital Transformation Portals and Collaboration Salesforce cloud CRM digital transformation salesforce sfdc Survey tool UI user experience UXWhy Guess at User Trends?