November, 2021

The Benefits and Drawbacks of DataOps in Practice


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Talend Data Fabric Simplifies Data Life Cycle Management

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Talend is a data integration and management software company that offers applications for cloud computing, big data integration, application integration, data quality and master data management.


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An End-to-End Guide to Model Explainability

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. In this article, we will learn about model explainability and the different ways to interpret a machine learning model. What is Model Explainability?

The role of AI and ML in Digital Transformation


Overview of AI/ML in. digital transformationThe advent of ML and AI has created great enthusiasm in companies for driving towards automation. While most of us think AI to be the future of technology, but this field is already evolved in various businesses across different verticals.

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

Phocas is an “out of the garage” finalist: a global growth award


Phocas is a finalist in the 4 th annual Pause Awards for demonstrating global growth, expansion and success. sales executive HR data analytics business intelligence software culture

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Why Machine Learning Engineers are Replacing Data Scientists


The hiring run for data scientists continues along at a strong clip around the world. But, there are other emerging roles that are demonstrating key value to organizations that you should consider based on your existing or desired skill sets.

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Analytic Ops: The Last Mile of Data Ops

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Organizations have become more agile and responsive, in part, as a result of being more agile with their information technology. Adopting a DevOps approach to application deployment has allowed organizations to deploy new and revised applications more quickly.

A Complete Beginner-Friendly Guide to SQL for Data Science

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is used to deal with Relational Databases to query from and manipulate databases.

How To Land Your First Data Science Job


Want to launch your career in data science but don’t know where to start? Check out this step-by-step guide to landing your first data science job.

Top 10 financial analysis blogs of 2021


The Phocas business intelligence blog was created to provide free advice about data and add value to the way business people approach data problems or tasks. Now the scope of the blog has extended to include financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting and planning tips.

Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

Sentiment Analysis with KNIME


Check out this tutorial on how to approach sentiment classification with supervised machine learning algorithms. 2021 Nov Tutorials, Overviews Knime NLP Sentiment Analysis Text Analytics

The vast majority of data engineers are burnt out. Those working in healthcare are no exception


The post The vast majority of data engineers are burnt out. Those working in healthcare are no exception first appeared on DataKitchen. News News / PR


What Makes a Metric a KPI?

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

How does your organization define and display its metrics? I believe many organizations are not defining and displaying metrics in a way that benefits them most.

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Loan Risk Analysis with Supervised Machine Learning Classification

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction to Classification Algorithms In this article, we shall analyze loan risk using 2 different supervised learning classification algorithms. These algorithms are decision trees and random forests.

The Engineering Leader's Guide to Empowering Excellence With Data

A software engineering team is measured by its outputs — the quality of the code delivered and the speed at which it was shipped. The first step to achieving success is the inputs; leaders need to create an environment that enables developers to excel.

3 Ways AI Improves Cancer Screening Detection


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been behind much of the progress in the health care sector. It’s particularly promising for helping physicians diagnose illnesses faster than they otherwise might.

Risk 269

Capital Coated Steel uses real-time data to react faster to change


Critical insights are required by steel distributor, Capital Coated Steel to stay nimble and navigate a turbulent global market. case study wholesale distribution IT building and industrial supplies executive ERP iMetal metalogic

3 Differences Between Coding in Data Science and Machine Learning


The terms ‘data science’ and ‘machine learning’ are often used interchangeably. But while they are related, there are some glaring differences, so let’s take a look at the differences between the two disciplines, specifically as it relates to programming.

Eight Top DataOps Trends for 2022


DataOps adoption continues to expand as a perfect storm of social, economic, and technological factors drive enterprises to invest in process-driven innovation.

Building Product to Enhance Customer Support: The Key to Customer Retention in an E-commerce Business

Speaker: Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch (Demand & Growth) | Former Product Manager at Bigbasket

Join Bhavana Angadi, Senior Product Manager at Hopscotch, as she details the best way to increase customer retention.

TIBCO Broadens Portfolio for Improved Analytics Efficiency

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

TIBCO is a large, independent cloud-computing and data analytics software company that offers integration, analytics, business intelligence and events processing software. It enables organizations to analyze streaming data in real time and provides the capability to automate analytics processes.

Using Data Visualization to Explore the Human Space Race!

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Humankind has always looked up to the stars. Since the dawn of civilization, we have mapped constellations, named planets after Gods and so on. We have seen signs and visions in celestial bodies.

Amazon's healthcare business has landed Hilton as a key customer


By Jeffrey Dastin. Reuters) Inc has reached a deal to sell virtual medical services to Hilton in the United States, landing a marquee customer for its nascent healthcare business. The company declined to disclose financial terms of its agreement with the hotel chain.

Data is key to e-commerce success at Hein Electric Supply


American electrical wholesale distributor redeploys Phocas to restore data confidence and help company with B2B ecommerce initiatives. case study wholesale distribution sales electrical executive ERP

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LinkedIn + ZoomInfo Recruiter: Better Data for Better Candidates

Check out our latest ebook for a guide to the in-depth, wide-ranging candidate and company data offered by ZoomInfo Recruiter — and make your next round of candidate searches faster, more efficient, and ultimately more successful.

Top Stories, Nov 15-21: 19 Data Science Project Ideas for Beginners


Also: How I Redesigned over 100 ETL into ELT Data Pipelines; Where NLP is heading; Don’t Waste Time Building Your Data Science Network; Data Scientists: How to Sell Your Project and Yourself. 2021 Nov Top Stories Top stories

10 DataOps Principles for Overcoming Data Engineer Burnout


For several years now, the elephant in the room has been that data and analytics projects are failing. Gartner estimated that 85% of big data projects fail.

Using Event Data in Financial Services to Improve Business Processes

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Our research shows that nearly all financial service organizations (97%) consider it important to accelerate the flow of information and improve responsiveness.

Good ETL Practices with Apache Airflow

Analytics Vidhya

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction to ETL ETL is a type of three-step data integration: Extraction, Transformation, Load are processing, used to combine data from multiple sources. It is commonly used to build Big Data.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong and Effective Value Proposition

Speaker: Robin Zaragoza, Product Coach and CEO of The Product Refinery

Join Robin Zaragoza, product coach and CEO of The Product Refinery, as she shares tips on how to create a powerful Value Proposition that keeps your customer at the heart of your product development process.

China urges stronger cross-border security for big data


SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's industry ministry called for a strengthening in the cross-border security management of big data during the period from 2021 to 2025, in a document published on Tuesday. Reporting by Josh Horwitz; Editing by Clarence Fernandez). Read More on Datafloq.

How to get a quick ROI from business intelligence software


When implementing any new strategy, hiring new people or investing in business software, you want to make sure that your business is getting a return on its investment. business intelligence basics strategy management & performance KPIs and metrics

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Virtual Presentation Tips for Data Scientists


Learn how to effectively communicate your work. 2021 Nov Tutorials, Overviews Career Advice Data Science Data Scientist Presentation Visualization

Solve the Analytics Last-Mile Problem with a DataOps Process Hub


Learn how a DataOps Process Hub enables Business Analysts to rapidly answer stakeholders' analytic questions without waiting on the centralized IT Team. The post Solve the Analytics Last-Mile Problem with a DataOps Process Hub first appeared on DataKitchen. On-Demand Webinar

The Retailer’s Guide to Marketing Data

Retailers are faced with extraordinary challenges – from changing consumer needs to unpredictable twists & turns in the economy. Learn how innovative retailers use zero-, first-, second-, and third-party data to find their best customers and drive repeat purchases.