Business analytics for beginners


If you are new to data analytics, it can be difficult to know where to start. There is so much information out there that it can be difficult to understand for people without an IT degree or years of experience with analytics solutions.

Five strategic benefits of business analytics


Business analytics can provide companies with an accurate and holistic view of their business. In this blog, we discuss five strategic benefits of business analytics. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Executive

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Beyond Data: 10 Principles of Business Analytics for Start-ups


As a start-up business, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a strong strategy that will fire up the engine of your business. A data-driven strategy can be obtained using the right business intelligence analytics tool. What is business intelligence?

What’s the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?


For your business to thrive, you need to know what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. This is where Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) come in: both provide methods and tools for handling and making sense of the data at your disposal.

Why Your Company Needs Python for Business Analytics


Learn why Python is so important, and how it’s useful across industries and all fields of business analytics

Big Data for Business: A Requirement for Today’s Business Analytics

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

These factors plus the velocity of data today — the unrelentingly rapid rate at which it is generated, both in enterprise systems and on the internet — add to the challenge of getting the data into a form that can be used for business tasks.

Business Analytics and NLP Search for Business Users!


Natural Language Processing Makes Advanced Analytics Accessible to Every User! Search Analytics using an NLP search are far easier to use and ensure that the business user gets the information they need easily and quickly.

Data and AI Forum: Highlights from Business Analytics

IBM Big Data Hub

Importantly, it was as especially important event for IBM Business Analytics users as we unveiled the latest and greatest from IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics

Wake Forest University: Executive Director, Business Analytics Programs, School of Business [Winston Salem, NC]


Responsible for operational leadership and management of the Master of Science in Business Analytics programs. Jobs Business Business Analytics Director NC Wake Forest University Winston-SalemServes as a thought partner with the program Associate Dean to develop and execute program strategy.

Business Analytics with AI, ML and Blockchain

Perficient Data & Analytics

So how will AI, ML and Blockchain change Business Analytics? While predictive analytics can tell you what products and services you should be targeting to customers before they need them, predicting the future of business analytics requires a quick review of the new sources of data that will continue to increase over the next five-to-10 years: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

Assisted Predictive Modeling for Simple Business Analytics!


Just Simple, Assisted Predictive Modeling for Every Business User! No matter the market or type of business, there is no room in today’s business landscape for guesswork. Contact Us to find out how Assisted Predictive Modeling can help your business succeed.

Join me at Live! 360 Orlando to learn more about Applied Business Analytics

Jen Stirrup

360 Orlando and I’m presenting a workshop on From Business Intelligence to Business Analytics with the Microsoft Data Platform. Data becomes relevant for decision making when we start to use it properly, so this workshop will demonstrate the use of analytics for real-life use cases. In this workshop, we will make analytics relevant to your business so your organization will feel the benefit. What kind of applicable analytics will we cover?

Why we launched our new IBM Business Analytics community

IBM Big Data Hub

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our all-new Business Analytics Community. It is an essential component of the IBM Community, which includes more than 100,000 users who connect, learn and share everything about IBM’s products and services

Go2Latam Becomes First Distributor of insightsoftware Jet Global Solutions in Latin America Bringing Increased Business Analytics and ERP Mobility to the Region

Jet Global

PORTLAND, OR – Jet Global, an insightsoftware company, announces the signing of a distribution deal with Go2Latam, which helps to bring business intelligence, reporting, and budgeting solutions to Microsoft Dynamics ERP users in Latin America.

What is SVM Classification Analysis and How Can It Benefit Business Analytics?


This article provides a brief explanation of the SVM Classification method of analytics. How Can SVM Classification Analysis Benefit Business Analytics? Let’s examine two business use cases where SVM Classification can benefit the organization.

A Practical Introduction to Prescriptive Analytics (with Case Study in R)

Analytics Vidhya

This article was submitted as part of Analytics Vidhya’s Internship Challenge. Introduction “What are the different branches of analytics?” The post A Practical Introduction to Prescriptive Analytics (with Case Study in R) appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Business Analytics Data Science R data science prescriptive analytics” Most of us, when we’re.

What's in store for a business analytics pro at Think 2018

IBM Big Data Hub

Whether you’re a developer, manager of an IT department or almost any other kind of business intelligence professional, Think 2018 has something for you

Top Certificates and Certifications in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI


Here are the top certificates and certifications in Analytics, AI, Data Science, Machine Learning and related areas. 2019 Jul Tutorials, Overviews Business Analytics Certificate Certification Data Science Certificate Education Machine Learning Online Education SAS Certification

Data Science Symposium 2019, Oct 10-11, Cincinnati


The UC Center for Business Analytics will present the Data Science Symposium 2019 on Oct 10 & 11, featuring 3 keynote speakers and 16 tech talks/tutorials on a wide range of data science topics and tools. 2019 Sep Meetings Business Analytics Cincinnati Data Science OH

Put our Knowledge and Writing Skills to Work for you

Peter James Thomas

Seattle-based Data Consultancy, Neal Analytics , is an organisation we have worked with on a number of projects and whose experience and expertise dovetails well with our own. The home of The Data and Analytics Dictionary , The Anatomy of a Data Function and A Brief History of Databases.

Intro to Grafana: Installation, Configuration, and Building the First Dashboard


2019 Dec Tutorials, Overviews Analytics BI Business Analytics DashboardOne of the biggest highlights of Grafana is the ability to bring several data sources together in one dashboard with adding rows that will host individual panels. Let's look at installing, configuring, and creating our first dashboard using Grafana.

What’s New in Modern Data Warehousing for 2020?


Over several decades we have been using data warehouses to help us gain a better understanding of our business. Fast forward to today, we are still doing all of that – still curating data, still defining dashboards and reports, still measuring our business.

Data Science and Predictive Analytics Made Simple!


Augmented Analytics Tools to Support Business Users and the Organization! Data Science and Predictive Analytics must be made simple, but based on sophisticated features that will enable data modeling and predictive analytics technique.

The Data Strategy Hub

Peter James Thomas

The home of The Data and Analytics Dictionary , The Anatomy of a Data Function and A Brief History of Databases. business analytics chief data officer data management strategy data strategy hubToday we launch a new on-line resource, The Data Strategy Hub.

The Year Ahead in Analytics and BI – The Bake Off Goes Bigger

Cindi Howson

We have a lot in store for you in 2019 and no doubt the frenetic pace of innovation and activity in analytics and BI will continue throughout the year. 2019 Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant : This normally publishes in February. Happy New Year!

Moving from Business Intelligence to Analytics?

Jen Stirrup

I conducted a workshop in Florida recently, aimed at helping people to move from Business Intelligence to Analytics. These are general principles, and I hope it’s useful to people who produce business intelligence dashboards in these areas. Introduction to Microsoft Data Platform Analytics. Part 1 – Introduction to Microsoft Data Platform Analytics. Introduction to Microsoft Data platform analytics from Jen Stirrup.

Data Analytics Software is Easy Enough for Business Users!


Data analytics software used to be reserved for data scientists, analysts and IT staff but not today! Businesses have discovered the value of business analytics and the benefit of taking the guesswork out of planning, problem solving and decision-making.

The Benefits of Augmented Analytics Are Many!


What are the Advantages of Augmented Analytics and How Can My Business Benefit? It is hard to overstate the benefits and advantages of advanced analytics. And, the Benefits of Augmented Analytics provide enough more advantages.

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Loneliness, Happiness and the Analytics and BI Bake Off

Cindi Howson

We just completed our fifth annual Analytics and BI bake off in Orlando and our first ever bake off in London. One Twitter follower described it as the World Cup, Grand Prix, and Olympics of analytics and BI. Business Analytics Business Intelligence Data and Analytics Strategies

Simplifying Big Data Projects with Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization

Business analytics big data Big Data Analytics Big Data Fabric Big Data Lakes data migration data virtualization Gartner metadata NoSQLAccording to Gartner, 60% of all the big data projects fail and according to Capgemini 70% of the big data projects are not profitable.

A Simple Data Capability Framework

Peter James Thomas

As part of my consulting business , I end up thinking about Data Capability Frameworks quite a bit. The flip side is that making the necessary investments to provide even basic information has been at the heart of the successful business turnarounds that I have been involved in.

The Best Analytics and BI Tool, Take Two

Cindi Howson

With the shift to ABI spending also moving to lines of business, the BICC and/or IT has to defend past decisions and keep track of product movements. So here, you see a new scoring on the augmented analytics capabilities, with recent improvements from Qlik and SAP, as indicated with a *.

Smarten Advanced Analytics – Getting Started


It gets you started by connecting the data, using assisted predictive analytics, smart visualization, and analytics. A dataset with sales data and macroeconomic data is built in this session and predictive analytics applied to these.

KPI 52

Look Back on Analytics and BI in 2018

Cindi Howson

We held our first ever data and analytics summit in Mexico , with amazing attendance! I usually run out of steam by year end (or am heads down on other things) but was glad to contribute to two just- published predicts notes on AI and the Future of Work and Data and Analytics Strategy.

Happy Thanksgiving and Data for Good Updates

Cindi Howson

In the data and analytics world, I am thankful to see so much momentum as it relates to the data for good movement. Business Analytics Business Intelligence Data and Analytics StrategiesHappy Thanksgiving! Many of you in the U.S.

Advanced Analytics to Increase Productivity!


Can Citizen Data Scientists Support Advanced Analytical Needs? No business, large or small, has unlimited funds and resources. The domain of Business Analytics does not have to be limited to data scientists.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Mike Porter

Perficient Data & Analytics

To attain this objective, business leaders must reconsider their view of data and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. As investment in CRM increases, a variety of solutions have also emerged to help businesses achieve responsiveness and accuracy with customer analytics programs.

Convergent Evolution

Peter James Thomas

Even back then, these were used for activities such as Analytics , Dashboards , Statistical Modelling , Data Mining and Advanced Visualisation. A term that is unaccountably missing from The Data & Analytics Dictionary – something to add to the next release.

More Definitions in the Data and Analytics Dictionary

Peter James Thomas

The Data and Analytics Dictionary is an active document and I will continue to issue revised versions of it periodically. From: , home of The Data and Analytics Dictionary , The Anatomy of a Data Function and A Brief History of Databases.

AI+BI: Augmented analytics will soon bring data-driven insight to the masses

Birst BI

If you’re a business intelligence (BI) and analytics application user, it’s likely that “data-driven insight to the masses” will soon be top-of-mind. Machine learning will transform BI and analytics. Any business leader already knows that AI is a large field.

A Day in the Life of a Gartner Analyst

Cindi Howson

Data4good has become my new favorite (more in this note ), but I also search for #analytics. . This is the heart of the Analytics and BI MQ. It’s an emotional and analytical process, but always, what’s best for customers (not vendors) drives us.

2019 Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant: Are You Using Responsibly?

Cindi Howson

The 2019 Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant published two weeks ago. Sometimes it feels like it is, but analytics and BI buyers are highly educated buyers. Were we tracking augmented analytics five years ago? Business Analytics Business Intelligence Data and Analytics Strategies

How to Configure the Power BI Gateway to use Dataset Connection Parameters

Paul Turley

True multitenant solutions require quite a lot … Continue reading → BI Projects Business Analytics Microsoft BI Platform Power BI Power Query SQL ServerA service provider or vendor might want to publish multiple copies of a report that should connect to different database servers or databases. In a true multitenant service solution, we would have a singe database with row-level user mapping tables that filter data by the logged in user.