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An Enterprise Data Strategy for Building the Trustworthy AI Practice

Analytics Vidhya

Since the last decade, as data science and AI have started appearing in the mainstream production environment, the collection and maintenance of massive […]. The post An Enterprise Data Strategy for Building the Trustworthy AI Practice appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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7 enterprise data strategy trends

CIO Business Intelligence

Every enterprise needs a data strategy that clearly defines the technologies, processes, people, and rules needed to safely and securely manage its information assets and practices. Here’s a quick rundown of seven major trends that will likely reshape your organization’s current data strategy in the days and months ahead.


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6 strategic imperatives for your next data strategy

CIO Business Intelligence

According to the MIT Technology Review Insights Survey, an enterprise data strategy supports vital business objectives including expanding sales, improving operational efficiency, and reducing time to market. The problem is today, just 13% of organizations excel at delivering on their data strategy.

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Secrets to Data Strategy Success from Data Champions Online Europe


Three key themes emerged as 17 of Europe’s top data leaders shared the secrets of their success with more than 250 attendees at this insight-packed five-day event.

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The Unexpected Cost of Data Copies

How replicated data increases costs and impacts the bottom line. How a next-gen data lake can halt data replication and streamline data management. What to consider when implementing a "no-copy" data strategy. How Dremio delivers clear business advantages in productivity, security, and performance.

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The Future of Data Strategy

Data Virtualization

But do you wonder what the future of data strategy looks like? Data exploration and analysis can bring enormous value to a business. The post The Future of Data Strategy appeared first on Data Virtualization blog. The world is becoming more and more digital, isn’t it?

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Data strategy: 3 reasons why sales managers need to have one


One given— in this tumultuous time — is a data strategy. Not surprisingly then, this Covid era, with any number of unforeseen business challenges has prompted many sales managers to examine themselves and their teams and to commit to up their game.