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4 Simple Ways to Split a Decision Tree in Machine Learning

Analytics Vidhya

Overview How do you split a decision tree? What are the different splitting criteria when working with decision trees? Learn all about decision tree. The post 4 Simple Ways to Split a Decision Tree in Machine Learning appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

SEO and Artificial Intelligence: Ways AI Will Impact SEO In 2020


In the not-so-distant past, artificial intelligence was the stuff of science fiction movies and novels. Not so anymore. The groundbreaking technology has kick-started a fresh wave of technological innovation and it sweeps across every sector.

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Is Yann LeCun the New Marie Curie?


Deep learning has met increasing hype in the last few years, and with lots of practical success. But does that necessarily indicate an exponential growth in AI over the next few years? A Parallel History. Scaling AI

An Enterprise Guide to Building a Data Literacy Program


How to create a purposeful, scalable data program that balances learning with productivity

Data Analytics in the Cloud for Developers and Founders

Speaker: Javier Ramírez, Senior AWS Developer Advocate, AWS

You have lots of data, and you are probably thinking of using the cloud to analyze it. But how will you move data into the cloud? In which format? How will you validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? Can data scientists discover and use the data? Can business people create reports via drag and drop? Can operations monitor what’s going on? Will the data lake scale when you have twice as much data? Is your data secure? In this session, we address common pitfalls of building data lakes and show how AWS can help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.

Are You Afraid of Advanced Analytics?

Jet Global

In business, you have access to so much data that it can be scary. With loads of information coming at you, how do you know where to start? It’s easy to get buried under it all and feel haunted by the overload of information, not knowing where to start digging in to improve business operations.

Five real-life Netezza performance server use cases

IBM Big Data Hub

Follow @IBMAnalytics. Right now, businesses are focused on getting the most out of their Data and AI platform without overspending to make sure it is operational and running productive workloads. This means having an always-on, 24x7 system that can handle huge spikes in workloads when needed.

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Data and Analytics in the Coming Cash and M&A Bonanza

Andrew White

Back in April as the Covid-19 reset was winding itself around the global economy I asked in a blog if your company had stashed enough cash away. I asked this question as several threads had converged in my head and has been triggered by an article in the Economist: Firms that enter an economic downturn with riskier balance sheets may find access to re-finance options harder just at the time they might need them.

Self-Service Business Intelligence – Reporting that will Drive Your Company’s Success


ScienceSoft shares which components a self-service BI solution should support and what tools enable intuitive business intelligence reporting

Announcing Vantage Trial


Vantage Trial provides free, 30-day access to Teradata Vantage in the cloud along with easy-to-use, web-based tools and applications for performing advanced analytics. Learn more