Can data analytics motivate a sales team to perform better?


Sales are a huge part of any business so nurturing a high performing sales team makes good sense. Yet most sales managers find improving their sales team’s productivity a key challenge of their job. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Sales Job Role - Executive

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The Token Sales Mechanics


Creating tokens in an ICO was one thing, but figuring out how many to create, how much to sell, the early round bonuses, the inflation rate and everything else relating to the mechanics of the tokens was (and still is) a challenging task. .

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7 metrics every sales manager must know and measure


Sales managers need to be savvy and strategic to get ahead. Here's the 7 metrics every sales manager must know and measure. Job Role - Sales

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Five benefits of data analytics for your sales branches


At times, it may seem like they’re on an island, isolated from the rest of your company, operating independently or waiting for instructions on how to drive sales and profitability. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Sales Job Role - Executive Industry - Consumer Goods

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How can managers best create sales reports?


With ever increasing volumes of data, business intelligence (BI) software is becoming essential to help maximise sales opportunities. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Sales

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Why not investing in business intelligence is killing your sales


In the age of data, choosing not to invest in a quality business intelligence (BI) solution can mean your sales team are losing market share to your competitors. Job Role - Sales

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How to create a report on yesterday’s sales activity


Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Sales Product Job Role - ExecutiveWaiting for traditional reports is often a long and frustrating process. Because these reports are usually generated by the IT department and can take time to be completed.

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How to motivate your sales reps


As Sales Managers, you have a difficult job. Job Role - Sales Strategy, Management and PerformanceYou are the leaders of a group of people who have to deal with more rejection than almost any other person or department in the company.

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Answer these 4 questions to boost your sales analytics


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, sales teams must have a way to stand out. Data analytics provides access to a wealth of sales data that can be analyzed by customer, region, individual rep, and product.

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How to compare multiple data streams: actual sales v budget v stretch budget


Comparison of sales information against targets has many benefits such as allowing individuals to be more strategic, more motivated and more in control of their actions. Job Role - Sales Job Role - Executive

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Sales reps may not think they need data analytics. Here’s why they do.


Many sales reps have a certain way of doing things. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Sales Job Role - ExecutiveImplementing new processes or adding new tools or technologies that attempt to change their habits can often be met with resistance.

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KYB Americas grows sales with Phocas data analytics


Data analytics is increasingly important for KYB Americas with the insights helping the sales team to uncover new customer service opportunities and increase orders.

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How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales


Big data technologies have been helping marketing and sales professionals better define products and services and managing sales network. Big data has already revolutionized several businesses across the globe.

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How Predictive Analytics is Helping Organizations to Increase Sales


What is Driving Predictive Analytics in Sales? Predictive analytics is a process that involves passing historical data through statistical algorithms to identify the likelihood of future events.

Why Big Data Is Essential To Digital Product Sales

Smart Data Collective

Big Data is Going to Be Essential for the Sale of Digital Products. Fortunately, machine learning and predictive analytics will help you make the most of your online product sales. The post Why Big Data Is Essential To Digital Product Sales appeared first on SmartData Collective.

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Take Advantage Of The Top 16 Sales Graphs And Charts To Boost Your Business


As the head of sales at your small company, you’ve prepared for this moment. “Mr. Download our free executive summary and boost your sales strategy! 1) Sales Performance. Let’s examine how you can do so with the following sales KPIs, created for a comprehensive sales report.

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Building the Ultimate Sales Dashboard

Jet Global

In a fast-paced job like sales, you are surrounded by it. From gathering customer data to monitoring sales status to tracking goals, salespeople are collecting and using data at every possible minute. This is where sales dashboards have proven to be highly effective.

Big Data Can Help You Amplify Your Sales In 2019

Smart Data Collective

Big Data is used comprehensively by the sales and marketing wings of the firm. What is the role of Big Data in marketers and sales? Sales and marketing executives have access to the abundance of information now. This is definitely a great way to boost sales.

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How To Calculate Average Sales


Why Measure Average Sales? A Variant Average Sales Calculation Other KPIs You Can Include. No matter what industry you’re in, any sector that deals with customers will have to keep track of their sales. Why measure average sales? How to calculate average sales.

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Breaking Boundaries in Sales with AI


In this blog, I will focus on the technology sales function and expound five areas in which AI can be used to advance the boundaries of traditional analytics. With AI, the fail-fast system can be reinforced in the sales engine. BRIDGEfunnel AI in sales sales effectiveness

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6 Data-Driven Marketing Strategies That Are Revolutionizing Sales

Smart Data Collective

The sales profession is responding to major changes brought by big data. The big data revolution is making the sales industry more efficient and effective than ever. You should understand the different data-driven sales strategies to pursue.

28 Sales Reports Examples You Can Use For Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports


Using daily and/or weekly sales reports with your team may be the single most powerful action you can take to increase your team’s performance. In this post, we will outline the definition and examples of Daily Sales Reports , followed by Weekly Sales Reports , and finishing with Monthly Sales Reports and templates you can use for your reporting practice (click on the link to jump directly to the relevant part of the article). What Is A Sales Report?

Building the Ultimate Sales Dashboard

Jet Global

In a fast-paced job like sales, you are surrounded by it. From gathering customer data to monitoring sales status to tracking goals, salespeople are collecting and using data at every possible minute. This is where sales dashboards have proven to be highly effective.

Evolution of AI in Sales (Part 4)


Also, we cannot imagine the future, without considering the adoption challenges and the resultant data quality challenges ever-present in today’s sales organizations. The story of AI’s evolution in sales is no different. BRIDGEfunnel AI in sales sales effectiveness

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AllianceBernstein’s Mobile App Empowers Sales Teams in Real Time

Perficient Data & Analytics

What if you could improve the customer engagement experience and provide your sales team with a customer-facing toolkit? Meet SIMON (Sales Intelligence Mobile Optimized Network). It is Sales Cloud-based but it’s the leveraging of other technologies that made it exceptional!

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6 Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Sales with a Chatbot


Increasing e-commerce sales is not easy, and with this type of competition in the marketplace where there are approximately 110,000 e-commerce websites, and not even 50% of them are generating revenue of meaningful scale on the internet. Do I need to integrate chatbot on my e-commerce website?

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A Smarter Approach to Sales Planning


So what’s a sales professional to do – resort to spreadsheets despite all of the known risks and shortcomings? Fortunately, today there are better options: like lean, cloud-based sales planning software that takes even the best CRM to a whole new level.

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9 Stats Showing the Reality of Sales and Artificial Intelligence

Perficient Data & Analytics

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly present technology in our personal and professional lives and is a term sales teams are hearing and saying a lot more of lately. Sales Teams Have High Expectations for AI. How AI Will Impact Sales.

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Evolution of AI in Sales (Part 3)


Matt Hellman a Transformation Leader at Microsoft writes in a September 2018 article titled, “How AI is transforming sales and marketing” in The Marketing Journal. A strong case study where a global MNC used AI enabled deal classification, data input enhancement, account analytics, and external data feeds to transform their sales organization in Nigeria resulting in “a substantial increase in sales productivity and forecasted Y-o-Y revenue growth.” ASKS THE SALES LEADER.

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Evolution of AI in Sales (Part 2)


THE CURRENT STATE OF AI IN SALES: Just like the story of AI, the story of sales too is a series of advancements. In a specific way, the current state of AI in sales is a convergence of advancements in various disciplines that hold tremendous potential to transform the world of sales. I have listed those developments which are translated into solutions to the sales organizations worldwide, in increasing order of efficacy: Price bots: How much to discount?

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Supercharge Your Sales Team With Actionable Analytic Apps?


Quarterly sales quotas. If you lead a sales team, these three little words have the unique ability to make you sweat. If you’re serious about helping your reps hit their quotas efficiently and consistently, you need to bring the key functionality of each sales tool to their dashboard.

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The Daily Sales Checklist of Successful Sales Managers

The Kini Group

Sales leaders, how do you ensure that you get the most out of every single workday? You can go from being a mediocre sales manager to a fantastic one with a solid daily sales checklist. Review Sales Reps’ Numbers. Check in with your sales reps on the status of major deals.

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The Role of Automotive OEM Websites: Drive Sales or Leads?

Perficient Data & Analytics

Since the dawn of digital, the consensus has been that the Tier 1 OEM site should drive leads for the dealer group, and the sales conversion should be the responsibility of the dealer.

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Proptech and the proper use of technology for house sales prediction


Using the ATTOM dataset, we extracted data on sales transactions in the USA, loans, and estimated values of property. We developed an optimal prediction model from correlations in the time and status of ownership as well as the time of the year of sales fluctuations. 2019 Aug Opinions Feature Selection Predictive Analytics Real Estate

Launch Your Next Sales Surge: 20 Tips to Improve Sales Performance

The Kini Group

Sales professionals have a tough job. Considering how difficult sales can be, it’s still a crucial cornerstone of every business. Your company’s sales performance has a major effect on profits, and setting your sales team up for success creates long-term profits.

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Einstein, Lightning & More in the Sales Cloud Summer ’18 Release

Perficient Data & Analytics

What’s New in Salesforce Sales Cloud in Summer ’18. For the Salesforce Service Cloud , this means the introduction of many new and exciting features that streamline sales reps’ processes while enabling them to work with enhanced insights and improved forecasts.

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An Overview of Sales Analytics in Event Industry


Sales Analytics in simple terms can be defined as the process used to identify, understand, predict and model sales trends and sales results and in this process of understanding of these trends helps its users in finding improvement points.

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GDP and Cement sales – Correlation Analysis


This short video demonstrates how macroeconomic data for different states like GDP, Population or rainfall can be connected to sales of cement. This demonstration can be used to visualize how you can use a correlation with your data and macroeconomic data for your planning.

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How to compare customer profitability and sales value using Phocas


Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - Sales Product Job Role - Inventory/OperationsTruly understanding your customers is the best part of running a business and is one of the fundamental benefits of investing in data analytics.

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Sales Incentive Strategy Done the Right Way

The Kini Group

Would you reward your sales team for the sun rising and setting each day? Many companies stick to the traditional incentive structure of rewards for volume and margin, but my team and I argue for a sales incentive strategy based on volume and price instead. Sales Strategy

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