Forecasting uncertainty at Airbnb

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Continue reading Forecasting uncertainty at Airbnb Theresa Johnson outlines the AI powering Airbnb’s metrics forecasting platform.

Cones of Uncertainty and Certainty and Organizational Change

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This concept, known as the Cone of Uncertainty , is found in many industries including software development, project management, construction and risk management. This cone is a mirror image of the Cone of Uncertainty, but increases at the same time that the Cone of Uncertainty decreases.

How data analytics can help slow down your thinking


Kahneman has dedicated his life to researching human judgement – especially under uncertainty and whether people are susceptible to flawed intuition. My fascination with the psychology of decision-making continues.

How to Build Data Culture and Make Data Your Friend


If gives businesses new power to organize, operate, predict and create value, but it entails numerous risks, including data-security questions, privacy concerns, and uncertainty about ethical boundaries, to name just a few.

Highlights from the Strata Data Conference in San Francisco 2019

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Forecasting uncertainty at Airbnb. Watch " Forecasting uncertainty at Airbnb.". Watch highlights from expert talks covering AI, machine learning, data analytics, and more. People from across the data world are coming together in San Francisco for the Strata Data Conference.

How to improve manufacturing ROI with prescriptive analytics

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Today's manufacturing organizations operate in a dynamic environment characterized by increased complexity and uncertainty. The financial performance of manufacturers hinges on their ability to rapidly adapt to constantly-changing conditions, from demand fluctuations to delivery challenges while managing production costs efficiently. Prescriptive analytics helps companies see where process improvements could have the biggest, most immediate impact on their bottom line

They (EMC) Think You Are Stupid!


Last week we were invited by EMC to punch high above our weight class when we got hold of their secret FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) sheet against Nutanix

Waterfall to Agile: A Necessary Mindset Shift For Business Analysts

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I tend to describe the agile approach as a way of working; A targeted way of working that allows us to make changes, respond to customers’ needs and manage uncertainty with minimal delays, and without needing to wade through “red tape”.

Interview with Abhi Datta

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We used the fast NNGP approach I had been developing in my PhD to spatially gap-fill the plant trait data to create a global map of important plant traits with proper uncertainty quantification. Currently, we are looking at ways to incorporate the uncertainty quantified trait values as inputs to Earth System Models (ESMs) – the land component of climate models. Editor’s note: This is the next in our series of interviews with early career statisticians and data scientists.

They (EMC) Think You Are Stupid!


Last week we were invited by EMC to punch high above our weight class when we got hold of their secret FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) sheet against Nutanix

The Future of Data and Analytics is Now

Andrew White

In this world of ambiguity — characterized by uncertainty, risk, doubt and fake news — now is the time to lead with purpose and bring clarity through data and analytics (D&A) you can rely on and, most importantly, trust.”.

They (EMC) Think You Are Stupid!


Last week we were invited by EMC to punch high above our weight class when we got hold of their secret FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) sheet against Nutanix

The Promise of AI and 5G Convergence in the Internet of Context

Kirk Borne

Written by Dr. Kirk Borne. In the world of digital transformation, there is no lack of “hot topics” to discuss. Emerging technologies are truly emerging everywhere. What is most exciting — and what demonstrates their greatest promise — is that these new technologies are converging.

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How to Add Dotted Lines to Line Graphs in Microsoft Excel

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Using Dotted Lines to Show Uncertainty. Dotted lines are great for visualizing estimates or uncertainty. Here’s a common data visualization challenge: Slides with some, but not all, of the chronological data included. . The Challenge.

Toward a Data Personality Framework

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Is this person in a role where they make decisions that have a long-term and strategic perspective, balancing more uncertainty and more sources of information? With all the talk about Data Literacy (led by folks like @Ben Jones , @Jordan Morrow , @Valerie Logan ) and/or Data Fluency (??

Tamr Unify’s Classification Engine Gets Smarter with Active Learning


Active learning eliminates the need for the user(s) to provide a balanced amount of training examples for each category in the dataset; it removes the uncertainty/iterations on how much training the model needs and which category needs it to accelerate model training.

Machine Learning Product Management: Lessons Learned

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Addressing the Uncertainty that ML Adds to Product Roadmaps. As ML projects are more experimental and probabilistic in nature, they have the potential to “add uncertainty to product roadmaps.” This Domino Data Science Field Note covers Pete Skomoroch ’s recent Strata London talk.

How to Ensure Single Source of Truth Reporting for PeopleSoft

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Does it involve more work than you’d like and create more uncertainty than you can accept? Single source of truth reporting is exactly what it sounds like: reporting based on a shared repository of facts that includes all information relevant to every user.

The trinity of errors in financial models: An introductory analysis using TensorFlow Probability

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All models, therefore, need to quantify the uncertainty inherent in their predictions. These factors lead to profound epistemic uncertainty about model parameters. An exploration of three types of errors inherent in all financial models.

Enhance your Lending with Predictive Analytics


Credit scoring systems and predictive analytics model attempt to quantify uncertainty and provide guidance for identifying, measuring and monitoring risk. An unsecured loan is a loan issued and supported solely by the borrower’s creditworthiness, rather than by any kind of collateral.

The Inside Scoop on Upcoming Documentary "Data Science Pioneers"


The data science community is in a period of rapid change, and the upcoming documentary Data Science Pioneers - made by and for data scientists - will be the first to capture both this excitement and uncertainty.

How to Build an Intelligent EPM Reporting Strategy

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In practice, users save significant time, effort, frustration, and uncertainty with intelligent reporting.

How Analytics by Design Tackles The Yin and Yang of Metrics and Data

Kirk Borne

Written by Dr. Kirk Borne. We hear a lot of hype that says organizations should be “Data-first”, or “AI-first, or “Data-driven”, or “Technology-driven”.

Three reasons the next downturn will be different.

Mark Raskino

Whenever we face such uncertainty, we tend to look back at history to see if there’s a pattern we can use to help navigate. “The signals are everywhere” a corporate financial specialist said to me recently.

The Netflix Data War

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Yes, there are methods to balance differing levels of uncertainty, but some measurements are simply not good measurements. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “At Netflix, Who Wins When It’s Hollywood vs. the Algorithm?” ” by Shalini Ramachandran and Joe Flint details some of the internal debates within Netflix between the Los Angeles-based content team, which is in charge of developing and marketing new content for the streaming service, and the data team.

The Impact Of AI On Cybersecurity: Are Humans Still Your Best Asset?

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Uncertainties are a major roadblock in automating cybersecurity. The software developers can only automate what they’re certain about, and there is an enormous amount of uncertainty in the work at hand. In January, Masergy predicted that 2019 will be “The Year of Artificial Intelligence.” There’s no question that the term is popping up everywhere as enterprises yearn to turn big data into a competitive edge. The same goes for cybersecurity.

Hackers beware: Bootstrap sampling may be harmful

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Therefore, bootstrapping has been promoted as an easy way of modelling uncertainty to hackers who don’t have much statistical knowledge. Confidence intervals are a common way of quantifying the uncertainty in an estimate of a population parameter.

How Data Scientists Think - A Mini Case Study

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HILARY: At first I was thinking about that because I have location history on and I look at it a lot, but there’s also a fair degree of uncertainty there. within some bound of uncertainty? In episode 71 of Not So Standard Deviations , Hilary Parker and I inaugurated our first “Data Science Design Challenge” segment where we discussed how we would solve a given problem using data science.

2019 Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant: Are You Using Responsibly?

Cindi Howson

Someone asked if we thought about how the data is vague and the uncertainty of an MQ. Where there is some uncertainty perhaps is in what we choose to emphasize. The 2019 Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant published two weeks ago. Are you using it responsibly?

The complex process of obtaining Puerto Rico mortality data: a timeline

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Despite our best efforts, including rewriting our university’s press release, most headlines focus on the point estimate and don’t report uncertainty. May 31 - We post an FAQ (in English and Spanish) explaining the uncertainty in our estimate and making it clear that our study does not say that 4645 (the point estimate) people died.

AI Leads To A New Era Of Single Touch Payroll Solutions

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Every time an established process or formula is changed, it’s usually met with a little bit of uncertainty. Artificial intelligence is changing the nature of payroll.

In 2018, Data Will Put the Human Back into Human Experience – Part 1

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Excel for Inventory Management is Risky

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While this can be avoided with a strict set of rules and backups in place, it still causes a lot of complication and uncertainty to those involved in planning and management. Almost every small business starting out relies on Microsoft Excel to manage separate business functions.

Data in the Modern Space Age

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It has been said that any technology sufficiently advanced will look like magic. In the 1960’s, a variety of television shows delighted and entertained their audiences with exotic technological devices and fanciful futuristic automated assistants that helped humans at work, at home, and at play.

Cloudera + Hortonworks, from the Edge to AI


This communication contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities law that are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements.

How Skullcandy Uses Predictive and Sentiment Analysis to Understand Customers


Here at Skullcandy, we’re happy to report that “dropping in” to the predictive and sentiment analytics game was worth the initial uncertainty. Mark Hopkins is the Chief Information Officer at Park City, Utah based Skullcandy, leading the global IT, Digital, and Customer Service teams.

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 10

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Clearly, when we work with data and machine learning, we’re swimming in those waters of decision-making under uncertainty. Co-chair Paco Nathan provides highlights of Rev 2 , a data science leaders summit. Introduction.

Big Impact from Small Data – Part 1

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In 2018, Data Will Put the Human Back into Human Experience – Part 2

Kirk Borne

In this, the second part of the latest in a series exclusive to Data Makes Possible , Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist for Booz Allen Hamilton, adds onto his explanation of the value proposition of improved human experience in the digital enterprise. If you missed Part 1, read it here.

Big Impact from Small Data – Part 2

Kirk Borne

In this, the second part of the latest in a series exclusive to Data Makes Possible , Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist for Booz Allen Hamilton, adds onto his explanation of the value proposition of small data points with a set of real-world examples. If you missed Part 1, read it here.

The Luck of The Irish: The Rise in Air Traffic & Irish Economic Growth


report is a great illustration of how Ireland has ridden the waves of economic uncertainty and emerged successfully. Oh, wonderful Ireland! The Emerald Isle, famed for her lush green land, her stunning rugged, dramatic western coast and her beautiful, historic, cities.

Ethical Data Sensemaking

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You should describe the uncertainty of your findings. Simply stated, data sensemaking is what we do to make sense of data. We do this in an attempt to understand the world, based on empirical evidence. Those who work to make sense of data and communicate their findings are data sensemakers. Data sensemaking, as a profession, is currently associated with several job titles, including data analyst, business intelligence professional, statistician, and data scientist.

Data Governance and Security: How to Put Data at the Heart of Your Business Strategy


Your organization may be laboring in this fog of uncertainty, as well. Not a day goes by without an article in the news about data security, or who has gathered and potentially shared data.