Why Windows VPS Hosting is Important for a Growing Website


Any website owner starts his online business with a basic shared hosting plan, however, this may not prove to be a viable alternative as the website now looks to attract more traffic and attention. This is in complete contrast when shared hosting plans are considered.

Alternative Cloud Hosted Data Science Environments


Over the years new alternative providers have risen to provided a solitary data science environment hosted on the cloud for data scientist to analyze, host and share their work.

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Big Data Creates Greater Divide Between CDN & Traditional Web Hosting

Smart Data Collective

One thing that got overlooked was the role of big data in web hosting. Big data is creating a new era of hosting solutions. CDN and traditional hosting options are both available. Big Data is Changing the Future of Online Hosting Forever. Who Is Hosting This is a leading hosting review site. They write that Apache and Hadoop tools are invalable to modern hosting providers. In the early days of the internet , things like web hosting were very basic.

Big Data is Transforming the Future of WordPress Hosting

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Forbes contributor Kalev Leetaru recently wrote a fantastic article about the intersection of big data and website hosting. Leetaru notes that big data and cloud technology have led to the evolution of web hosting services. Cloud technology is changing the logistics of many traditional hosting plans. WordPress hosting is a prime example. Since hosting plans directly impact websites’ profits, choosing between shared vs WordPress hosting is a crucial decision.

Up Your Analytics Game: How to Empower People to Take Action

Speaker: Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Join top-ranked analyst and bestselling author of Competing on Analytics, Tom Davenport, to learn how analytics technology provides Financial Services HR professionals with unique insights that create strategic value.

Big Data Has Transformed The Web Hosting Market On Both Ends

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Cloud technology has had a profound impact on the web hosting profession. Since big data has revolutionized the web hosting industry, a myriad of new hosting options are available. The sudden emergence of big data is changing the nature of web hosting in two significant ways: Companies need more extensive hosting solutions to ensure they have adequate storage. Big data is streamling hosting services, enhancing the user experience and improving customer support.

Big Data Advances Lead to More Optimal SEO-Predicated Hosting

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Big data helps companies find new hosting solutions that are compatible with their SEO objectives. Yes, your hosting can have an impact on your SEO and big data plays an important role in it. Role of Big Data in Hosting and SEO. Your Hosting Plan Security.

Tamr Hosts Agile Data Unification Seminars in Asia Pacific


That’s why we recently hosted two events in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, with the goal of bringing together thought leaders to discuss key industry trends in this quickly changing data landscape. .

Perficient Detroit Hosts April Atlassian User Group

Perficient Data & Analytics

For those in the Detroit area, the Perficient office in Livonia is hosting the SouthEast Michigan Atlassian User Group (AUG) on April 24th. The SouthEast Michigan AUG meets the last Tuesday of every other month for the 2018 year. The AUG commonly meets in the Livonia/Detroit Perficient office for the Tuesday evening event, followed by an encore presentation at lunch the following day in Ann Arbor at the Ithaka office.

Using AWS to host a custom agent console

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While not directly related to core Amazon Connect functionality, there are many reasons to familiarize yourself with how to host your own static website in AWS. The steps we will follow are: Create the static website to be hosted. Keep in mind that S3 can only host static websites.

Perficient and IBM Host Blockchain Event in Denver

Perficient Data & Analytics

Blockchain is leading many of the most successful companies to an integrated ecosystem with their customers and suppliers to deliver the speed, convenience, trust and transparency demanded by the market.

The 4 Best Jupyter Notebook Environments for Deep Learning


Many cloud providers, and other third-party services, see the value of a Jupyter notebook environment which is why many companies now offer cloud hosted notebooks that are hosted on the cloud.

Maintaining Regulatory-Compliant Cloud Solutions

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The benefits of cloud hosting – including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – are very clear: less upfront capital, faster implementations, scalability and elasticity, and no need for individual companies to maintain physical space, hardware, and/or technical staff for support.

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Who Is Responsible For The Compliance Of Cloud Systems?

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So, how can you ensure regulatory compliance of a software system you did not build, you do not host, and you do not own? Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Operations Regulatory Compliance Strategy 21 CFR Part 11 clinical cloud compliance Data hosting IaaS medical device PaaS pharmaceutical Regulatory SaaS Software Systems technology

Refresher: Which IT Systems Are Regulated

Perficient Data & Analytics

This includes both IT systems you host on your own premises, as well as those available in the cloud. Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Operations Regulatory Compliance Strategy 21 CFR Part 11 clinical cloud compliance Data hosting IaaS medical device PaaS pharmaceutical Regulatory SaaS Software Systems technology

Key Takeaways About Compliant IT Systems In The Cloud

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This reality, however, should not deter you from adopting cloud-hosted systems, as their benefits are undeniable. Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Operations Regulatory Compliance Strategy 21 CFR Part 11 clinical cloud compliance Data hosting IaaS medical device PaaS pharmaceutical Regulatory SaaS Software Systems technology

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How To Qualify Cloud Vendors

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Your documented cloud vendor qualification standard operating procedure (SOP) must describe how you verify that a cloud vendor holds itself to the same degree of compliance as you would hold yourself, if you were building and/or hosting the system. We recently completed a 21 CFR Part 11 gap analysis engagement for a client that was largely using SaaS applications, but had no cloud vendor qualification process in place.

What Your Employees Need to Learn to Work With Data in the 21st Century


Hugo Bowne-Anderson, data scientist and host of our podcast DataFramed, deconstructs the essential topics and skills that employees need to know to work with data

How To Use Contracts For Regulatory Compliance Of Cloud Systems

Perficient Data & Analytics

Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Operations Regulatory Compliance Strategy 21 CFR Part 11 clinical cloud compliance Data hosting IaaS medical device PaaS pharmaceutical Regulatory SaaS Software Systems technologyIn the previous post in this series, we discussed how to qualify cloud vendors.

The Growing Importance Of Machine Learning With Dedicated Servers

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Machine learning is changing the web hosting industry in countless ways. Many third-party hosting providers, such as Amazon Web Services have started utilizing machine learning in different capacities. However, shared hosting would be like renting a room within an apartment.

Trends in data, machine learning, and AI

O'Reilly on Data

For the end-of-year holiday episode of the Data Show , I turned the tables on Data Show host Ben Lorica to talk about trends in big data, machine learning, and AI, and what to look for in 2019.

The Data-Centric Revolution: Report From the Front Lines


Earlier this month we hosted the second annual Data-Centric Architecture Forum (#DCAF2020) in Fort Collins, CO. Last year, (2019) we hosted the first Data-Centric Architecture conference.

From enterprise to edge: embeddable databases unleash new capabilities

IBM Big Data Hub

at Think 2019, revealing a host of new capabilities to clients and partners in attendance. IBM announced Informix V14.10 Now, after beta testing with more than 25 customers and partners, it is available to the public

Top Stories, Dec 16-29: What is a Data Scientist Worth?; Google’s New Explainable AI Service


Also: Let’s Build an Intelligent Chatbot; 10 Best and Free Machine Learning Courses, Online; Build Pipelines with Pandas Using pdpipe; Alternative Cloud Hosted Data Science Environments. 2019 Dec Top Stories, Tweets Top stories

7 Aspects that Make the Cloud a Safer Place for your Data


An important decision all organizations need to make regarding their data is whether to store it on-premise or to host it in the cloud. the other hand, on-premise data hosting is much riskier from this.

Can the Internet be Decentralized by Using Blockchain Technology?


A careful analysis of web hosting industry statistics by HostScore shows that the market should expand to approximately $216 billion over the next five years. Global hosting saturation is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 13.25

Intro to Grafana: Installation, Configuration, and Building the First Dashboard


One of the biggest highlights of Grafana is the ability to bring several data sources together in one dashboard with adding rows that will host individual panels. Let's look at installing, configuring, and creating our first dashboard using Grafana. 2019 Dec Tutorials, Overviews Analytics BI Business Analytics Dashboard

Faster Innovation and Development with a Full-Stack AI Strategy


AI currently presents numerous changes that host the potential to shape the future for the better. AI, which is currently being hosted in the cloud, will soon become pervasive across all scenarios.

How to Improve MySQL AWS Performance 2X Over Amazon RDS at The Same Cost


AWS is the #1 cloud provider for open-source database hosting, and the go-to cloud for MySQL deployments. ScaleGrid offers a compelling alternative to hosting MySQL on AWS that offers better performance, more control, and no cloud vendor lock-in and the same price as Amazon RDS.

Embed Fully-Integrated Analytic Apps Fast with Embed SDK


Now, there are two steps to building such a workflow: First is to embed analytics in the host application Second is to build communication logic to pass information back and forth between the host application and the embedded analytics application to execute commands in the embedded dashboards.

The vision for Db2 and other announcements from Think 2019

IBM Big Data Hub

At the Think 2019 conference, IBM hosted a plethora of data-management-focused sessions with several announcements that will undoubtedly impact the data management strategy of many businesses

5 Online Courses you can take for free during COVID-19 Epidemic


So, I find it great that providers like Coursera are hosting a lot of excellent courses on their site for free, but they are a little hard to find among all the paid courses.

10 things R can do that might surprise you

Simply Statistics

You can build and host interactive web apps in just a few lines of code. You can host your web apps in one more line of R code. You can put them up on your own server or, even easier, host them on a cloud server like shinyapps.io. Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple of interactions with folks from the computer science world who were pretty disparaging of the R programming language. A lot of the critism focused on perceived limitations of R to statistical analysis.

Chatbot vs. Intelligent Virtual Assistant: 9 Ways to Tell the Difference


And if you are a Customer Experience or Digital Transformation professional looking for one, you might be a little confused about the difference between ‘chatbots’ and ‘virtual assistants’, among a host of other terms used for such solutions. .

Tableau Conference Keeps on Getting Bigger and Better

Jen Underwood

Hosted in New Orleans at the massive. by Jen Underwood. Tableau’s right place, right time, right solution market momentum continues to fuel what seems to be unstoppable growth over the past five years. Read More.

So You Want to Start a Podcast

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Hosting - Unless you plan on running your own server (which is an option but I don’t recommend it) you’ll need someone to host your audio files. Hosting - SoundCloud offers free hosting for up to 3 hours of content. If you prefer an all-in-one solution, there are services like Cast and Anchor that offer recording, hosting, and distribution. Hosting limitations mean you can only get a few episodes up.

Girls in Tech & Dataiku: Elevating Women Tech Entrepreneurs


initiative, we hosted and sponsored a Girls in Tech event, Amplify Paris 2019 , the world’s largest women’s pitch event exclusively for female-led startups. In the past few years, only 17% of startups have been founded by women. At Dataiku, we believe it’s time to change that.

Recent top-selling books in AI and Machine Learning

Rocket-Powered Data Science

These earnings offset the costs of hosting this website.

MercadoLibre grows governed, self-service analytics with Alation and Tableau


Powering self-service analytics at MercadoLibre MercadoLibre hosts the largest online commerce platform in Latin America with 3.3 This post originally appeared on www.tableau.com/about/blog.

How-to: Automate the Systems Security Services Daemon Installation and Troubleshoot it with Ansible – Part 2


Manual installation, configuration, and troubleshooting can be exceptionally time consuming and run the risk of inconsistencies because work needs be replicated individually on each host. This leaves us with one final question: How can these tasks be automated on all hosts ? Background.

Win with AI: Insurance company Guidewell looks to get data for AI

IBM Big Data Hub

James Wade, Director of Application Hosting at Guidewell and IBM Analytics Hemanth Manda spoke with Dave Vellante in New York City on the eve of the 13 September taping of the Win with AI digital broadcast about the challenge of getting data ready for AI and how IBM Cloud Private for Data can help

DataRobot Has Received SOC 2 Type II Certification


This is especially true as organizations continue to move critical business functions – including data hosting, CRM systems, and other SaaS applications – into the cloud.

#AskSAP 2019 Analytic Trends Webinar

Timo Elliott

It was hosted by Avery Horzewski and featured SAP Analytic Evangelist Andy Bitterer and myself chatting about our top ten favorite themes for this year in the area of business intelligence, analytics, data platforms, big data, and artificial intelligence.