Cenlar CIO fuses teams for better business-IT alignment


None of would be possible without the cloud, says Taylor, who inherited a core cloud platform on Microsoft Azure, which is rounded out by MuleSoft middleware, commercial analytics, and automation tools such as UiPath, as well as a data warehouse and essential SaaS offerings such as Teams.

5 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Analytics for Pricing

Smart Data Collective

Analytics technology is very important for modern business. Companies spent over $240 billion on big data analytics last year. There are many important applications of data analytics technology. Analytics Can Be Essential for Helping Companies with their Pricing Strategies.

B2B 101

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Reporting Analytics vs. Financial Reporting: Is There a Difference?

Insight Software

The terms “reporting” and “analytics” are often used interchangeably. In fact there are some very important differences between the two, and understanding those distinctions can go a long way toward helping your organization make best use of both financial reporting and analytics.

5 Ways Data Analytics Helps Us Understand the Student Lending Crisis

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Data analytics is giving us more insights into many of the most pressing challenges that we have faced as a society. More policymakers are using data to make more informed decisions. Analytics Insight shared a list of 10 major ways that big data is changing politics.

Differentiating Between Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

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Type of Data: structured and unstructured from different sources of data Purpose: Cost-efficient big data storage Users: Engineers and scientists Tasks: storing data as well as big data analytics, such as real-time analytics and deep learning Sizes: Store data which might be utilized.

Winning the Future: Digital Transformation, the Cloud, and AWS


Enabling data-driven decisions throughout the company (not just in certain departments or teams) 2. You know your company has a lot of data, but are you using it to make smarter decisions? Choose the right cloud; choose the right analytics partner and thrive.