Phocas rates 50/50 by users in Capterra's top 20 most popular BI software products


Phocas has been named a top 20 most popular business intelligence software product by Capterra, a free online service that helps organizations find the right software. Business Intelligence Basics Job Role - IT Reviews and Recognition Job Role - Executive business intelligence softwar

A buyer's guide to the best business intelligence software


Business intelligence software is a competitive marketplace, and many cloud-based vendors sound the same. At a macro level, it’s crucial the BI software supports your company strategy, is compatible with your industry and works with your tech stack.To

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Why IT managers recommend business intelligence software


Using business intelligence (BI) software to identify which business processes are inefficient and costly enables the IT department to improve company performance and fast-track transformation.

Phocas business intelligence software partners with NSA, an Infor ERP specialist


Together, they will offer Phocas' easy-to-use and industry-matched business intelligence software to Infor customers. Distributors using Infor will benefit from the relationship because Phocas business intelligence software integrates seamlessly with Infor’s SX.e

Embedding Operational Reports: Everything Product Managers Should Know

Speaker: Dean Yao, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

Businesses are run with analytics - but companies continue to struggle with interpreting, analyzing, and distributing data. Operational reports help get information to the people who need it most, in formats they understand, and in a timeframe that matters. Join the webinar to learn how embedding operational reports can give your users a precisely formatted, ready-to-analyze view of their operational activities. World-class software teams are embedding operational reports to empower end users with interactive data visualizations, detailed information, and highly precise formats that can be shared via email, PDF, print, or online.

How To Develop AI-Based Software Testing?


Whether it is e-commerce, healthcare, retail, cybersecurity, app development or software testing, artificial intelligence is a technology penetrating in all walks on life and has a huge impact. This means new horizons for software testing and its scope will be broader than ever.

How AI is Transforming Software Testing


The knowledge domain of software industry is ever-evolving without any dull moment of inactivity. The time now devoted to actual software development is expected to come down and instead, more time and resources will be required to test the mobile and hybrid software applications.

Best business intelligence software blogs in 2019


Thanks to our regular business intelligence software blog readers and those people who swing by when the topic piques your interest.

Your Definitive Guide To KPI Tracking By Utilizing Modern Software & Tools


Your Chance: Want to test a professional KPI tracking software for free? KPI tracking is a definitive means of monitoring your most relevant key performance indicators for increased business success with the help of modern KPI software.

KPI 151

Software Interfaces for Machine Learning Deployment


How to implement machine learning deployments is a special challenge with differences from traditional software engineering, and this post examines a fundamental first step -- how to create software interfaces so you can develop deployments that are automated and repeatable.

Affordable, Simple Predictive Analytics Software!


Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Assisted Predictive Modeling Plug n' Play Predictive Analytics Predictive Analysis Predictive Analysis Software Predictive Analysis ToolsPredictive Analytics Can Be Accurate and Easy!

Machine Learning Delivers Cutting-Edge POS Software For Online Stores

Smart Data Collective

One of the best ways machine learning is helping online retailers is with new POS software applications. The POS software you choose for your online store will need to fit your needs, starting with sales volume. The bottom line for choosing online software is simplicity.

Phocas business intelligence software helps Hairhouse style new profits


Hairhouse salons consolidate data, run stylish reports, and trim dead stock from their warehouse with easy-to-use Phocas business intelligence software.

Top Machine Learning Software Tools for Developers


As a developer who is excited about leveraging machine learning for faster and more effective development, these software tools are worth trying out.

Software Deployment Strategy: How to Get It Right the First Time


Big or Small, Enterprise Architecture Is a Key Part of a Successful Software Deployment Strategy. A good software deployment strategy could be the difference between multiple and costly false starts and a smooth implementation. Not all software deployments and investments are equal.

Phocas vs. Infor BI (business intelligence software comparison)


We examine how Phocas business intelligence software compares with Infor BI in this year’s BARC The BI Survey 19, the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users.

Machine Learning in Production: Software Architecture

Domino Data Lab

Special thanks to Addison-Wesley Professional for permission to excerpt the following “Software Architecture” chapter from the book, Machine in Production. This is a hard question to answer without context in how software is architected.

A Guide To Machine Learning Foundations Of Task Management Software

Smart Data Collective

Appreciating the Machine Learning Technology Behind Modern Task Management Software. Deputy is one of the task management software applications that relies on machine learning, as they cite multiple times on their website.

How to Choose a New Inventory Software System

Smart Data Collective

Inventory management software, if implemented correctly, can help you save time, improve the accuracy of your product tracking, and even improve your bottom-line financials. What is it, exactly, that this software system does for your business? Desktop vs. Cloud Software.

5 White Label Crypto Exchange Software Solutions You Need To Know


HollaEx Kit Developed and engineered by BitHolla, the exchange was brought to life using this open-source white-label software. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. And, with the bitcoin halving around the corner, the interest in blockchain technology is now higher than ever.

#workfromhome – How does our software development work together now?

CONTACT Software

At CONTACT we believe that personal and informal interaction of people is an important success factor in complex technical projects – and without doubt this includes the development of our own software products.

Sudden Data Developments Massively Disrupt eCommerce Software Market

Smart Data Collective

A growing number of software publishers are using big data to improve the value of their algorithms. How Big Data is Changing the Future of eCommerce Software. Today, there are many software options that can benefit retailers. Zipline offers retail communication software.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Not Build Enterprise Software


In the age of open-source software, it’s tempting to solve your data problems by building your own tools. Here at Tamr our biggest competition is not other software companies but telecoms, multinationals and oil and gas giants who are building their software in-house.

New Software Development Initiatives Lead To Second Stage Of Big Data

Smart Data Collective

New software is making big data more viable than ever. As new software development initiatives become more mainstream, big data will become more viable than ever. Software Development Remains a Driving Force of Big Data. What is Software Development? Programming Software.

Software commodities are eating interesting data science work

Data Science and Beyond

Being a data scientist can sometimes feel like a race against software innovations. Every interesting and useful problem is bound to become a software commodity. Sentiment analysis is a commodity – using it in practice is a software engineering problem.

Machine Learning-based Anti-spoofing Methods To Improve Facial Recognition Software


Facial-recognition spoofing emerged to combat accurate identification from facial recognition software. A software product to prevent the spoofing attempts must meet the following criteria:Identify 2D static and dynamic.

What to consider when choosing financial consolidation software


In this blog, we’ll examine what to consider when choosing a software consolidation solution for your organization. A best-in-class software solution can control, check and automatically execute many operational steps within the consolidation process.

Why software engineering processes and tools don’t work for machine learning


Here we examine why data scientists and teams can’t rely on software engineering tools and processes for machine learning. 2019 Dec Opinions Agile Andrew Ng Comet Machine Learning Software Engineering

Business Security Meets Open Source Code: Managing Software Vulnerabilities

Smart Data Collective

Times have changed, though, and now open source code is an integral part of how most businesses and just about anyone in the software world does their work. The post Business Security Meets Open Source Code: Managing Software Vulnerabilities appeared first on SmartData Collective.

Our Commitment to Open Source Software


Meanwhile over the past few years, we’ve seen many of our industry peers revise their open source licensing strategies and/or their relationship with the Apache Software Foundation, generating questions of if we’re planning to revise our approach as well. We take our open source leadership role seriously, and recognize that our need to align our own licenses is also an opportunity to lead and to renew our commitment to open source software.

Apa Itu Visualisasi Data? Definisi, Pentingya, Jenis, dan Software


4.Bagaimana Cara Memilih Software Visualisasi Data? Bagaimana Cara Memilih Software Visualisasi Data? Beberapa software visualisasi data tersedia di internet. Software-software ini berbeda dalam hal harga, fungsi, fitur, dan desain.

5 Ways Big Data Has Revolutionized Invoicing Software

Smart Data Collective

Big data is changing the nature of invoicing software in many ways. Big Data Transforms Invoicing Software Applications. Before big data became a prominent aspect of invoicing, many SME owners don’t initially see much value in the concept of invoicing software.

Who Needs Big Data Analytics Software?

Jet Global

Industries such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing have experienced a dramatic shift thanks to the impact of big data analytics software—but let’s start by looking at what it is, first. What is Big Data Analytics Software? The post Who Needs Big Data Analytics Software?

My journey path from a Software Engineer to BI Specialist to a Data Scientist


2019 Sep Opinions Career Data Scientist Software EngineerThe career path of the Data Scientist remains a hot target for many with its continuing high demand. Becoming one requires developing a broad set of skills including statistics, programming, and even business acumen. Learn more about one person's experience making this journey, and discover the many resources available to help you find your way into a world of data science.

Upgrading Your TM1 Software to Planning Analytics

Perficient Data & Analytics

This upgraded software is built on the TM1 engine, but offers new features to improve the user and developer experience. While on the surface it appears that the move to Planning Analytics is merely a software installation, there is more to the story. Support for IBM Cognos TM1 10.2.2

Big Data Gives Rise To Cutting Edge Client Portal Software For Law Firms

Smart Data Collective

A new generation of client portal software applications are helping legal professionals take full advantage of this data. The Growth of Big Data Spawns a New Generation of Client Portal Software in the Legal Industry.

Evolution of the Role of Data Organization Methodologies in Software Development


The software development industry is evolving with changes in big data. In the United States, software developers face growing challenges in finding work. Software developers must have a solid foundation in data organization methodologies to maintain job security.

How a modern software solution facilitates financial consolidation


Planning, budgeting and reporting isn’t the only function in finance that can be automated and consequently simplified by software solutions. Financial consolidation can also be optimized with the right software tool. Advantages of software-based consolidation.

Big Data Skill sets that Software Developers will Need in 2020

Smart Data Collective

For current and future software development companies that want to be knowledgeable about using data and analysis, a few big data skillsets will help give them leverage in the coming year. Businesses need software developers that can help ensure data is collected and efficiently stored.

Advanced Analytics Software for Every Team Member!


Today’s Advanced Analytics Software options are numerous and flexible. Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Advanced Analytics Software Advanced Analytics Tools Advanced Data Discovery Augmented Analytics Data Discovery Software Smart Data Discovery

Advanced Analytics Software for All Users!


Self-Serve advanced analytics and data discovery software is an important competitive tool in today’s rapidly changing environment. Self-Serve Data Discovery Tools Must be Sophisticated Yet Easy to Use!

Perbandingan Teknik Data Analisis: Excel, R, Python, dan Software BI


Tidak seperti Python, R, dan software open-source lainnya, Excel yang asli perlu dibeli. Selain belajar bahasa pemrograman seperti R dan Python, Anda juga dapat memilih software BI yang sederhana dan mudah digunakan. Software ini tidak memerlukan coding.

Data Analytics Software is Easy Enough for Business Users!


Data analytics software used to be reserved for data scientists, analysts and IT staff but not today! Smarten Advanced Data Discovery Business Analytics Tools Citizen Data Scientists Data Analytics Data Analytics Software Data Analytics Tools Data and Analytics