The BI solutions intelligence quiz for executives (BI)


Take the BI solutions intelligence quiz and determine how in control of your business you are. Are you a leader? Do you know what’s happening in your business at any point in time? Can you dig into things that matter and explain to others what changes to make to reach budget?

Ongoing growth at American Golf requires fast, reliable information


case study wholesale distribution sales automotive executive BI dashboardsWhen it comes to golf products, no one does it like American Golf in the UK.


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Data mining is more efficient for Colony Tire Service and Atlantic Distributors


case study wholesale distribution sales automotive executive BI dashboardsColony Tire and Service and Atlantic Tire Distributors is a leading provider of tires and services in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Midfix replaces static spreadsheets with on-demand dashboards


case study wholesale distribution sales electrical executive BI dashboardsMIDFIX are experts in onsite and offsite supports for the mechanical and electrical industries, delivered through design, engineering, fabrication and industry training.

Dresner's Point: Can You Have Self-Service BI and Governance Too?

Howard Dresner

I know what you’re probably thinking after reading the title of this blog post: the two are obviously a clash of interests, successful BI requires governance, there’s no middle-of-the road approach and one side will have to sacrifice its interests. Those processes and roles of governance include standards, policies and procedures for steering, organizing, implementing and executing BI initiatives.