Data Quality in Financial Institutions


Datacon Africa DataCon Africa Insights Data and AnalyticsIn the last decade regulatory requirements in financial services increased significantly.

Solving the Insurance Industry’s Data Quality Problem


Using data to inform business decisions only works when the data is correct. Unfortunately for the insurance industry’s data leaders, many data sources are riddled with inaccuracies. Data is the lifeblood of the insurance industry. Data and Analytics

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Data Quality: Making Change a Choice


Big DataIn the modern world, nothing stays the same for long. We live in a state of constant change; new technologies, new trends and new risks. Yet it’s a commonly held belief that people don’t like change.

Are you struggling to get started with Data Quality?   Interview with IQ International


We are pleased to be working with our media partner, IQ International on our Chief Data & Analytics Officer Brisbane event, where they will be sharing some of their work in developing best practice data quality metrics for every industry. CDAO Sydney Data and Analytics

A Guide to Better Data Quality

Without high quality data that we can rely on, we cannot trust our data or launch powerful projects like personalization. In this white paper by Snowplow, you'll learn how to identify data quality problems and discover techniques for capturing complete, accurate data.

Using Extensions to Increase Tableau Data Quality


This post is the first in a series of blogs about Tableau and our Tableau extension for data issue tracking, Tamr Steward. Tableau extensions increase functionality in Tableau, the versatile tool for data analytics and visualization. Tamr Steward: The first issue tracker for data.

Tips to Create Effective Data Quality Rules


You know you can rule the quality of your data. Read on to learn simple but effective tips on how to make superb data quality possible. The bad news is: Low-quality data costs companies about $15 million per year, according to Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey.

Balance Data Quality with Data Agility!


Data Quality vs. Data Agility – A Balanced Approach! When it comes to analytical quality versus analytical agility, we might see the issue in the same light. Sometimes we are so focused on perfection that we do not see the benefit of agility.

Your Guide to Data Quality Management


Setting up data quality management seems to be a blurry task? These best practices will help you improve the quality of your data and, ultimately, your decisions We show what a well-organized process looks like and enumerate the required tools.

Finding Data Quality

Jim Harris

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling, where you sense if you don’t find data quality, then data quality will find you? I hope that you enjoy reading this blog post, but most important, I hope you always remember: “Data are friends, not food.” Data Silos.

Data Quality and Chicken Little Syndrome

Jim Harris

The sales pitches for data quality solutions often suffer from Chicken Little Syndrome, when vendors and consultants, instead of trying to sell the business benefits of data quality , focus too much on the negative aspects of not investing in data quality , and try scaring people into prioritizing data quality initiatives by exclaiming “your company is failing because your data quality is bad!” Data Quality Debates

Data Quality in Six Verbs

Jim Harris

Once upon a time when asked on Twitter to identify a list of critical topics for data quality practitioners, my pithy (with only 140 characters in a tweet, pithy is as good as it gets) response was, and especially since I prefer emphasizing the need to take action, to propose six critical verbs: Investigate , Communicate , Collaborate , Remediate , Inebriate , and Reiterate. 1 — Investigate Data quality is not exactly a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Data Management on Display at Informatica World 2019

David Menninger's Analyst Perspectives

Under that focus, Informatica's conference emphasized capabilities across six areas (all strong areas for Informatica): data integration, data management, data quality & governance, Master Data Management (MDM), data cataloging, and data security.

How in-line address data quality delivers business ready data for AI initiatives

IBM Big Data Hub

Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a letter addressed to “current resident,” or having your financial institution’s AI powered digital assistant inform you that your replacement card is on its way to your old address

Make An Impact: Hidden Reasons Why Your Data Analysis Has No Value


In most of our organizations we have people doing data analysis all over the place. From very technical SQL queries and cubes to the more mundane spreadsheet-based number crunching, we have no shortage of data activity going on.

Practical Points from the DGPO: Things to Know About Stewardship


Stewardship is one of the foundational components of a successful data governance (DG) program but it can also be one of the more confusing areas of DG to understand.

All in the Data: My, My, Hey, Hey – The Value of Data is Here to Stay


Neil Young waxed poetically when he proclaimed that “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust” in his 1987 rock and roll anthems “My, My, Hey, Hey” and its alter-ego, “Hey, Hey, My, My.” On the surface, the statement may seem to tell us that “rock-and-roll is here to stay.” At second or […].

IT 52

Broken Data – What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You – Part 1


The first step to fixing any problem is to understand that problem—this is a significant point of failure when it comes to data. Most organizations agree that they have data issues, categorized as data quality. Organizations typically define the scope of their data problems by their current (known) data quality issues (symptoms).

Steps to an Effective Data Governance Structure


The quality of data used in business is more important now than ever before. Accordingly, in order for organizations to deliver good business results, their data must be accurate, and the use of that data must be governed through policy and monitoring.

The Data Catalog Has Risen


This is surely the case with the “new” products that call themselves data catalogs. But before talking about the rise of the data catalog, I will take […].

Taking the Data Blinders Off


Business has a fundamental problem with data quality. In some places it’s merely painful, in others it’s nearly catastrophic. Why is the problem so pervasive? Why does it never seem to get fixed? I believe we’ve been thinking about the problem wrong. It’s time for a fresh look.

IT 52

Data Starvation and Your Data Metabolism


Data wellness obviously means a lot to me. David Crosby, of super group fame with Stills, Nash and Young, once said that you have to write about something that goes on in your life if you want to write something that means something to you.

All in the Data: Data Governance Made Easy


Organizations that have implemented Data Governance programs, or Information Governance, Data/Information Management or Records Management programs will be the first to tell you that these data disciplines are not easy to operationalize. Data Governance involves […].

Data is Risky Business: Data Literacy is Not Just About Shiny Toys


In this column I want to talk about data literacy, and not because it is the “buzzword de jour.” We’ve seen this before with data […].

Data Cleansing Vs. Data Enrichment – What is the Difference?


Tucked away in portals across the internet, in different formats, with bad headers, strange encoding, and more – the world of data can be treacherous, and despite ‘data scientist’ being dubbed the sexiest job of the century, every data professional knows that it’s not all glitz and glam.

Common Data Governance Challenges


Organizations faced with the delivery of formal Data Governance or Information Governance programs recognize that there are several challenges they will face when getting started and as the program is operationalized.

DG Winter Conference 2019 Takeaways


The 2019 Data Governance Winter Conference took place December 2-6th, 2019 at the oceanfront Marriott Delray Beach in Florida, just steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework – The Details


The third and final part of the Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework details the breakdown of components by level, providing considerations for what must be included at the intersections.

Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities


Roles and responsibilities are the backbone of a successful information or data governance program.

Zen and the Art of Data Maintenance: Big Data, More Data, BIG Issue


More money, more fun, more pleasure, more accomplishment, more intelligence, and yes, more data. More, more, more! We are culturally conditioned to want more. There is an idea that if we get more, we will be happier and more successful. The need for more fuels consumerism and business.

Practical Points from the DGPO: Dawn of Self-Service BI Governance


After decades of hope, hype, over-promising, and disappointment, technology that businesspeople can use is finally becoming available, albeit with some level of data literacy. It seems that Self-Service BI is finally taking off.

The Case of Data Democratization


All businesses, no matter the industry or focus, are completely inundated by data. After all, we live in a very competitive world and data can help everyone improve their business performance.

Defeat Your Data Demons


The stories you hear on the news often mention how this person or that person was battling their demons. Alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive behaviors like gambling … Demons take many forms. Demons almost never result in good things happening.

Business Glossary and Metadata: When a Data Catalog Product is Not a Data Catalog


If you do a general internet search for data catalogs, all sorts of possibilities emerge. If you look closely, and ask a lot of questions, you will find that some of these products are not actually fully functional data catalogs at all.

Challenges of Agile Project Management


When you are quick to adapt to market changes and can deliver quality products and services in rapid succession, you are more likely to stay ahead of the competition. Being agile in today’s market is not an option; it is a competitive advantage you cannot afford to miss.

All in the Data: CDOs Should Be Asking “How” … and Not “Why”


The secret lies with Data Governance. The Chief Data Officer (or whoever the Data Czar is at your organization) needs to get past, and I mean way past, the “Why is Data Governance important?” or “Why do we need Data Governance?” questions if they are ever going to be successful czar-ing the data. Rather, the […].

Toward Data Governance’s 4th Era


Has there ever been a time where more people were talking about data and writing about data than now, as 2020 and a new decade begins? Data analytics is hot. Every company wants to be data driven and every business and individual is […]. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

You Need a Better Data Management Solution


Become a “Data-First” Company The organizations that invest in data first and foremost are changing the business landscape. Apple had famously reached a trillion dollar valuation on August 2, 2018, and analysts predicted that Amazon wasn’t far behind.

The Antidote is Facts – Facts Require Data


Back in 2017, I wrote an article titled There are No Facts … Without Data. It is time to revisit that topic. The overwhelmingly positive response to that article validated for me that most people believed my premise to be true. I was very thankful to see that. In this anti-fact world (watch cable news […].

DAMA International Community Corner: DAMA International Update


The DAMA-International Board of Directors (BoD) would like to communicate the current status of a few activities of interest to our membership and beyond. First, we would like to remind everyone that the EDW2020 conference is now accepting registrations.

Practical Points from the DGPO: What Data Governance Is and Is Not


If you are just starting out and feel overwhelmed by all the various definitions, explanations, and interpretations of data governance, don’t be alarmed. Even well-seasoned data governance veterans can struggle with the definition and explanation of what they do day to day.

Practical Points from the DGPO: You Can Be Successful in Data Governance


Aren’t you tired of seeing articles, blogs, and postings about struggling and failing data governance programs? One of the frequent questions that the Data Governance Professionals Organization (DGPO) receives is “can anyone REALLY be successful with data governance?”

Data Management 20/20: Business Glossary Best Practices


Everyone talks about collecting, storing, and analyzing data but how do you make use of this data if you cannot understand it? The primary problem is the meaning of data within a certain context where it is used. It’s all about communication.