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How IBM is helping accelerate AI adoption and application centric connectivity

IBM Big Data Hub

Let’s continue the conversation It’s great to be back in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2024, and I invite you to join us and learn more about how you can apply AI and intelligent automation to help your organization unlock new revenue, optimize network operations, and achieve application-centric connectivity.

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Why Are Organizations Focusing on Data Security?

Smart Data Collective

Other crucial company information includes risk mitigation procedures, revenue optimization, etc. A well-established corporation would not want such data to fall into the hands of its competitors. A leak of such data could result in irreparable losses. Therefore, it is safe to say that data is a crucial company asset.


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Casinos Post COVID-19: Preparing For The Reopening


Like setting up a more advanced CRM, updating the slot machines that come with in-built revenue optimization tools, developing a better website equipped with upsell modules that can generate more revenue per user, and much more.

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Using Analytics to Maximize Revenue with a SaaS Business Model

Smart Data Collective

They need to leverage analytics strategically to maximize their revenue. Data Analytics is an Invaluable Part of SaaS Revenue Optimization. Data analytics technology is becoming a more important aspect of business models in all industries. SaaS companies are no exception.

Modeling 101
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A Guide to Data Analytics in the Travel Industry


Below are a few examples: Revenue management and optimization Big data analysis enables companies to make data-driven decisions about pricing based on historical transactional data. Data analytics offers a comprehensive view of what is or isn’t working, and these insights can inform new business goals and drive revenue optimization.