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Insurance Claims Modeling With GLM: A Modern Approach


The estimated risk of an insurance policy is the minimum price an insurer should quote to be breakeven, therefore evaluating this risk with precision and confidence is the foundation of a robust quoting system. Estimating risk is the essential ingredient to determine the price of an insurance policy.

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Taking Smarter Risks to Monetize Your Data


A productive business case will have specific data for anticipated profit and loss and build toward an expected breakeven point. What does adoption look like? What is the forecast for orders, revenue, cost, etc.? The data-based constraints of these targets are extremely important to keeping your innovation on track. Prototype your product.

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No one knows where America’s helipads are, except this neural network


Distance from airport breakeven distance : Uber has calculated that on a purely distance-based comparison, ridesharing using current helicopter technology could out-perform a taxi in terms of cost after a given distance.

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What Is Embedded Analytics?

Jet Global

If you are building quantitative ROI models, that difference in time will show up as the breakeven point earlier in the project lifecycle. Benefits Compared to coding on your own, utilizing a third-party product will give you access to more capabilities in less time. The faster path to value usually drives the “buy” decision.