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Insurance Charges Prediction Using MLIB

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction on MLIB In this MLIB article, we will be working to predict the insurance charges that will be imposed on a customer who is willing to take the health insurance, and for predicting the same PySpark’s MLIB library is the driver to […].

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PolicyGPT Can Clear All Your Insurance Queries

Analytics Vidhya

PolicyGPT is a service created to make health insurance more affordable. A Glimpse into the Future of […] The post PolicyGPT Can Clear All Your Insurance Queries appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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Applications of Machine Learning and AI in Insurance in 2023

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction Source: App Inventiv Like other industries, 2020 (the COVID-19 pandemic) was a rough patch for the insurance industry. Here are some of the numbers that support this claim: The Willis Towers […] The post Applications of Machine Learning and AI in Insurance in 2023 appeared first on Analytics Vidhya.

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Mitigating the impact of climate change in insurance and other financial services  

IBM Big Data Hub

According to Berenberg analysts , individual insurance companies faced total claims estimates of up to approximately USD 300 million. For other financial services firms outside of the insurance sector, property accepted as loan security might face climate-related risks as well.

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Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust

AI has the power to transform countless industries — including the healthcare, banking, insurance, and public service sectors, to name just a few — by introducing new efficiencies and revealing new opportunities for companies to solve problems.

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What Erie Insurance does to develop transformational talent

CIO Business Intelligence

When the leadership team at Erie Insurance planned a large-scale transformation, they knew it couldn’t be an IT-only effort. Finally, the way Erie Insurance drives transformation is by leveraging enterprise business agility. Change Management, CIO, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Insurance Industry, IT Leadership, IT Strategy

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Solving the Insurance Industry’s Data Quality Problem


Unfortunately for the insurance industry’s data leaders, many data sources are riddled with inaccuracies. Data is the lifeblood of the insurance industry. Using data to inform business decisions only works when the data is correct.

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