Toward Data Governance’s 4th Era


Has there ever been a time where more people were talking about data and writing about data than now, as 2020 and a new decade begins? Data analytics is hot. Every company wants to be data driven and every business and individual is […]. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

What’s the Current State of Data Governance and Automation?


I’m excited to share the results of our new study with Dataversity that examines how data governance attitudes and practices continue to evolve. Defining Data Governance: What Is Data Governance? . 1 reason to implement data governance.

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Speaker Spotlight Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics, Epworth HealthCare


Joining us at the Data and Analytics in Healthcare (4-5 March | Melbourne), we are pleased to welcome Day Manuet, Data Analyst – Analytics at Epworth HealthCare. CDAO Sydney Data Analytics Data Strategy DA Healthcare Data Governance

What is Big Data Analytics?

Mixpanel on Data

Companies use big data analytics to uncover new and exciting insights in large and varied datasets. It helps them forecast market trends, identify hidden correlations between data flows, and understand their customers’ preferences in fine detail. Big data also moves fast.

Big Data Analytics Is The 21st Century’s Biggest Disruptor In Healthcare

Smart Data Collective

The healthcare sector is heavily dependent on advances in big data. Healthcare organizations are using predictive analytics , machine learning, and AI to improve patient outcomes, yield more accurate diagnoses and find more cost-effective operating models. Big data capturing.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Arvind Murali

Perficient Data & Analytics

The current digital age has generated an exponential amount of data. From mobile devices and online activity to enterprise performance metrics and operational considerations, data is all around us. Some clients begin with a clean slate and want to capitalize on their legacy data assets.

The latest edition of The Data & Analytics Dictionary is now out

Peter James Thomas

After a hiatus of a few months, the latest version of the Data and Analytics Dictionary is now available. Data Architecture – Definition (2). Data Catalogue. Data Community. Data Domain (contributor: Taru Väre ). Data Enrichment.

Is Google Cloud Platform Ready to Run Your Data Analytics Pipeline?

Sanjeev Mohan

Is Google Cloud Platform Ready to Run Your Data Analytics Pipeline? I spent the majority of my time helping clients decide which was the right Hadoop platform and which NoSQL / nonrelational data store to pick for specific use cases.

How Much Time Could Your Company Save If You Said Goodbye to Data Migration?

Data Virtualization

In this article, I will discuss the complexity of data migration when transitioning to a new system, based on the traditional ways of working. I will explain why data virtualization can play a role in taking away this complexity, for.

Silver Sponsor ElegantJ BI Demonstrates Smarten Analytic at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, June 5-6, Mumbai, India


ElegantJ BI, an innovative vendor in Business Intelligence, Augmented Analytics and Augmented Data Preparation, is pleased to announce its participation in the Gartner 2018 INDIA Data & Analytics Summit from 5 – 6th June 2018 in Mumbai, India.

Interview with Dominic Sartorio, Senior Vice President for Products & Development, Protegrity


Ahead of the Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers, Insurance event we caught up with Dominic Sartorio, Senior Vice President for Products & Development, Protegrity to discuss how the industry is evolving. What is the most common mistake people make around data?

Benefits of Metadata Management Automation in the Insurance Industry


Modern businesses live and die by the quality of the data they collect and use. Retail companies—both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar—as well as manufacturing, transportation, and services, have come to think of themselves as “data companies.”

Governing for digital transformation and growth


The former sees growing investment in data analytics to become data-driven (45% of organizations expect to increase their spending in this area) while the latter is fueled by disruptive technology and the adoption of AI (41% of organizations name it as their game changer).

6 Data And Analytics Trends To Prepare For In 2020

Smart Data Collective

We’re well past the point of realization that big data and advanced analytics solutions are valuable — just about everyone knows this by now. Big data alone has become a modern staple of nearly every industry from retail to manufacturing, and for good reason.

How Verizon Is Building A Big Data And AI Culture

Bruno Aziza

VEDA — Verizon Enterprise Data Analytics—is an enterprise organization that addresses data management, data governance, data warehousing and data lakes and common analytical and AI technologies

Business Users Can Enjoy Self-Serve Data Preparation!


The Benefits of Self-Serve Data Prep for YOU and Business Users! The benefits of augmented analytics that includes self-serve data preparation for business users…well, those benefits are truly impressive! Reduce the time to prepare data for analysis.

IBM CDO Conference: The Chief Data Officer Role Is Evolving

Hurwitz & Associates

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have a weighty responsibility: they are “on point” to find the actionable insights and data trends from analysis of data lakes, data repositories and virtual “seas” of data flowing across their large organizations. Data silos, different data formats – and organizational changes combining disparate data systems – make the CDO’s tasks challenging. Execute enterprise-wide governance and management systems.

Core technologies and tools for AI, big data, and cloud computing

O'Reilly on Data

Highlights and use cases from companies that are building the technologies needed to sustain their use of analytics and machine learning. In a forthcoming survey, “Evolving Data Infrastructure,” we found strong interest in machine learning (ML) among respondents across geographic regions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption in European enterprise

O'Reilly on Data

In a recent survey , we explored how companies were adjusting to the growing importance of machine learning and analytics, while also preparing for the explosion in the number of data sources. You can find full results from the survey in the free report “Evolving Data Infrastructure”.).

Advanced Analytics: If You Don’t Know What You Need, How Can You Succeed?


Every enterprise is talking about Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Every enterprise has considered the benefits of implementing self-serve analytics across the organization and involving business users in the process. Requirements Planning for Data Analytics.

The Madness of Data (and analytics) Governance

Andrew White

The outline of the call went as follows: I was taking to a central state agency who was organizing a data governance initiative (in their words) across three other state agencies. All four agencies had reported an independent but identical experience with data governance in the past.

An Integrated Approach to Tackling Financial Institutions’ Data Challenges


These challenges require banks to drastically improve the way they treat their data, resulting in changes such as making sure every data customer has access to real-time data, and putting integrated data structures in place that are flexible to changing external pressures.

The 10 Essential SaaS Trends You Should Watch Out For In 2020


“Software as a service” (SaaS) is becoming an increasingly viable choice for organizations looking for the accessibility and versatility of software solutions and online data analysis tools without the need to rely on installing and running applications on their own computer systems and data centers.

Your Modern Business Guide To Data Analysis Methods And Techniques


In our data-rich age, understanding how to analyze and extract true meaning from the digital insights available to our business is one of the primary drivers of success. Despite the colossal volume of data we create every day, a mere 0.5% What Is A Data Analysis Method?

Using Extensions to Increase Tableau Data Quality


This post is the first in a series of blogs about Tableau and our Tableau extension for data issue tracking, Tamr Steward. Tableau extensions increase functionality in Tableau, the versatile tool for data analytics and visualization.

2019 Highlights in Metadata Management


What a flashback to see all that we’ve achieved this year in data governance, risk and compliance, data analysis and reporting. The market demands easy and speedy management of data amid an increasingly complex data landscape.

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 12

Domino Data Lab

Paco Nathan ‘s latest monthly article covers Sci Foo as well as why data science leaders should rethink hiring and training priorities for their data science teams. In this episode I’ll cover themes from Sci Foo and important takeaways that data science teams should be tracking.

A Day in the Life of an Analyst at Gartner IT Symposium XPO 2019 USA – Day 4 Oct 24 2019

Andrew White

4 times this week I was exploring best practices about data and analytics governance and the folks I was speaking with lept ahead to a more advanced question. Already ‘data and analytics’ might be passé. Vision/Data Driven/Outcomes 28. Data lake 4.

Self-Service Data Prep: A Tool for Business Users


Self-Serve Data Preparation Makes Business Users More Productive and Efficient! There is too much to do in a day to wait for someone else to give you the data you need.

Predictive Analytics in Finance Can Accelerate Data-Driven Enterprise Transformation


This can result in fragmented systems and data becoming further siloed, making it more difficult to uncover transformative insights. Every finance organization has rich, robust data pulsing through its systems around the clock. Enhancing the use of data at.

Information Governance – The Secret to Monetizing Data


With the increasing value of data and more tools to process and analyze information than ever before, companies with information governance and master data model programs are outpacing their peers. How does data benefit the entire company? Data is an asset.

Why Do You Need Self-Serve Data Preparation?


Self-Serve Data Preparation Takes the Headache Out of Data Analytics! Self-Serve Data Preparation (aka augmented data preparation) is all about efficiency and the presentation of sophisticated data preparation tools in an easy-to-use environment.

What is SSDP and Can it Truly Make Analytics Self-Serve?


SSDP (otherwise known as self-serve data preparation) is the logical evolution of business intelligence analytical tools. With self-serve tools, data discovery and analytics tools are accessible to team members and business users across the enterprise.

Five Steps for Building a Successful BI Strategy


We’ve been talking a lot recently about companies needing to use their data in order to stay in business in the future. We’ve even gone as far as saying that every company is a data company , whether they know it or not. Every company has been generating data for a while now.

What is going on in the world of data and analytics?

Andrew White

I have blogged before (see this from 2014: A Day in the Life of an Analyst” at Gartner’s IT/Expo Symposium – Day 3 ) about the hot topics I discussed with attendees at our Symposia and data and analytics conferences. MDM is dead; at least the old idea that was peddled that all data in a master file is master data. Your Future Requires You to Define Your Real Master Data. This ties into the failure of data governance and MDM (see first item in this list).

How to Choose the Best Analytics Platform, and Empower Business-Driven Analytics


Choosing the right analytics solution isn't easy. Successfully navigating the 20,000+ analytics and business intelligence solutions on the market requires a special approach. C-level executives and professionals alike must learn to speak a new language - data. Applied Analytics.

Rethinking Data Marts in the Cloud


Become more agile with business intelligence and data analytics. Many of us are all too familiar with the traditional way enterprises operate when it comes to on-premises data warehousing and data marts: the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is often the center of the universe.

Establish a Solid Foundation for Advanced Analytics


As advanced analytics and self-serve, augmented analytical tools make their way into the average enterprise, the average organization struggles to quantify the effects and, moreover, to understand and leverage the changes within the business.

BlueData now certified with Cloudera


We have partnered HPE and BlueData to deliver the Enterprise Data Cloud experience running on containers. We at Cloudera have always embraced the power of the cloud and have long been dedicated to enterprise-ready advanced data analytics.

Emirates NBD: Enabling digital transformation, delivering innovation, and a more personalized customer experience


This needed to include real-time data flows, deep analytical capabilities and most importantly, the ability to leverage such analytics to enable increased benefits to the customer. Leveraging a partnership with Cloudera to drive data analytics and operational intelligence.

Modernizing and optimizing enterprise reporting [Infographic]


Recent years have seen extensive interest in topics around explorative BI such as advanced and predictive analytics. Today’s data-literate users want governed and scalable self-service BI functions to answer critical business questions and to get the most out of their data assets.