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AWS Glue for Handling Metadata

Analytics Vidhya

The managed service offers a simple and cost-effective method of categorizing and managing big data in an enterprise. The post AWS Glue for Handling Metadata appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. It provides organizations with […].

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Metadata Management and Data Governance with Cloudera SDX


This will allow a data office to implement access policies over metadata management assets like tags or classifications, business glossaries, and data catalog entities, laying the foundation for comprehensive data access control. First, a set of initial metadata objects are created by the data steward.


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Metadata Management Best Practices: How to Plan Your Metadata Management Program


Metadata has been defined as the who, what, where, when, why, and how of data. Without the context given by metadata, data is just a bunch of numbers and letters. But going on a rampage to define, categorize, and otherwise metadata-ize your data doesn’t necessarily give you the key to the value in your data. Hold on tight!

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Best Practices for Metadata Management


What Is Metadata? Metadata is information about data. A clothing catalog or dictionary are both examples of metadata repositories. Indeed, a popular online catalog, like Amazon, offers rich metadata around products to guide shoppers: ratings, reviews, and product details are all examples of metadata.

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Machine Learning Metadata Store


In this article, we will learn about metadata stores, the need for them, their components, and metadata store management.

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What Is Active Metadata Management and How Does It Work?


First, what active metadata management isn’t : “Okay, you metadata! Now, what active metadata management is (well, kind of): “Okay, you metadata! Metadata are the details on those tools: what they are, what to use them for, what to use them with. . That takes active metadata management.

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The Art of Lean Governance: Governance Metadata Management


Common themes were the growing importance of governance metadata, especially in the areas of business value, success measurement and reduction in operational and data risk. The future lies in metadata management. Governance metadata management […].