Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to Aug 10)

Andrew White

Donald Feinberg , with our number 1 this week, just published the presentation version of a recent number 1 note. Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the most read data and analytics research directly. This list excludes our branded research such as Magic Quadrants etc.

Forrester 2019 Enterprise BI Platform Waves ™ Research Update

Boris Evelson

Forrester has just published 2019 refresh of out Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms Waves ™. As the BI market and the technology continue to evolve, so does our research.

BI 84

PepsiCo’s competitive strategy turned into KPIs


Let’s look at the KPIs and business strategy of PepsiCo from the perspective of their recently published Q2 2017 results

This New Google Technique Help Us Understand How Neural Networks are Thinking


Recently, researchers from the Google Brain team published a paper proposing a new method called Concept Activation Vectors (CAVs) that takes a new angle to the interpretability of deep learning models. 2019 Jul Tutorials, Overviews Accuracy Deep Learning Google Interpretability Neural Networks

2013 Predictions: The End of Big Iron


These predictions were first published as a contributed article in VMblog’s 5th Annual Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series

Blockchain applications in the Federal Government sector

Rocket-Powered Data Science

I always defer those types of questions to open source materials, including articles, press releases, and content published on my company’s website. My current position is Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor at global technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. In this role, I am frequently asked many questions about the work we are doing, specifically with the U.S. federal government.

Will The Real HCI Market Leader Please Stand Up?


IDC recently published its latest market share statistics for “Converged Infrastructure,” which includes the rapidly-growing hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market as a distinct category

Deep Learning: Past and Future


Their work, ‘A logical Calculus of Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity’ was published, and it put forth a combination of algorithms and mathematics that were aimed at mimicking. Deep learning is growing in both popularity and revenue.

Data Visualisation according to a Four-year-old

Peter James Thomas

When I recently published the latest edition of The Data & Analytics Dictionary , I included an entry on Charts which briefly covered a number of the most frequently used ones. This will be published in the next couple of weeks. Click to view a larger version in a new window.

How To Build A Modern & Effective Video Marketing Strategy


Finalize a Publishing Platform. Once you decide the video content type, the next step is to choose the right platform to publish the same. To get the most out of your video marketing campaign, select the most appropriate video content type and publishing platform for your video.

Machine Learning Drives Skyrocketing Demand for Entry Level Python Coders


Coding Dojo published an article on the employment landscape for programmers. Even professional engineers are often dismayed by the pace of change in the technology industry. One of the biggest examples is with the emergence of machine learning.

Tukey, Design Thinking, and Better Questions

Simply Statistics

Roughly once a year, I read John Tukey’s paper “The Future of Data Analysis” , originally published in 1962 in the Annals of Mathematical Statistics.

Track Cluster Evolution Over Time with a New Visual Experience


entities like Customers or Suppliers) change over time, track lineage, and publish results to their downstream systems. The new visualization helps data preparers review changes before publishing master data downstream to apps like PowerBI, Tableau, etc.

6 Ways Blockchain Revolutionizes Digital Marketing


According to an analyst from Forrester Research, ad publishers who remove middleman can increase their CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) from $1 to $5.

Intelligent Reporting - How Big Data and AI Are Changing the Way We Create and Analyze Reports


According to a report published by Deloitte, the main connection between making a decision on all business levels, and utilizing AI, lies in a partnership – humans having the final say on defining questions, issues, and answers while AI analyzing large volumes of data to provide a constructive basis.

Open letter to journal editors: dynamite plots must die

Simply Statistics

For example, this British Journal of Pharmacology paper titled Show the data, don’t conceal them was published in 2011. Statisticians have been pointing out the problem with dynamite plots, also known as bar and line graphs, for years. Karl Broman lists them as one of the top ten worst graphs.

Phocas appoints new president of U.S. division to accelerate growth


He will be instrumental in further enhancing Phocas’ partnership strategy with ERP publishers. Phocas is excited to announce the appointment of Jay Deubler as the new President of our U.S. division.

Why Data Analysis Is the Key to Link Building Success

Smart Data Collective

Spamming links will get you penalized by Google , so the most common approach here is to write articles for high-profile publishers, including a link back to your content as a functional citation.

ROI 81

AI Image Processing is Changing the Direction of Countless Industries


Last year, Elsevier published a white paper on this topic, titled “An optimal big data workflow for biomedical image analysis.”. Big data is playing a prominent role in the area of image processing.

Gartner 100 – Consumerization of Technology is complete

Mark McDonald

The analysis, published in mid May 2019 names the top 100 IT services companies by revenue. Consumer revenue is a major component of large technology companies. The list top 5 in the list for 2018 were: Apple $262 billion.

How to Cope with Three of the Most Tedious Big Data Obstacles


According to a whitepaper published in 2017 by research group IDC, worldwide data will swell to 163ZB by 2025, with the majority of this data being created and managed by enterprises.

Being at the Center

Simply Statistics

One investigator wants to publish a paper as quickly as possible (perhaps they are a junior faculty that needs to publish papers or they know there is a competitor doing the same research). Yet another thinks that there’s nothing worth publishing here and yet another wants to wait and collect more data. What happens in these situations is a kind of “statistical horse trading” You want a paper published quickly?

BusinessObjects Users Advancing Toward What Will Be

Paul Blogs on BI

With an estimated 45% of BusinessObjects customers now using Tableau, the demo showed how you can schedule, burst and intelligently publish a Web Intelligence document to a Tableau Hyper extract.

Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake

In(tegrate) the Clouds

SnapLogic published Eight Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake. The company also recently hosted a webinar on Democratizing the Data Lake with Constellation Research and published 2 whitepapers from Mark Madsen. They are: Storage and Data Formats. Ingest and Delivery. Discovery and Preparation. Transformation and Analytics. Streaming. Scheduling and Workflow. Metadata and Governance. Security. The post originally appeared on ITBusinessEdge as a slide show.

The Future Belongs To Cyborgs And Centaurs


I came of age with easy access to WIRED Magazine, the Whole Earth Catalog, and most of the world’s published books. If you want evidence that future technology is going to be radically transformative, just look at the 1990s. They were crazy.

The Year Ahead in Analytics and BI – The Bake Off Goes Bigger

Cindi Howson

My colleague Jorgen Heizenberg has also been looking at data for good work from D&A service providers, and we hope to publish a note on this in Q2 (here is last year’s note ). 2019 Analytics and BI Magic Quadrant : This normally publishes in February. Happy New Year!

BI 87

Review of “Driving Digital Strategy” (HBR Press) Part 1

DSI Analytics

Title: Driving Digital Strategy: A Guide to Reimagining Your Business This book was published by HBR Press on July 24, 2018 Author: SUNIL GUPTA is the Edward W. Carter Professor of Business at Harvard Business School, where he is the chair of the General Management Program and co-chair of the executive program on Driving Digital […]. The post Review of “Driving Digital Strategy” (HBR Press) Part 1 appeared first on DSI Analytics

Data Makes Possible Many Things: Insights Discovery, Innovation, and Better Decisions

Rocket-Powered Data Science

” A series of articles that drive home the all-important value of data is being published on the DataMakesPossible.com site. In the early days of the big data era (at the peak of the big data hype), we would often hear about the 3 V’s of big data (Volume, Variety, and Velocity).

The Best Analytics and BI Tool, Take Two

Cindi Howson

If you have been with me in this space since my BI Scorecard days, you know that I used to publish updates every quarter, and some details every month. Many of our inquiry calls focus on who has the best BI tool, or even strengths and weaknesses between particular products.

How to Configure the Power BI Gateway to use Dataset Connection Parameters

Paul Turley

A service provider or vendor might want to publish multiple copies of a report that should connect to different database servers or databases. In a true multitenant service solution, we would have a singe database with row-level user mapping tables that filter data by the logged in user. True multitenant solutions require quite a lot … Continue reading → BI Projects Business Analytics Microsoft BI Platform Power BI Power Query SQL Server

The complex process of obtaining Puerto Rico mortality data: a timeline

Simply Statistics

I was also an author on a paper published in May based on a survey of 3,000 households. The main reason is that we were not provided the 2017 data and did not know if what was being published was official government data or not. Nov 08 - The New York times publishes an article based on funeral home data confirming our suspicion that the situation in Puerto Rico is much worse than was reported on October 3.

Guest Post: Galin Jones on criteria for promotion and tenture in (bio)statistics departments

Simply Statistics

This is often code for publishing as many articles as possible in the big four journals–JASA, Biometrika, JRSSB, and the Annals of Statistics. and so on are often viewed as being helpful to the P+T case only if they connect directly to a paper published in a traditional statistics journal. Editor’s Note: I attended an ASA Chair’s meeting and spoke about ways we could support junior faculty in data science.

5 Questions every CEO should ask before embarking on a Data Transformation

Peter James Thomas

The title of this article is borrowed from a piece published by recruitment consultants La Fosse Associates earlier in the year. As its content consisted of me being interviewed by their Senior Managing Consultant, Liam Grier , I trust that I won’t get accused of plagiarism.

What is on the Microsoft Data Science Certification Exam?

Data Science 101

R Power BI Publishing Azure ML models. I took and passed the exam during the beta period. These are my memories of the topics on the exam. You can get this information as the Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Checklist. General Overview. Below is the basic structure of the DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure. Passing the exam will qualify you for the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification.

How to Understand a DataRobot Model: Understanding Why a Prediction Has Its Value [Part 8]


A recently published research paper from Columbia University described a common dilemma in machine learning.

Democratizing Data and the Rise of the Citizen Analyst


To successfully introduce and oversee the idea of democratized data, organizations must ensure that information about data assets is accumulated, documented and published for context-rich use across the organization.

How to Manage Tableau Extensions in your Enterprise


Since the deployment of the extensions API, Tableau has published a resource of extensions ready to use in dashboards today. Tableau recently published a document of best practices for extension deployment that outlines the security requirements in place to protect Tableau users.

Specialized tools for machine learning development and model governance are becoming essential

O'Reilly on Data

A few years ago, we started publishing articles (see “Related resources” at the end of this post) on the challenges facing data teams as they start taking on more machine learning (ML) projects. Why companies are turning to specialized machine learning tools like MLflow.

Understanding the new Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant and the IBM position

IBM Big Data Hub

The new Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Master Data Management has been published, and what you might not notice at first glance is that this year, IBM chose not to participate.

The quest for high-quality data

O'Reilly on Data

A lot of articles are written about new breakthrough models, many of which are created by researchers who publish not only papers, but code written in popular open source libraries. Machine learning solutions for data integration, cleaning, and data generation are beginning to emerge. “AI