News publishers push back against Apple over app store terms


(Reuters) - Major news publishers are seeking more favorable terms from Apple Inc on commissions the iPhone maker collects from them on payments made through its app store, according to a letter posted by a trade body on Thursday.

PUBG Corp says Tencent not to publish mobile game in India


NEW DELHI (Reuters) - PUBG Corp, the unit of a South Korean company behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), will no longer give Tencent Games the rights to publish its popular mobile game in India, it said in a blog.

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Semantic Technology-based Media Publishing Boosts User Engagement


In this overflow of news and information, media publishers have to go the extra mile to keep users engaged and willing to come back to their online platforms. Just as in Medieval times the town criers dressed in bright colors to catch the eye, media publishers today are applying various strategies to attract readers’ attention. The Role of Semantic Technology in Media Publishing.

Data and Analytics Hype Cycles for 2020 Just Published!

Andrew White

The post Data and Analytics Hype Cycles for 2020 Just Published! Here is a reference to the range and breadth of data and analytics hype in the market. Start by understanding how to use and read a hype cycle. Enjoy! Hype Cycle for Enterprise Information Management, 2020 Hype around data and analytics continues at fever pitch, driven in part by increased demands related to COVID-19. Yet organizations struggle to deliver business value from D&A investments.

The Evolving Role of the CDO and CAO

Speaker: Ash Dhupar (CAO), Ben Donlon (CAO), Chris Hutchins (CDAO), Larry Shiller (CDO)

What is the point of a Chief Data/Analytics Officer? If you're in one of the many fields currently adopting this role, you've almost certainly heard this question; maybe you're in the process of answering it within your company. Join us and a panel of C-suite data and analytics professionals for hard-earned insights into what the CAO, CDO, and CDAO roles entail - and how you can create and move into these roles within your organization, if they aren't already there.

GraphDB Empowers Scientific Projects to Fight COVID-19 and Publish Knowledge Graphs


The FHIRCat group at the Mayo Clinic has published the CORD-19-on-FHIR dataset for COVID-19 research. The post GraphDB Empowers Scientific Projects to Fight COVID-19 and Publish Knowledge Graphs appeared first on Ontotext.

Just Published: Dual Forrester Wave™ Evaluations On Text Analytics

Forrester's Customer Insights

Enterprises have been successfully leveraging analytics platforms such as business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics based on machine learning (PAML), cognitive search, and others for multiple applications and use cases for decades. That has not been the case with text analytics or natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Forrester tracks over hundred vendors whose platforms are mostly […].

Understanding and coding Neural Networks From Scratch in Python and R

Analytics Vidhya

Note: This article was originally published on May 29, 2017, and updated on July 24, 2020 Overview Neural Networks is one of the most. The post Understanding and coding Neural Networks From Scratch in Python and R appeared first on Analytics Vidhya. Algorithm Data Science Deep Learning Intermediate Machine Learning Python R Back Propagation data science Forward Propagation gradient descent live coding machine learning Multi Layer Perceptron Neural network NN Perceptron python

Can Neural Networks Develop Attention? Google Thinks they Can


Google recently published some work about modeling attention mechanisms in deep neural networks. 2019 Nov Opinions Attention Google Neural Networks

AI-powered business intelligence: The future of analytics

IBM Big Data Hub

Teasing new O'Reilly thought leadership report being published this week. Will need help on 3 images used to drive to blog

Sony slides 2% as Microsoft flashes cash to boost games lineup


TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp's shares slid as much as 2% in Tokyo trade on Wednesday after Microsoft Corp said it would buy the parent of games publisher Bethesda Softworks, in a deal to bolster its games slate as it eyes cloud gaming expansion. By Sam Nussey.

Emerging Currency Markets to Shift from Series Models to Deep Learning


This statistic has been cited numerous times since it was first published by MarketsandMarkets. Deep Learning Shows Promise for Emerging EconomiesA 2017 study published by the Termopil National Economic University in Termopil, Ukraine focused on this emerging topic.

New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Updates Report

Paul Turley

After publishing the original daily COVID-19 cases report on March 14, Johns Hopkins University changed the file format. This required us to publish an updated dataset with a new report, which you can access here. Since the original solution was posted, I have received a tremendous amount of feedback, suggestions for enhancements and corrections. I … Continue reading → Microsoft BI Platform

Hackers leak personal data of 1,000 Belarusian police on weekend of protests


As the arrests continue, we will continue to publish data on a massive scale," said a statement that was distributed by the opposition news channel Nexta Live on the messaging app Telegram. "No

Demystifying the Power BI XMLA Endpoint

Paul Turley

Data models published to the Power BI service now support version control, scripted builds and team application life cycle management, enterprise IT tooling and scripted object management. Using the XMLA endpoint, the Power BI Premium service now includes the capabilities of SQL Server Analysis & Azure Analysis Services combined with newer data modeling capabilities of Power BI.

Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to Sep 6)

Andrew White

The note, Build a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Citizen Data Science to Drive Analytics , was originally published last year but the content is proving interesting for those clients interested in citizen data science. Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the notes directly.

Apple commits to freedom of information and expression in human rights policy


(Reuters) - Apple Inc said it was committed to freedom of information and expression in a document it has published on its humans rights policy - a move which follows increased pressure from shareholders.

Facebook to block news on Australian sites after new law, riling lawmakers


Assuming this draft code becomes law, we will reluctantly stop allowing publishers and. By Byron Kaye and Jonathan Barrett.

Huawei fears it may be excluded from Poland's 5G network


On Tuesday, Poland published a draft cybersecurity law, giving interested parties 14 days to comment.

IT 187

Asymptotics of Reproducibility

Simply Statistics

During (or after) that time, scientific results are published. While the funding can be used to prepare materials (data, software, and code) to make the published findings reproducible at the instant of publication, there is no funding afterwards for dealing with two key tasks: Ensuring that the work continues to be reproducible given changes to the software and computing environment (maintenance).

Google goes public with rebuke on Australia antitrust law


The Alphabet-owned company said the proposed laws would also help big media companies artificially inflate their search rankings, luring more viewers to their platforms and giving them an unfair advantage over small publishers and users of Google's YouTube streaming website. By Renju Jose.

Spain aims to tax services like Whatsapp based on revenue


Levies would be imposed on instant messaging providers in the same way as it is on telecoms operators, under a new draft law which was published on Friday, starting a consultation period in which people are invited to give feedback.

India's main opposition seeks probe into Facebook's treatment of Modi's party


Citing a report published by the Wall Street Journal on Friday, the party said employees of Facebook and WhatsApp overseeing Indian content had refused to bar a lawmaker from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party who had posted incendiary comments, to protect the company's "commercial interests".

Automatic Feature Engineering: An Event-Driven Approach


This blog post was originally published in October 2018 on Data From the Trenches. TL;DR : As data science evolves as a discipline, we think that it’s time to have a more systematic approach to feature engineering.

India parliamentary panel to question Facebook on content controversy


The discussion with Facebook will last for 30 minutes, according to a notice published late on Thursday. By Aditya Kalra and Nigam Prusty.

Factbox: High-frequency data sources for tracking the U.S. pandemic economy


Department of Labor's Weekly Jobless Claims [link] report, published every Thursday morning, has long been viewed as the most timely official data on the state of U.S.

Telecom Italia offers some flexibility on single network


MILAN (Reuters) - Telecom Italia (TIM) won't accept less than 50% of any single broadband network but is ready to show flexibility on issues such as governance and regulation, its CEO said in an interview published on Thursday.

PepsiCo’s competitive strategy turned into KPIs


Let’s look at the KPIs and business strategy of PepsiCo from the perspective of their recently published Q2 2017 results

Ant Group makes pre-listing filing in China for blockbuster IPO


The company is being advised on a domestic listing by CICC and CSC Financial, a filing published on the official website of Zhejiang Regulatory Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission showed on Friday, suggesting the two Chinese investment banks will be leading its. By Kane Wu.

Alibaba, Xiaomi to join Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index


The change announced by the Hang Seng Indexes Company on Friday was made possible after the 50-year-old benchmark's publisher changed the rules on shareholder structure and secondary listings in May.

This New Google Technique Help Us Understand How Neural Networks are Thinking


Recently, researchers from the Google Brain team published a paper proposing a new method called Concept Activation Vectors (CAVs) that takes a new angle to the interpretability of deep learning models. 2019 Jul Tutorials, Overviews Accuracy Deep Learning Google Interpretability Neural Networks

What Data Can Teach Us About Worker Safety


Organizations like OSHA already publish findings like this, but big data takes it to a new scale.OSHA requires businesses to report severe injuries, like those that lead to hospitalization. The workplace today is safer than it has ever been, but there's still room for improvement.

Independent Research Firm Releases 2020 Enterprise Data Fabric Wave Report – What’s New?

Data Virtualization

Independent technology and market research company – Forrester Research has published The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020 report. Using three high-level categories: offering, strategy, and market presence, the report has characterized and stacked up 15 enterprise data fabric. Technology Big Data Fabric data fabric Data fabric platform data virtualization Denodo Platform enterprise data fabric Forrester Forrester Wave

Exclusive: ByteDance censored anti-China content in Indonesia until mid-2020, say sources


Those guidelines, which are published on its website, do not mention China or the Chinese government. "A By Fanny Potkin. SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Chinese tech giant ByteDance censored content it perceived as critical of the Chinese government on its news aggregator app in Indonesia from 2018 to mid-2020, six people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Fzmovies Hindi: Download Free Online Bollywood, Hollywood & Hindi Movies


The government’s efforts to put an end to this predicament seems to be ineffective.Soon after the launching of great Hollywood or Bollywood films are published, the inquiries via the Internet about this page are increasing. The Fzmovies Hindi website offers pirated movies. The site is managed from within the USA. Pirated films in a variety of languages are available on this page. Although Piracy is an offence in India, these types of sites are thriving randomly in India.

New Poll: Data Science Skills


If you are human, please vote and we will analyze and publish the results. New KDnuggets poll asks 1) What Data Science/Machine Learning-related skills you currently have, and 2) Which skills you want to add or improve? 2019 Aug Opinions Data Science Skills Poll Skills

Why and how Nokia changed the game with people analytics


The article was originally published on Hyperight Read.What happens when a company grows so rapidly and its employee base increases three-fold?

How companies are building sustainable AI and ML initiatives

O'Reilly on Data

In 2017, we published “ How Companies Are Putting AI to Work Through Deep Learning ,” a report based on a survey we ran aiming to help leaders better understand how organizations are applying AI through deep learning. In 2018, we decided to run a follow-up survey to determine whether companies’ machine learning (ML) and AI initiatives are sustainable—the results of which are in our recently published report, “ Evolving Data Infrastructure.”.

Blockchain applications in the Federal Government sector

Rocket-Powered Data Science

I always defer those types of questions to open source materials, including articles, press releases, and content published on my company’s website. My current position is Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor at global technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. In this role, I am frequently asked many questions about the work we are doing, specifically with the U.S. federal government.

Exclusive: ByteDance censored anti-China content in Indonesia until mid-2020 - sources


Those guidelines, which are published on its website, do not mention China or the Chinese government. By Fanny Potkin. SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Chinese tech giant ByteDance censored content it perceived as critical of the Chinese government on its news aggregator app in Indonesia from 2018 to mid-2020, six people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The Top Data and Analytics Podcasts of 2020


Publisher/Company : Tamr. Publisher/Company : Data Crunch. Publisher/Company : DataCamp. Publisher/Company : Amethix Technologies. Publisher/Company : Independent. Publisher/Company : Independent. Publisher/Company : Independent.

Our Top 20 Most-Read Data and Analytics Research Last Week (to Feb 2)

Andrew White

Wow what a week – so many newly published research notes entered the top 20 most-read D&A notes! Click here for an interactive PDF to connect to the most read data and analytics research directly. This list excludes our branded research such as Magic Quadrants etc.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Daily Updates in Power BI

Paul Turley

This is a Power BI report that I have developed and published with public access to the web to be shared with anyone who needs access to this information. It contains daily updates from the Center for Disease Control using data curated by the John Hopkins University Center for Systems Science & Engineering. To the best of our collective ability, the data is accurate but I cannot make any guarantees. Please validate with other sources before making any decisions with this information.