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Automated Business Analysis Is Spotting Insights Humans Missed


Data overload is a growing problem for enterprise businesses. Analysis teams must often work manually to navigate seas of data and generate the specific insights their colleagues request.It can take multiple analysts weeks to gather, integrate and process the data they need.

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A List Of Business Analysis Events For 2018

BA Learnings

If you’re ready for socializing and networking or just looking for professional development opportunities, here are some business analysis events to get you started in 2018. BBC 2018 - This event is termed, “Building Business Capability” and is scheduled to hold from November 5 to November 9 2018 in San Antonio, Texas.


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Top 10 Data Science Alternative Career Paths

Analytics Vidhya

Quite independently of whether your focus is on business analysis, product management, or ethical issues, there is always a job that one would be eager to do and can do well. Introduction Data science’s abilities are so versatile that they open up various job alternatives.

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Top 8 Business Analyst Certifications

Analytics Vidhya

Introduction Business analysis plays a crucial role in organizations by bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions. Certified Business Analysts are skilled professionals who analyze data, identify opportunities, and recommend strategies to enhance business processes.

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Accelerating Data Preparation for Business Analysis


Only about five years ago, data preparation took up to 80% of time dedicated to a data project. In 2020, an Anaconda survey found that data scientists now spend about 45% of their time on data preparation tasks, including loading and cleaning data.

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What is a business analyst? A key role for business-IT efficiency

CIO Business Intelligence

Depending on the role, a business analyst might work with data sets to improve products, hardware, tools, software, services, or process. Organizations such as the IIBA, IQBBA, IREB, and PMI each offer their own tailored certifications for business analysis.

IT 128
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What is Spearman’s Rank Correlation and How is it Useful for Business Analysis?


How is Spearman’s Rank Correlation Useful for Business Analysis? Business Problem: An educational organization wants to assess students’ rating, based on two different sources of observation. The closer this value is to 0, the weaker the relationship/association is between both variables. Use Case – 1.